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How are things going?

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      Hey friends,

      Just wondering how things are going with you guys?

      I think it is coming up to full moon in Taurus, though also not sure.

      Right now I am feeling quite a lot of pressure, it is emotional pressure like I am pushing emotions down but they are also “pushing up.

      I struggle with feeling somewhat depressed sometimes, and not having a stable emotional outlet for those feelings of isolation when they do seem to come up all at once.

      Can you relate with this, or something related, in general or at the moment?

      What has been going on for you, how have you been feeling, and how have you been getting through?

      Look forward to hearing from your perspectives

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      @livvy Hi there, hope all is well and that you are feeling better after the full moon. I guess it was important to you. Have you seen any significant transits in your chart? Could it otherwise be the Jupiter in Scorpio….the scorpion energy I felt coming after mid October. Deep conversations came up with mercury in scorpio and now with sun in scorpio, mercury and Jupiter there we are all going down under I guess into our deepest darkest emotional underworld to clean house.

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      Hi @esthere yes that makes sense – do you find that dreams sometimes connect with those themes which arise “seasonally” in everyday life? I did not realise there were as many planets in transit in Scorpio … That is 12th house for me. I think planets in 12th house is sometimes interpreted as being associated with feelings of confusion, disorientation, disillusionment, disappointment or deception – not necessarily that deception is occurring, but feeling that it could be as a result of guessing why there seems like there is something “hidden from view”. For example Another person’s Mars in my 12th house I have seen interpreted along these lines. How would you personally characterise the themes or qualities of Jupiter in Scorpio? What house is it travelling through in your natal chart at the moment? Do you think the house changes the quality of those themes?

      It helps me to understand some of what life is like for me these days – Jupiter represents values to me, and I have been thinking about dreams and what balance they make between our sense of power and what we hope for … I went to a small group earlier during the week and I found there were similar dynamics for me as in earlier experiences of social groups – me not reading social cues in time with others, trying to overcompensate for this, and trying to cover my insecurity over this but seeing others as not feeling comfortable with my dynamic in the group. Not sure how much of that impression is projected from my own needs, perhaps to know immediately what is going on, but this all reminds me of Jupiter in Scorpio moving through 12th house for me.

      Maybe one of the advantages of Jupiter is, although it can “miss the mark” in trying to find that balance, it learns through exploring and is not pessimistic about the chances of success … Perhaps can separate emotions and the past from that process of exploring. I have Jupiter retrograde natally but now I find I am working through the residue from being confused and sad in the past from how different the interaction between my values and emotions was from the dynamic in social groups, which shared my values or my emotions but never both in a way that felt truly comfortable for me, mentally and physically. Now I am living away from my parents which gives me rest to consider what I value apart from them. My parents value not wasting and working hard, but they don’t necessarily recognise the kind of dynamic that I would feel most comfortable with in my own life. Or they have a sense, but cannot necessarily guide me in that – perhaps rightly – and now I have the chance to guide myself. But now I am growing the skills to guide myself … Because now I have the opportunity to nurture my own skills in a way that I can truly appreciate. Growing the skills perhaps needs to go before guiding myself … In the past depression and hopelessness have followed from not having that space, not seeing the way ahead, and pushing down shame for resenting the difference in my parents’ characters, emotions and values from me and mine.

      Thank you for your post X

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