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Venus in Gemini: our inner compass points to joy

A guest post by Rose Birt

Venus in Gemini

With Venus in Gemini from 9 May it’s time to ask ourselves: what does it mean to be happy without condition? To Love, without Condition? What does it mean to remove all of conditioning from yourself to receive love and feel happy? What would it mean to be able to generate and flow Love and Joy to you and through you whenever you needed and wanted?

Freedom. It would mean Freedom.

With Venus in Gemini it’s time to review our definition of Love and what it means to receive that which we think we want most from another.

This may be the perfect time to reflect on how another person’s “Love” makes you truly feel inside. And not just a Lover’s Love, but a Parent’s Love, Child’s Love, Friends’ and Community Love. Where are you feeling Love? Are you focused on all of the ways you have been wounded in love, let down, betrayed, abandoned and blocked from trusting what love is and how it should feel?

Venus in Gemini reminds us that we have an Inner Compass comprised of both feeling and thought and that when they are aligned, we are never lost. You are always pointing North – you are never far from Joy. You are the Love that you have been looking for that has you currently turned around in circles.

It is time to come back home to you. And isn’t it good to know that your feelings will take you there, if you allow the thoughts that move you forward to be your fuel.

These are a lot of questions! It is in part inspired by the powerful energy in Gemini right now. But do you know who has answers? You do! When we are honest with our self, we have the answers we need. We have guided thought, we have intuitive nudges, and we have gut feelings. We are equipped – what we need to do is work on trusting what is there and what has been there all along.

This means that it is time to stop taking a consensus of how you feel or should feel from the “Authority” in your life. It means that you don’t need permission to feel any which way about anything and that, in fact, everything you do feel is a message to you, about you, and for you and that is where you should always start.

Venus in Gemini is a good time to listen to our own inner voice when it comes to love. We are obsessed with correcting another person’s behavior before we think we can be happy. This is simply not true and it is not conducive to who you want to be or how anybody wants to be. We all came here to remember our inherent Freedom and cultivating awareness of our feelings is Step One. How we think about our feelings is Step Two and the Actions we take from what we believe, is the final step.

Do you know that nobody can “make you” feel a certain way? Whatever you are feeling is a reflection of the beliefs/thoughts you hold as true within you. So every interaction you attract is pulling at whatever belief is attached to whatever you are feeling.

We can thank everybody in our world who invokes strong emotion in us for this reason. They are simply reflecting back to us what we either love about our self or what we desire to change. It has nothing to do with what they are doing that invokes the emotion and we cannot control when or how they do anything that makes us feel a Certain way. We would all do ourselves a favour if we stop trying!

But we do have control over the thoughts we focus on and we can use that control to direct the flow of how we feel. We can do that all by our self, or in the midst of conversation, or upon reflection. We can do it every time we entertain the thought that it is possible to change how we feel, when we reach for a better feeling thought because we certainly deserve to feel better. When we do this every time we imagine something better for ourselves.

Venus in Gemini teaches us that when we imagine how we want to feel, we are paving the road to experiencing it. This is true whether your road is paved with joy or worry. So choose Joy!

Working with Venus in Gemini

During Venus in Gemini allow yourself to feel Joy and Love just for you and every day you have lived on this Earth so far. You deserve it! You deserve to pull to you and through you this vast oceanic depth of loving thought that is available to you if you simply turn yourself in the direction of it. Joy is the New North, it is the New Love. It is what is available to you when nobody else seems to be able to give it or validate your right to have it.

It is not only your right to feel this joy, but everybody’s right to feel this joy and that everybody has the ability to feel this joy, so the responsibility to provide it at your cost is no longer yours. Intend that your responsibility is to you first and know that it is not selfish, but self-preserving, self-nourishing. When your trip is fueled by your own sense of love, joy and wonder – you give so much more than you ever did before, anyway. Your quest to Self-Love benefits ALL who travel with you.

Joy is the simple appreciation of who you are and the acceptance that who you are is okay. Not just okay, but FREE! Free to be all that you are and feel yourself to be. Nobody gets a vote on how good you are able to feel and the lesson is ours that we are able to feel good despite any drama or negativity that is going on somewhere else.

Intend Joy and allow loving thoughts to flow to you. Accept them and watch the road you travel change by the destinations you arrive at. You are not lost when your thoughts and feelings align in right action; and right action can only be determined by how good you feel.

Sending so much love to you, Rose.

Rose is a Master Reiki practitioner and Birth Doula who practices in Toronto Canada. You can read more about her work at Transitions Reiki.

How are you experiencing Venus in Gemini?

Those with Venus in in Gemini natally will probably really enjoy this transit, while the rest of us will be experiencing more than usually good communication in relationships and taking great pleasure in socialising and chat, though emotions may be a little cool. How are you experiencing this transit? Please share your thoughts below.

3 Comments on Venus in Gemini: our inner compass points to joy

  1. I’m going on a family get together on the day of the New Moon, so more the chance to get my share of emotions and love I hope. I haven’t seen some of them for several years now, due to the fact I moved away a couple of years ago.

    I’m feeling more light-heartened, less “heavy” as Venus in Taurus is, and “out of the opposition zone” to my Scorpio Sun-Venus-Jupiter Stellium which is even opposite my retrograde Chiron in 3rd. Blergh, Mercury retrograde has NOT been funny, let’s put it that way ;-) So much stress on partnerships (my partner is a triple Taurus with his sun-moon-mercury in Taurus).

    Now Venus will be touring my 4th and 5th house, so I guess this will mean some “healing” of sorts, especially in relation to home affairs and “motherly” caring and self love. I hope that I will be able to harvest these lessons and answer these questions to work out something new in this regard. My partner and I certainly could use it, it feels like we’ve been in a boxing match all through May!

  2. This was wonderful. it is exactly where I am right now. Thank you.

  3. Great Content Rose, Thanks for sharing your reiki healing experiences with us. We all should know about reiki and its healing power.

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