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inconjuncts again: semisextiles

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hello all,

      Here it comes again, a subject already touched in the past here. I won’t go there, so I might repeat myself slightly. Maybe from a different place. Let’s see:

      These past weeks we have been living some semisextiles in the sky: Pluto_Jupiter, Chiron_Uranus, and also, Uranus_Mercury SRx (when Mercury stationed retrograde Uranus was still in Aries and moved into Taurus just a few hours after the “official” Rx season.

      Even in they are all passé, I come to leave here this open question. This feeling for the planets and aspects (tensions and fields co-created by all the elements involved) keeps being where most true I find within the astrological map and realm. I tend to get lost in the airs and myths and maps, but then, a sense-feeling of those consciousness and movements it’s just a keeper. And of course…what does manifest from the dance! How we engage in the co-creation…and so on…OK.

      So: I have been tapping into the impact or effect of the semisextile. From what I have seen and experienced, I can share that (just from my lens of perception always ;) I sense both elements working together. As if it were a curious or neat conjunction experienced through a magnifying glass; subtle, background energy-information (not so obvious I’d say) and yet, there. Pluto and Jupiter together were clear to me. Also Mercury SRx Uranus. Of course, I was paying attention, not that it is something obvious like a full Moon…One of (another one of) those tricky things to write and share! Hoping something gets through.

      In my natal chart there are a couple of semisextiles, the Sun (Libra) and Venus (Scorpio OOB SRx) being the most relevant and necessary to engage and integrate. When it comes to the original imprint or natal chart I don’t feel them so clearly, as if they were hidden. The experience is closer to the one described by the late Dawn Bodrogi at

      The Tale of the Inconjuncts: Part Three, the semi-sextile

      How do you feel-live them? I leave this thread re-opened in case any of you want to share and investigate.There is an article that might help. It did help me…this one by Donna Cunningham Sky Writer:

      Is the Semi-Sextile a Good Aspect or a Bad One?

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      I believe that sextiles act like an inconjunct, like two incompatible elements begging to be integrated by grating on each other’s nerves like Leo and Capricorn or Scorpio and Gemini at 150 degrees apart, a sextile involves two incomparable elements right next door at 30 degrees, like Taurus and Gemini or Leo and Cancer, and when I look at the meaning of the signs and their natural, archetypal meanings, I see conflict and abrasive differences. For instance, the airy intellectual flightiness of Gemini next door to steadfast, sometimes stubborn Taurus, or homeloving, family loving, sensitive Cancer next to Me First, independent, and sometimes brazen Leo. These don’t feel like good neighbors.
      Like an inconjunct, I believe the energy can be irritating, annoying and a call for adjustment and integration and reconciliation of a dilemma. Like the inconjunct it’s a call for common ground. Maybe an evolutionary push.
      The only thing that doesn’t fit this explanation is that aspects of 30, 60, and 120 are supposed to be harmonious. So that kind of blows my theory, but my experience in my own life is that 30 degrees is not harmonious or supportive, but instead challenging.

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      The night I sent this post I realized it had been a Sun_Uranus semisextile day. The touch of Uranus was felt, I even felt that taking the draft and bringing it to life was somehow Uranian (now in my third house). And yes, there were many other elements moving in the sky, and the full moon carried another inconjunct (quincunx) with Uranus…as I said, from my experience it is subtle and yet, an aspect that I take into account…writing about it makes it a little bit too mental or even crazy. I just felt like sharing it with you all. It might bring something to someone. At least from the references.

      Still don’t quite know how to bring to dance together Sun and Venus, and this one is a merging that needs to take place in order to bring or express the spark or life force (Venus being the ruler and dispositor of the Sun). In this particular case, Venus is OOB and SRx as I noted before, which makes the dance and integration quite peculiar. Again, as with other aspects and correlations, once the detail has been identified or sensed, it needs to be integrated back into the whole…and this one is tricky, at least for me. It can become virtual (over there), ungrounded. So I let it be…

      Also @linda, what you mention about your experience with the 30 degree aspect somehow resonates with the first link I attached, the one at The Inner Wheel…as if they were hidden and then, when they appear or come to life…boom!

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      Hello Iratxe,
      I didn’t even read the article by Dawn because I didn’t see that it was a link. I just now read it, and in a way I feel kind of encouraged that my conclusions were echoed by her expertise article.

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      @Linda and @Iratxe

      ‘Inconjunct’ is actually a term that includes both the semisextile and the quincunx and, as you say Linda, they are always between signs that share no element or quality. For example, between Gemini and Taurus (semi-sextile) we have a mutable Air and a fixed Earth, or between Leo and Pisces (quincunx) we have a fixed Fire and a mutable Water.

      Personally I think that how these aspects play out depends alot on which planets are involved and how friendly they are. For example if you have Pluto and Mars in inconjunct aspect to one another then that would likely be a pretty explosive combination, especially if other factors in the chart were also volatile. However if the planets were Venus and Neptune, well that is unlikely to cause too much tension.

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