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Venus trine Jupiter: abundance, good fortune and generosity

Venus trine Jupiter Image by Didier Delamonica.

On 6 September Venus trines Jupiter bringing generosity of spirit, openness and benevolence into our relationships. However on the same day, Venus also squares Pluto, a transit that typically creates obsessive, manipulative and unhealthy power dynamics in relationships. Under this transit resentments that have been bubbling under the surface may emerge in rather unpleasant and often passive aggressive ways.

Also on the same day Mars trines Pluto – great for make up sex! Mars trine Pluto is also an energetic and focused energy so any heavy and physical tasks that need to be done can be absolutely smashed out under the influence of this transit and could be a good way to channel frustration or anger brought up by the square between Venus and Pluto.

This is a complex aspect dynamic and you will experience it differently depending on how your natal chart is triggered. Those with natal planets or points between 21 and 27 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Cap) will feel the tense energy of the square, while those with planets or points between 21 and 27 degrees of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will feel the flowing, harmonious vibe of the trine more strongly.

Those who’s charts are triggered by both dynamics may find this a time of inner shifts and turmoil in the relationship department.

Why Venus trine Jupiter is important in this dynamic…

What makes Venus trine Jupiter significant is that it offsets and supports the tension of the square, allowing outlet and expression to this turbulent energy between Venus and Pluto. Venus is in Libra, the sign of its rulership, and with expansive Jupiter as her ally this bodes well for relationships as we will be more diplomatic and ready to find a compromise with the other person.

To make the most of this energy we need to put our faith in the universal support of the creative process, whereby our positive thinking manifests positive outcomes. It’s a process that’s intrinsic to how we interact with the world: as creative, magical beings how we think, speak and act influences our reality. The realisation of this truth allows us to release old unecesssary baggage and step courageously into powerful self-expression.

Working with Venus trine Jupiter

Abundance and good fortune are typically associated with Venus trine Jupiter, as are healthy and fulfilling relationships. We can also expect to find a great deal of nourishment in our connection with nature. How are you experiencing this dynamic? Please share your experiences below.

11 Comments on Venus trine Jupiter: abundance, good fortune and generosity

  1. Thanks for the insights Faith. My Chiron opposition to sun, venus and jupiter in scorpio stellium has probably been triggered this weekend too because it’s been anything but pleasant. My boyfriend and I had two huuuge fights and almost broke up, and when I turned to my gemini-taurus mom to let off some steam she basically just told me to suck it up and do something about my own issues (of course she couldn’t know that my Chiron opposition was triggered).

    I will have to make some adjustments, true. But Lord I am tired of people not being able to recognize their own faults and blaming others instead of apologizing or work on their own problems. Three days out of four have been bad and sad, and I’ve stopped hoping for happiness and peace.

    • Thanks for sharing Anette… It’s always so much easier and less painful to see the faults in others than to recognise our own. That’s the challenge of the Neptune-Saturn square, facing up to harsh realities! Hang in here… I know I am xx

      • That’s what hit me when I read your comment: Saturn-Neptune. Neptune is transiting my 1st house at the moment. So yeah – truths about oneself of course is a central theme here. Well, at least Jupiter is going direct today, so I will be getting a little speed up in my 7th house to support my efforts :-) Thanks for commenting – it really helped me see with clarity :-)

  2. Wow! 3 planets, Chiron and Ceres, my nodes and lot of fortune in the Mutables, and just 2 planets in the earth signs. No wonder I feel like I am all cajumbled! I feel like there is so much going on between my thoughts and feelings yet I can’t focus. Best thing to do is MEDITATE! Thank you for the insight.

  3. Demitra M. N. // May 8, 2016 at 9:46 pm // Reply

    Your last paragraph spoke to me in a very literal way. LOL.. Yesterday I did some serious back-breaking digging in my garden. Many large rocks had to be unearthed so that this year the roots of my herb garden plants could more easily aim vertically downward instead of spreading out horizontally, encroaching the neighboring plants and ending up a tangled mess and unattractive. Very exhausting work but necessary for this section of my garden to grow the way I want it to grow.

    Great reading, Faith…thanks!

  4. This is interesting. I’ve been having a couple of really strange (difficult) months without actually knowing what’s happening but it hit me hard in the 6th house as Jupiter is retrograde there in my chart and at the moment in conjunct my natal Saturn. So it makes sense that I’ve felt really challenged by strange health situations and being sort of lost in regards to what I’m thinking and am I correct in my conclusions. It is a really strange period for me but I’m hoping now Jupiter is no longer retrograde stuff will start moving in the right direction again. Hopefully. :)

  5. Interesting indeed, I have no tools available, I have a grand cross in my natal chart. Would anyone be willing to give me insight, it’s a very mysterious time for me. 2-11-1957 7:28 p.m. Detroit MI. USA

  6. Thank you so much for this insight, which brings clarity to my natal chart, where Venus in Scorpio is sextile Jupiter in Libra and squares Pluto in Virgo. I think Venus sextile Jupiter protects me from the harsher possibilities of Venus square Pluto. An astrologer told me this long ago, and your words reaffirm this!

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