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How will transit Uranus in Taurus affect me?

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      I’ve always quite felt Uranus in life. I jokingly refer to it as “The Planet Of Unexpected Events”, which seems to be a theme in my life, one after another of these unexpected and sometimes unfortunate events.

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      Ann, thank you for touching on a topic that will remain relevant at least for the next seven years.

      Uranus in Taurus transit promises to bring up quite a few unexpected experiences for me, in the sphere of my social networking and interactions, as my assigned archetype of Taurus is on the cusp of my 11th natal house. At the moment, transiting Uranus remains conjunct (within three degrees of) my natal Chiron, which is at 27 degrees in Aries. Uranus in Taurus will cross paths (oppose) my natal North Node in Scorpio at 2 degrees later this year. Further into Taurus, transiting Uranus will oppose my natal Uranus in Scorpio at 10 degrees. Plus, closer to the latter part of its transit, Uranus will give a jolt to my natal Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, when transiting Uranus encounters my natal Jupiter at about 22 degrees.

      At present, I can hardly foresee exactly what events or experiences this transpersonal planet’s transit has in store for me, but intuitively it feels like Uranus in Taurus will have much to reveal to me about quite a few important issues that concern my growth as an individual and a member of human society.

      Given that Taurus is a fixed, earth sign through which Uranus will have to push through in order to electrify my 11th house matters, it’s likely this journey will be accompanied by some earth-shaking discoveries. For sure, my natal chart’s 11th house to 5th house axis will undergo quite a bit of “remodeling”. Also, rulers of my natal 11th (Venus) and 5th (Pluto and/or Mars) houses will be closely engaged in this “struggle”.

      Of course, whether I survive this adventure all in one piece remains in question. Potentially, transiting Uranus will give me an opportunity to undergo the kind of transformation that might help me self-actualize in ways of which I might not have thought of before. On the other hand, if I resist and don’t take Uranus’s lessons in stride, Uranus definitely won’t worry too much about leaving me behind in the dust.

      Let’s hope, however it is that Uranus in Taurus will affect each of us and our lives, this “revolutionary” will bestow on us “gifts” that we will appreciate unconditionally (regardless of their nature).

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      I see you have the MC and Chiron in Taurus Ann @ann_austin08. This could be quite a ride for you!

      As you are probably aware the MC is an important point because it represents your role in the world, your status, vocation and often, but not always, your career. When Uranus hits this point some people lose their jobs or willingly make huge changes in the direction of their lives. In your case there wil also be a square to natal Mars, which is a volatile combination, and an oppositon to natal moon, which can see your emotional life become quite dramatic and decisions become a little rash!

      But don’t worry. Uranus energy is all about breaking down things that are no longer serving your best interests and evolution. It may be that you will experience some challenging times ahead but if you can embrace the changes that are coming then you will emerge at the other side in a better place than before. And as Anahit @anhp so wisely noted, if we cannot surrender and ride this wave of change Uranus transits can be really tough.

      PS stay tuned for an article on Uranus transits on the site in a couple of weeks.

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