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Venus in Taurus: Connect with nature

Venus in Taurus Image Ophelia by John Everett Millais

With Venus in Taurus from 14 April 2021 we may find ourselves craving a more meaningful and literal connection with nature. Venus, planet of connection, rules two of the twelve astrological signs: airy Libra, sign of human partnership, and earthy Taurus, sign of our more primal relationship with nature and the complex, interconnected beauty of our planet’s ecosystems.

Venus in Taurus is a potent reminder of the fact that we too are a part of nature’s beautiful relatedness. We may intellectualise, set ourselves apart from nature by talking objectively about ‘the environment’ when we all know deep down that we are inextricably linked to nature and her destiny. We are one.

Venus in Taurus ushers in a period of earthy and indulgent sensuality. Massage, gardening, yoga, rolling in the grass, wearing lush textiles and delicious woody scents such as patchouli and cedar, are all part of her charms. The nourishing delights of food and drink will be enhanced and preparing food can be an act of love. Fresh produce connects you directly to the Earth and reminds us of our roots.

Venus conjoins Uranus and Mercury on 24 April, triggering the Saturn Uranus square. For more on this important transit check out my April 2021 forecast.

Venus in Taurus in the natal chart

If you have Venus in Taurus natally you’re naturally a pretty sensual person and, unless other placements or aspects in the chart override these natural tendencies, your love language of choice will be touch. Whether it’s with your children, your friends or your lover, you express affection best through cuddles and hugs, massage, holding hands, gentle pats and caresses.

Because it’s a fixed sign, those with Venus in Taurus are deeply loyal but they can also be very stubborn. This can be advantageous when it comes to making sure their needs are met, so long as they communicate these needs to the other. And sulking is not a communication technique!

Venus in Taurus folk are not as exciting or adventurous as some other signs but they are grounded, stable and very reliable. You can trust them to do exactly what they say they’ll do. You won’t have to worry about infidelity unless there’s some seriously heavy aspects from Pluto, Uranus or Mars.

Like any planetary placement much depends on the aspects that are formed to other planets and points. For example a sextile or trine from natal Venus to the Moon or Neptune will help with empathy and emotional connection, while a square to Mars or Uranus will ramp up the potential for conflict and strife in relationships.

How to work with Venus in Taurus

Look to see where Taurus falls in your chart. For me Taurus falls midway between the 11th and 12th Houses. This suggests that the first half of this month of Venus in Taurus will be very social, while the second will see me working more on my relationship with myself.

It’s also useful to see which other planets will be touched by the transit. For example, in my chart natal Venus is at 15 degrees Capricorn, so when Venus reaches 15 degrees Taurus it will form a trine. This is likely to be a particularly harmonious day for my relationships.

Becoming aware of the planetary transits is an important step towards aligning ourselves with nature’s rhythms. We can dance with grace and poise to the music of life, instead of being out of step with ourselves and our world.

If you don’t have a natal chart, download one for free at, then download my ebook The Language of Astrology to learn how to read it and follow the transits in your own life.

Will transiting Venus in Taurus affect you?

Venus in Taurus will resonate most strongly for those who have Venus placed in Taurus or the 2nd House natally. Those with planets or points in Taurus will feel this energy very strongly when Venus transits these natal placements over the course of the month. The area of your life that will be most affected depends on which house Venus is transiting in your chart.

Venus in Taurus is strongly connected to nature and during this transit we can take the time to renew this connection to nature in ourselves, as well as to reconnect with our family, friends and partner through the power of physical touch. If you have this placement natally, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below.

6 Comments on Venus in Taurus: Connect with nature

  1. Being a Taurian can be really good, or it can be hell. Being hugely lonely all my life since I was all most eight when I found my father dead in bed left me wlow level depression and it made it impossible to accomplish what I might have. It defeated me because I didn’t find out about it until I was 47… too late. May 18th at 7:20am 1948, Fitchburg MA if you want yo have fun! I have 19 dollars to my name.

    • Hi Richard… Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t believe it is ever too late to open up one’s heart and create a joyful and peaceful life. You still have many years ahead of you! If you would like a free mini reading check out this post for details.

    • So sorry to hear about your hardships, Richard. I feel for the eight year old you (and the subsequent impact it had on the older you) and I am so sorry you had to go through such loss at such a tender age. I will be praying for you. May your heart feel light, healed and whole, and may you know the soul-deep satisfaction of the peace that passeth understanding. Amen. Sending loving, healing thoughts your way …

      P.S. As for your Taurus sun sign, know that Taurus can be a sign of great endurance and strength. It can be a very stubborn, persistent, tenacious sun sign and I don’t consider it to be one of ready defeat. You may be stronger than you have given yourself credit for, and for as long as you are still alive, there is the possibility of many wonderful developments and experiences yet. Stay wide open to those.

  2. Dear Richard, Never too late for anything or anyone! Especially if what and who you want to be is not something you are offering for money. You just shine your Light of Truth and I guarantee you have a LOT of Compassion for other people. I know about depression. I had it for years until I started living a more authentic life….walking away from situations and people who brought me down. Fly Free! Have a beautiful day.

    • What a lovely, encouraging comment! Thank you for sharing your personal experience and insights, and your light and wisdom, Dinah. Love and blessings …

  3. Daria Lyman // April 13, 2021 at 2:11 pm // Reply

    I have Venus in Taurus in the 7th house (trine Pluto and Square Saturn) and a Taurus moon. I feel like if I don’t find my man this Spring, I probably never will. Advice appreciated. :)

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