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Venus trine Pluto and a triple conjunction: all power to you!

Venus trine Pluto Image by Henri Banks.

Bringing passion to relationships is what Venus and Pluto do best and Venus trine Pluto brings passion of the best kind. With Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn this is a deep, earthy passion that puts me in mind of sexy outdoor liaisons. It’s also not the kind of energy that’s flippant or superficial; both Capricorn and Virgo are always thinking long-term and practical!

Venus trine Pluto will be exact on 23 October and affect us strongly for a good three days on either side of this date. Relationships that begin under this transit are likely to be intense, at least in the beginning, and may have a strong impact on you in the long-term. Be careful though: don’t fall into the trap of becoming fixated upon someone and letting passion seduce you into giving up your power to an unhealthy obsession!

While relationships will certainly be the focus, Venus trine Pluto will also have a very positive affect on artistic endeavour. If you’re an artist this is a great time to work on your latest piece, especially if your your natal chart is triggered, as you will likely be more focused and inspired than usual. Those who appreciate theatre, music, dance or the visual arts may find their perceptions more attuned to their beauty at this time and more able to grasp the underlying energy the artist used to create it.

Venus trine Pluto happens twice each year so this is not a particularly rare or special transit. What is special is the other transits that accompany it. Venus trine Pluto is part of a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all in trine to Pluto!

Venus trine Pluto part of a powerful triple conjunction

Although the triple conjunction between Venus, Mars and Jupiter will never be exact, we will feel its affect strongly until the end of the month. On 11 October Jupiter made an exact trine to Pluto – you can read more about this in my article Jupiter trine Pluto: the magic of ambition and synchronicity – and while this powerful aspect was still very much in orb Mars trined Pluto on 16 October, conjoining Jupiter the next day.

As I write this energy is still very much at play. On 23 October, when Venus trine Pluto is exact, the configuration of the triple conjunction will be as follows:

  • Venus – 13° Virgo
  • Mars – 17° Virgo
  • Jupiter – 15° Virgo
  • Pluto – 13° Capricorn

Venus conjuncts Jupiter on 25 October is the final exact transit for this aspect pattern bringing excellent prospects for finances, relationships and general well-being.

How will Venus trine Pluto affect you?

Those with planets or points between 10 and 16 degrees of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will be most strongly affected by this Venus trine Pluto transit, as well as by the triple conjunction in Virgo. Look to see through which houses transiting Venus and Pluto are passing in your natal chart to get a better idea of which area of your life will be affected.

For example in my chart, Venus is at 15 degrees Capricorn and will soon be triggered by transiting Pluto, so this Venus trine Pluto transit will likely be very powerful for me. I’ve certainly felt Jupiter trine Pluto!

If you’re personally affected by Venus trine Pluto you may find yourself feeling particularly amorous during this time, and very focused on your relationships, especially if either Venus or Pluto are passing through the 7th or 8th Houses in your natal chart. Others are likely to find you more attractive and charismatic than usual so don’t be surprised if you connect deeply with someone during this time.

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos…

Venus in Virgo has been opposite Neptune in Pisces for the past few days and is still very much in affect. Those with planets or points between 4 and 10 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will probably be feeling it strongly.  This aspect tends to bring projection in relationships and the tendency to see others through a lens of our own devising.

Watch out that you’re not wearing the rose coloured glasses, seeing only the good in others and blaming yourself for anything that goes wrong in a relationship. On the other hand you may find yourself demonising someone for a small mistake and forgetting all their good qualities. Keep your hat on and wait a couple more days before making any big moves. Venus trine Pluto is a much better energy for working on relationships!

Mars in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces on 23 October just as the Sun enters Scorpio. If you have planets or points between 14 and 20 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you may be affected. Old wounds can be triggered bringing up anger, possibly related to issues around serving or sacrificing for others. Ask yourself whether you’re really angry at the person who pushed your buttons or if the anger stems from a deeper place. Avoid projecting your stuff by doing the necessary work to heal your old wounds.

On 25 October, the same day that Venus conjuncts Jupiter and while Venus trine Pluto is still in affect, Mercury will oppose Uranus along the Aries-Libra axis. This will particularly affect those with planets or points between 15 and 21 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). There will likely be tension between the needs of the self and the needs of relationship, especially around issues of space, independence and freedom.

This transit can also bring unexpected news and with the lovely energy of the triple conjunction and Venus trine Pluto this will probably be the good kind!

How are you experiencing this triple conjunction trine Pluto?

With Jupiter and Mars already conjunct and trine Pluto I’m sure that many of you have had powerful new experiences and exceptional results in your endeavours over the past few days. I know I have! Please share your exciting news below so that we can all celebrate together…

13 Comments on Venus trine Pluto and a triple conjunction: all power to you!

  1. John Henry // October 18, 2015 at 2:49 pm //

    Great Article! Feeling this also, born with Mars/Uranus at 10 degrees Virgo and reinforced by Pluto at 13 degrees Virgo all in 1st House and also born with MidHeaven/Sun at 17 degrees Taurus and Venus at 24 degrees Taurus in 10th House. And hope you have a great week! John Henry

  2. Hello, Venus at 15 Capricorn here. It’s 6th house but since Pluto’s gone direct again the focus has definitely been on relationships for me, especially in the recent weeks. Thank you for the positive outlook as well as the warnings, it would be nice to see some developments on that front :)

  3. Hi Eva… Yes Pluto conjunct Venus is certainly intense. I’m thinking of writing another post on the subject as he swings by for a second pass over my own Venus in Capricorn. Although this time doesn’t seem quite so difficult as the last. Good luck with it!

    • I’ve read somewhere that if the transit happens to a planet in a stellium it can be felt through the other planets as well. Do you find that to be true? This is going to be my third pass. The first I experienced as positive and energizing, the second as a confusing low point. Wonder what happens around Christmas… Good luck to you too!

      • Hi Eva, yes I’ve certainly found that the stellium has been activated as a whole. Although relationships have been a focus… Let’s see: moving to a new country (Moon), starting a new Career (Sun), getting married (Venus), plus other things I won’t mention here… Yep! Definitely is happening in a holistic way :)

    • Hi Faith, I’ve come back with another question related to this. Does it tend to be significant when planets natally in aspect swap places, as it were, by transit? Soon Venus will conjuct my natal Pluto and square Pluto conjuncting natal Venus. Maybe I’m off the mark there but I imagine it could somehow ‘reset’ the square.

      • I’ve never thought about it quite like that… I think it’s more likely to strongly amplify the affect of the square. I think you’ll have to observe and see what happens. I’ll do the same as it will be an almost identical transit for me :)

  4. These all trine my descendant, 18 Deg Taurus. I have no idea if a trine to an angle means much as opposed to a conjunction.

    • Hey O… A trine to an angle is not so tumultuous in it’s impact as a conjunction so we don’t experience them so strongly. However here you have a triple conjunction from Venus, Mars and Jupiter on the one hand and Pluto on the other, forming a grand trine, so I would expect your primary (7th House) relationships to go through a period of harmony, well-being and good fortune.

  5. For once in a long time I have mostly green aspects in my natal charts with transits. Add to that the general good vibe of these trines, I can’t say that I’m surprised things are actually going pretty well for once. It has been a long time since things have looked so peaceful. Even the pluto-square-moon-square-mars transit does not seem to affect me THAT much, thanks to all the positive energy.

    A way this energy is playing out is probably through revelations of things that have been hiding from me in my subconscious mind for a good long time about the past. The planets are starting their journey through the 8th house (some of them already have – Mercury for example) or will, very soon. This makes room for hidden secrets coming up, thanks to Jupiter that shines it light on them. He is trine Pluto who is touring the 12th house, so this connection will certainly bring out secrets… Although no – not of the funny kind. But the impact has been less problematic I guess. Or – the pain has you could say.

    One of the things that was revealed (after 3 years of guessing) was the person my EX boyfriend cheated on me with during 4 out of our 8 years… My best (also ex) friend. (And yeah – wonder why she left…) It’s so cliché it sucks, but just because it’s a cliché it doesn’t hurt less. Jupiter is in my 7th house which also rules your enemies, so I guess it’s fitting. Finally the penny dropped at last, and I finally got some measure of peace instead of tormenting myself with speculations. So even if the truth hurts, it did bring some peace too, finally. And because of that truth I was finally able to see that I didn’t do anything wrong – or at least that my faults were minor compared to theirs.

    The wise people say there’s a really special place in Hell for betrayers. Well, now I know they’re right. But at least my heart was pure and I was in good faith of them all. A pity they weren’t but it’s their burden.

    This aspect between Pluto and Jupiter has also revealed the pattern of my inner demons throughout life, whom caused it and how my actions throughout life has made my brain wired with fear for the rest of my life. Oh man… heavy stuff I tell you. And yes – almost all of it came around the exact trine between Jupiter and Pluto. Well… it takes one to know one, right?

    • Hey Anette… Big transformations afoot eh? They say the truth will set you free… but perhaps only if you can then let it go ;)

  6. Well, the truth DID set something free – the inner peace maybe ;-) I know I will have to deal with all this, but now I can take it one step at a time because at least now… I KNOW. At least I’ve stopped speculating and wondering which have given a certain peace and a deep inner knowledge that I really *am* a better person with a truly good heart and faith in people. So yeah, sometimes the truth can really set you free I guess.

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