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Mercury and Venus square Saturn and conjunct Uranus: change vs stability

Venus square Saturn Image by Alexander Milov.

As many of you will be aware, Saturn is currently square Uranus and will be until the end of 2022. This is a generational transit that affects us most at the societal level, however on 25 April this square will be personalised as both Mercury and Venus square Saturn on the same day. To more fully understand the impact of this transit check out my in depth article on Saturn square Uranus.

On 23 April Venus conjoins Uranus, on 24 April Mercury conjoins Uranus, and on 25th the two personal planets conjoin each other, exactly squaring Saturn. This triple conjunction of Uranus, Mercury and Venus square Saturn represents the urge to transform and evolve our thinking and our way of relating, in conflict with our need to honour our obligations, duties, the rule of law and societal convention. This may very well stir things up!

Relating, thinking and communicating are brought under the influence of the powerful Saturn Uranus square formation. We can ask ourselves, ‘how can we bring the energy of Uranus in Taurus more into our relationships? How can our relationships honour personal freedom, equality and mutual respect of each person’s unique expression of self?’

Our ideas and manner of relating will also be out of the ordinary, but duty, obligation and societal expectations will press in upon us. How can we integrate a new way of thinking and relating within an established social order? How can we balance these two very different energies, these two very different human needs?

Don’t you love the pic for this article? I think it represents this transit so well: that feeling of wanting to reach out to someone but being stuck inside yourself, unable to express your affection or ask for support. Unable to show who you really are. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could let go of our self-doubt and inhibitions and reach out freely to others as we did when we were children?

Mercury and Venus square Saturn is exact on 25 April but will be felt for several days either side of that date. During this time we may feel hemmed in by our responsibilities, our inhibitions and the internal voice within that tells us it’s not ok to be truly and completely ourselves, or to want personal freedom within our relationships.

Mercury and Venus square Saturn could bring us face-to-face with our nastiest personal demons, so it’s also important to spend some time alone during this time in order to face them head on. Listen closely to those little whispers that say you’re unworthy or unlovable, and then firmly remind yourself that it isn’t true. Positively affirming your own strength and worth can be very powerful right now. Here’s some examples:

  • Every day I grow stronger and more determined
  • My beauty stems from the love and compassion within me
  • I am a divine being filled with creative power

How will Mercury and Venus square Saturn affect you?

Those with natal planets or points between 9 and15 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel Mercury and Venus square Saturn most strongly. If you are personally affected, look also to see which houses Mercury, Venus and Saturn are passing through in your chart as this will tell you which areas of your life will be most affected.

To get started applying this forecast to your own life, grab a free birth chart at and download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

Are you feeling Mercury and Venus square Saturn?

Mercury and Venus square Saturn may feel heavy and undermine your self-confidence and ability to connect with others. However the conjunction to Uranus will likely inspire a kind of rebellious urge to overcome these inhibitions and to be more fully yourself.

Are you personally affected by this transit? What steps are you taking to work with this energy in a positive way?

8 Comments on Mercury and Venus square Saturn and conjunct Uranus: change vs stability

  1. Being close to my Venus return, this transit is replicated in my chart. And I have noticed that, indeed, you can’t be selfish and self-absorbed under a transit like this, and you need to remember that the other person is likely going through a rough patch as well, because if you take your frustration out on people or overwhelm them, it’s very easy that they react reinforcing their boundaries (Saturn), which can really put a strain on relationships. :/

  2. Having Pluto squaring my natal moon since 2013 I know how that feels for sure! And I can’t wait for it to be over within the start of 2016 where Pluto moves out of orb. Phew… rollercoaster riding can once again be fun ;-)

    The Venus/Saturn square with all the other planets in Libra has been kind of a struggle too these days, with different needs (my needs vs. the partners’ needs vs. “our” needs as a couple). Diplomacy and harmony has not been too easy and culminated around Thursday… probably around the time where the square started I guess? At least this article explains a lot of the tension that has been present for the past week ;-)

  3. You’re right Anette, the square did begin around Thursday. I find it so much easier to deal with difficulties when I know it’s just a transit. Nothing is permanent, everything is constantly changing… X

  4. I used my knowledge for this today. Thank you Faith!

  5. I have just discovered that I have Venus square Saturn and Venus trine Uranus. It would explain why I have been struggling with love. I have read somewhere that this aspect it’s a karma, which needs to be worked off. When I was reading this article, I felt as if I had been watching at myself in the mirror. I wonder what Venus trine Uranus role is in my natal chart.

    • Hi Magdalena… Challenging Venus aspects can be very hard because they undermine our ability to connect with others in healthy ways. I feel for you as I have Venus square Pluto and for a long time I really struggled with relationships. But believe me when I say that it is totally possible to wok with and overcome the difficult aspects in our charts – the energy is never static or set in stone. Becoming self-aware through the study of astrology can pay off in dramatic ways for those who are willing to put in the hard work to change their habit patterns. Good luck!

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