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Venus retrograde in Gemini: face the difficult conversations

Venus retrograde Image credit: Joan M. Mas. Some rights reserved.

During Venus retrograde we have an opportunity to reflect on our relationships. On 13 May Venus stations retrograde at 21° degrees Gemini, remaining in retrograde motion until 25 June when it stations direct at 5 degrees Gemini. During this time it spends a goodly portion of its time in square to transiting Neptune.

We can expect this period to be a focal point for the energetic work that needs to take place in our relationships, especially in terms of how we communicate, trust between parties and whether we are having the conversations that really matter.

Retrograde motion occurs when a planet appears to move backwards in the sky. Venus retrogrades for about 40 days every eighteen months or so. This is a time to revisit, reflect and redo any relationship decision or conversation that you could have done better.

Whether this work involves a few subtle nudges here and there or a complete overhaul depends on how consciously we have been relating up to this point. Relationships that are already under stress will certainly come under scrutiny, particularly for those who have planets or points between 5 and 21 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Due to a square to Neptune, trust will be a significant theme of this Venus retrograde period.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself encountering people and situations that reflect your inner state. Psychologists call this projection; it’s when we’re so focused on the faults and issues of others that we fail to see how we ourselves are behaving. In fact we often accuse others of the exact behaviour we ourselves are exhibiting.

Venus retrograde may bring difficult people into your life, or create challenging situations in existing relationships. But the opportunity here is to focus on our own behaviour rather than on that of the other. For example it’s easy to say, ‘Aha! I finally realise after all these years that you’re not meeting my needs’ but much harder to examine ourselves closely and find out why we feel that person must meet our needs in the first place.

As Venus rules values, we may come to the realisation during this retrograde period that we’ve failed to truly value a person in our lives, that we’ve taken someone for granted. On the other hand we might see clearly that we ourselves are not valued highly enough. This transit could also open our eyes to how we fail to value ourselves, placing ourselves in destructive and soul destroying situations for the sake of others or for financial or emotional security.

With Venus in Gemini this is an opportunity to clean up your act when it comes to gossip and misinformation, choosing instead to speak the truth and keep your word. “Before you speak, ask yourself: Are my words kind, necessary, and true?” Focus on the positive qualities of Gemini, including connecting people, sharing ideas worth sharing and being a good listener.

Traditional astrology cautions against beginning new relationships during Venus retrograde and this makes sense when we consider that this is a time for resolving issues in existing relationships. This often means tying up loose ends and sometimes a relationship will come to an end during Venus in retrograde.

Bear in mind that the true purpose of relationships is to help both parties grow and evolve and ask yourself whether your current relationships serve this purpose. But don’t give up too easily! Often when there is anger and resentment present there is still work to do!

Remember I’m talking about all relationships here. When retrograde, Venus can bring deep change to friendships, family and work relationships; it’s not just about love and partnership.

Venus retrograde square Neptune

Transiting Venus is currently involved in a square aspect with transiting Neptune. This aspect was exact on 4 May, but due to retrograde motion it will be exact two more times, on 21 May and on 28 July. It will remain in orb (effective) for much of the retrograde period.

This transit can have a number of impacts for those whose charts are touche, which will be primarily those with planets or points between 5 to 21 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

  • You may suddenly see someone for who they truly are, or conversely become very deluded about someone, thinking they are all that when they are not. Deception or betrayal in relationship may come to light.
  • You may be more needy of loved ones and insecure about how you look and whether you are liked.
  • You may be confused about a relationship or feel that it is not built on a solid foundation of trust and good faith.
  • Overly romantic ideals could get you into trouble and you may be painfully disillusioned when Venus turns direct again on 25 June.
  • You may be more gullible and prone to being taken advantage of.

Venus square Neptune does not bode particularly well for the corona virus pandemic, as it suggests a lack of boundaries and increased infection.

How will Venus retrograde affect you?

Some people will be more affected by this transit than others. Those will Taurus or Libra strongly emphasised in their birth chart will likely feel it, as these are the signs ruled by Venus. Anyone with planets between 5 and 21 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sag, Pisces) will also be touched.

For example in my natal chart the Ascendant / Descendant axis is at 7 degrees Gemini/Sag, while my Imum Coeli / Midheaven axis is at 20 Virgo Pisces. Given that these points, called the Angles, represent key areas in a person’s life, I expect this transit to have a particularly strong impact on me.

Also, look at your birth chart to see through which house(s) Venus retrograde will pass. For me this will be the 1st House, suggesting that this transit will be focused on my very identity and how I represent myself in relationships.

If you don’t have one yet you can get a free birth chart at To understand how to read your chart, and follow the transits, download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

Your turn…

Venus retrograde may shake up any relationship where there has been an imbalance of power, mistrust, unrealistic expectations, inadequate communication or a failure to appreciate one another. Please share your thoughts on this.

28 Comments on Venus retrograde in Gemini: face the difficult conversations

  1. “Those will Taurus or Libra strongly emphasised in their birth chart will certainly feel it”. DEFINITELY, and personally I’d say can already feel it! :)

  2. Venus touring 7th house, 8th house natal libra moon with natal saturn and pluto in the mix at 28-ish degrees. Well, at least it’s not a stressful aspect since libra and leo often goes well together! Since it’s the 7th house I guess that this retrograde will also pass “my enemies”, and according to the old saying “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” will be a thing here too!! :-P Lots of relating review in motion already… I can feel it in my little toe!!

  3. My Sun is 29 degrees Leo 8th house, and Vertex 20 Leo. Natal Venus/Vesta 22 Cancer 7th house. I’m seeking a committed relationship. I’ve had plenty of transformation from Pluto 1st house transit to now allow this to manifest. One month from now…..who knows?

  4. Venus rules my 7th house (Taurus) and Venus Rx will happen in my 9th house. My bf and I have very opposite world views, so I’m sure this Rx phase will raise some issues regarding that.

  5. Excellent break down of the period. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Venus will be Rx in my 8th house (Leo intercepted), and will be conjunct the new moon conjunct my natal moon @ 21 Leo. Emotional breakthrough? I hope so! :) She also rules my 5th, 6th and 10 houses, but no planets in those.

  7. Guess this is why my close friends of 15 years have disappeared on me… No communication or anything. It’s sad I hate losing people who are important to me but I’ve also outgrown our friendship

  8. Venus will conjunct my natal Saturn in 10 degrees of Leo, also make an opposition to my ASC. I already feel very difficult and painful feelings regarding my actual relationship and new relationships seem to want to enter my life. Tough choices to make! Lots of pressure as Venus go from my 8th to my 7th house..

    • I have Venus in my 8th House natally so I know how intense this combination can be, especially with Saturn involved. Thankfully Venus transits are very fast moving so the pressure should be over soon…

      • Thanks your comment brings me some relief! Right now it seems I´m going to explode in front of all important choices I must make, too much pressure. This transit gave me an impression of “now or never” kind of choices. Good thing Venus moves fast.. cheers!

  9. Hi, I have VenusR on my natal chart also… is there double effect or effect at all? :-D

    • Hi Susa, good question. With Venus retrograde in your natal chart you may feel more comfortable with the energy of transiting Venus retrograde than others might. But then it all depends on what else is going on in your chart at the time :)

  10. Great article. I’m just wondering how someone born with Venus in retrograde (in Aquarius) would be affected? Someone with this placement became engaged during this time frame. Does this current retrograde have any affect on those who have Venus rx in their birth chart? Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer this question.

    • Hi Spring… good question… People with Venus retrograde in their natal chart commonly feel more comfortable with the retrograde transit than others do. But of course it all depends on the other elements of the natal chart and if there are difficult aspects that are triggered. It can vary from person to person.

  11. *Small update*

    A lot of things from this article has been present for me in my life this month! Resentment, anger, projections… The square with Saturn making it harder to feel and express love, ego flings, fights, resentment, distance, reaching out to old friends…. Well, retrograde motions in the 7th House is all about relationships ;-)

    My BF and I had an extremely difficult period up to our planned holiday getaway, which took off the 14th – and although we had fights and “honest talks” it really helped me taking myself off to the next level in the relationship, opening my heart up to fully embrace love and who my BF really is inside. I got a clearer understanding of him that’s for sure, and with help from Saturn in Scorpio help I think I managed to finally heal a lot of my relationship fears and scars from the past to move forward with an open and genuine heart, fully accepting that I love this man deeper and more profound that I have ever loved someone.

    Thank you for this article, thank you Venus for the scrutinization and thank you Saturn, to make it possible to finally shed my fears and heal the scars from the past! :-)

  12. Wow. I don’t really know about these things but I am Leo and my relationship has been going through so much at the moment.

    On the 4th of August I discovered my boyfriend is cheating, 4-6 August were very tense days. Although on the 7th I chose to forgive and took him back. The past weekend we went back again and I found even more startling info about his affair. Reading all this info just gave me another perspective! Wow

  13. This article correlates perfectly to my life right now. Almost everyone I know is going through relationship drama, and felt there had to be a deeper meaning and reason for all the turmoil. My relationship of three years imploded on 7/25. Right now there has been so much back and forth and mixed signals from her that I have no idea what the status of our relationship is at the moment. Hoping that the shift on September 6th will bring a positive shift to the situation, but in the meantime, I’m using this as an opportunity to focus on myself and regain the person I lost in this relationship…..ME. Thank you for this information, I makes me feel as though I’m on the right path.

    • Hi Natalie… I think astrology is so helpful for giving us a bigger picture perspective on our troubles. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s always great to hear that people are getting something from the site.

  14. My boyfriend of nearly 9 months of what was a very happy time, unexpectedly, broke up with me on 8/12. There was no warning from him that this was going to happen. Up until 2 days before, he was just the same as regular and then, bam, totally blindsided. And although we’d only be together for 9 months, it was a very strong relationship at least I thought it was. I’m completely heart broken. I’m hoping that once Venus moves out of retrograde that he will remember that we were good together and come back to me. Thank you for the details during this very confusing time.

    • Thanks for sharing Maria… It may be helpful for you to understand how Venus retrograde and other planetary transits are affecting your personal natal chart. Feel free to contact me for a reading if you feel this would clarify things for you during this difficult time.

  15. Hi lovely blog… I need ur help. My date of birth is 17/12/1992, time of birth is 4.30 am, place – Pune, Maharashtra, India. And my ex-boyfriend’s birth date is 22/9/1992, place – Phaltan, Maharashtra, India. We have been together for almost 3 years now. We broke up on 3/4/2015 but have been in love even after it. And this August he suddenly got in a new relationship, I believe it was because of the effects of Venus retrograde. So could you please tell me if there will be a reconciliation between us. As this 17 Sept 2015 would be our 3 year anniversary and 22nd September his birthday. I want to marry him. Please help.

    • Hi Rutuja. It sounds like you’re having a tough time… Unfortunately I cannot give you advice here in the comments and I no longer do free readings as it is simply not sustainable for me. However I can do a reading by donation if money is a challenge for you right now. If you go to my store ( you will find a paypal donate button. Give according to your means and then shoot me an email so we can arrange the reading. Blessings, Faith

  16. I wish people would talk about the money issues surrounding Venus retrograde – watch your spending, there may be expenses that you are surprised by, sometimes heavy ones and certainly sometimes unexpected.

    • Very good point Kathleen. I’m very focused on human psychology and relationships in particular so thanks for the reminder that Venus plays a huge role in financial matters as well.

  17. Faith, thank you for this insightful reminder on what Venus Retrograde in Gemini might bring, particularly for those with planets/important aspects along Gemini-Sag, Virgo-Pisces polarities, and in Venus-ruled signs of Libra and Taurus.

    I have something which can get activated in most of those signs between 5-21 degrees: natal Sun, Mars, and Neptune in Sag in the 6th house, natal Jupiter in Taurus in the 11th house, natal Pluto in Libra, natal Venus in the 8th house, transiting Neptune in Pisces in the 9th house, and Venus in Gemini retrograding in my 12th house. I can only imagine what this year’s Venus Retrograde has in store for me, as my relationships with self and others are due for considerable renovation.

    • Relationship renovation! It sounds like a reality TV show doesn’t it? But I love the concept. I just had my first difficult conversation of the Venus retrograde period and like most difficult conversations it was very productive and such a relief to have finally communicated the challenging emotions and resentments. I’m sure if you remain awake you will come through this period and feel lighter and freer and more positive even if it is difficult at the time. Lots of love to you xx

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