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How do I reply to a post with @soandso?

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      Hi Faith. In your sticky Welcome post you say we should reply to posts by adding

      @someone – How do I do that?

      Can you please explain.


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      Antonia @lift-the-fog for me, you would simply type @ then liv

      for Faith, type @ then admin …

      there are two Esthers, Esther Phillips is @esther

      Esther from Netherlands (I think) is @esthere

      Others are mostly simply first name, but you can click on their profile to see what their “tag” is

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      Hey Antonia @lift-the-fog :) Welcome to the forum! @Liv has explained this exactly. You can also hover over a person’s profile pic and you will see at the bottom of the screen a url, e.g. http://www.insightastrology/members/lift-the-fog. This last part is the person’s tag. xx

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