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All This Attention to Planetary Influence Amazes Me!


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      All you guys really seem to pay acute and astute attention to the influence of the planets – it really amazes me! You are all so very good at describing feelings and experiences! Wish I had that ability, but I don’t. Linda @Linda you should really be a writer! Ever considered it?

      I never noticed that much from transits, progressions etc. I only notice major strong influences. Or perhaps I ignore the little everyday fluctuations in life? Whether a planet is direct or retrograde doesn’t seem to matter much, so I don’t understand the fuss about retrogrades.

      Being Scorpio ascendant I perhaps only focus on major extreme experiences that make a difference to my life. I don’t think transiting Mercury or Venus through the signs have much impact unless they touch sensitive degrees in my chart. And I haven’t even noticed the slower planets having any impact from particular signs either unless they touch sensitive points in my chart. Ex) Saturn going through Sagittarius doesn’t feel any different from Saturn going through Taurus for instance.

      I know this doesn’t really contribute to anything but I just felt like writing it.

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      Antonia @lift-the-fog I like what you wrote there

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      Antonia @lift-the-fog

      Thank you very much for observing how much I love to write! I do write stuff and have even been fortunate enough to have been published.

      I have my own response to your very honest way of dealing with astrology. The first thing I thought was that perhaps you are a very stable, centered person, who is not thrown off by transits and that you look to yourself rather than a transit to see what is happening.

      I can see you know astrology and the rules and many colors of the Zodiac, but these are the colors of life as well, but projected on the screen of astrology.

      Sometimes I feel a little worried when I am too preoccupied with astrology.

      thank you for your post.

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      On the contrary I think this contributes a great deal Antonia @lift-the-fog, and I think many people have the same experience. For example I don’t feel Mercury retrogrades at all despite all the fuss that is made about them, however when Pluto turned retrograde it hit me very hard. This is probably due to Pluto being strongly aspected to my natal Sun, Moon and Venus, currently transiting this stellium and squaring its own natal position.

      We all feel (or do not feel) transits differently due to natal placements, and especially the condition of the planet in question in our natal charts. How we experience these transits is also influenced by the circumstances of our lives at the time, how conscious we are and how we choose to react to them. We should certainly acknowledge this and I’m glad that you brought it up for discussion.

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