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Venus in Leo: dramatic femininity and confident self-expression

Venus in Leo Photo of Spanish flamenco dancer Sara Baras.

With Venus in Leo since 13 July you may be feeling the urge to express your feminine side more openly and dramatically than usual. You’re likely to feel more confident about your style and appearance, more extroverted and less self-conscious. This is no time for hiding your talents away. You’ll want to be seen and appreciated for what you have to offer the world.

Affection will come more easily in relationships, but you’ll probably be more interested in how much others love and admire you, than in letting others know they are loved. Unfortunately Venus in Leo can be a little vain, and relies heavily on the approval of those around her to feel good, so watch out that your need for self validation doesn’t become too greedy!

Venus in Leo can also be something of a drama queen. Be careful you don’t blow little things out of proportion and create an unnecessary scene. Remember that just because it feels like a big deal doesn’t mean it is. Keep things in perspective by imagining how someone else might experience the same situation. There is always another side to the story.

Mercury conjuncts Venus in Leo on Sunday 17 July and, as always when Mercury and Venus connect, there will be ease in communication and a natural harmony between friends and lovers. Use this time to let the people you love know how much you appreciate them and do it in style: write a passionate love letter, buy someone flowers or dedicate a song request. Venus in Leo is anything but subtle!

If you have Venus in Leo natally you’ll probably find this transit particularly empowering, however be aware that others may find you a little over-powering! Try not to hog the limelight and remember that although individual self expression is important we also need to consider the needs of others.

Making the most of Venus in Leo

Venus is Leo is a wonderful energy for anyone who has a hard time expressing themselves in relationships or embracing their femininity. Take this opportunity to pull on that dramatic red dress or snazzy suit you’ve got stashed in the back of your closet and are too shy to wear. If you need inspiration check out this video of the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, which takes place world-wide on 16 July. It expresses Venus in Leo perfectly!

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos…

The Sun is currently square Uranus, exact on Sunday 17 July, which could have us rebelling against the obligations of family life. However on the same day the Sun forms a grand trine with Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, an harmonious energy that fosters deep healing and supports the strong relationship themes of Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo. Just try not to make any rash decisions during this time!

Jupiter trine Pluto is coming into orb again as Pluto retrogrades back through Capricorn. For more on this fantastic and long-lasting energy check out my article Jupiter trine Pluto: the magic of ambition and synchronicity. With Venus in Leo until 6 August this combination of transits provides a perfect opportunity to launch a new creative endeavour, as confidence in your abilities will be strongly enhanced.

How are you working with Venus in Leo?

Have you been feeling the dramatic energy of Venus in Leo over the last few days? How is it affecting your relationships? Do you feel more confident and outgoing? Please share your experiences below.

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