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      Tell us a little about your background, where you come from and why you chose to take this course. This will help everyone feel comfortable and relaxed around each other. To get the ball rolling a little about me:

      I live on the East Coast of Australia in the beautiful Northern Rivers and am the mama of two little girls. Over the course of my life I have noticed again and again how astrology dovetails with my lived experience and the birth of my children has been no exception! They were both born as Pluto transited my natal Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction in the 8th House.

      Due to the massive changes this transit has brought about in my life it’s been four years since I offered this course and I am so excited to finally be welcoming a new group of students into this space. I look forward to getting to know you all :)

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      Hello Faith! Excited to see the Introductions thread already active.
      I’m Cristina, and I’m an Italian Astrologer and Tarot reader who is also passionate about a whole lot of stuff. One thing used to be attending live shows of indie/underground bands, but since that’s no longer an option where I live, I am mostly focused on things like sleeping, napping, resting, trying to keep my cat from eating everything she sees, and of course blogging about astrology, consulting with clients and creating content for this course. :)
      Fun facts:
      *if you ask me how old I am, I’ll probably not remember and I’ll have to do the math (I wish I was kidding. I’m not);
      *when talking to other Italians, I often catch myself switching to English in the middle of a sentence because I forgot how to say things in proper Italian;
      *my music taste ranges from lo-fi black metal seemingly recorded through a Nokia 3330 to trap music (somewhere in between those two you can also find 90’s eurodance, opera and anything Thom Yorke ever did in his life);
      *my own birth chart baffles me to this very day, because seriously, who came up with the idea of sending me to Earth while the Sun and Moon were in Libra, Mercury was Retrograde, Mars was in Aries and most planets were either in their detriment or fall???

      Okay, that’s it for now! Looking forward to “meet” the rest of you and to introduce you to my bonus course. :)

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      Hi there Faith and Cristina,

      Here is my main astro “trifecta”.

      Gemini Sun…Born and bred in Sydney (a really long time ago) and now a seasoned New Zealander. My early career was punctuated by various administrative, secretarial and editorial roles, best described as a “Jack of all trades and Master of none”. However, (we live in hope) as a dedicated student for the past 40+ years – I still want to be an astrologer when I grow up!

      Cancer Rising…Mum’s the word and apart from astrology, two of the best things that ever happened to me are my two awesome (now adult) sons. One’s a chef, the other an accountant, which is just as well as this natural-born wordsmith happens to be hopeless at both cooking and maths. Thank heavens for astrology for demonstrating that numbers are actually interesting and meaningful!

      Libra Moon…Incredibly indecisive at times, especially about what to cook for dinner, when all the while I’d rather be doing astrology. When the glass is half-empty I struggle with social-climbing people-pleasing tendencies mixed with co-dependence. When viewed as half-full I simply make a great companion and still happily in love with my wonderful partner of 18 years.

      Apart from ASTROLOGY my main hobbies include READING, WRITING, MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHY, GARDENING and collecting RECIPES (with the emphasis on COLLECTING them, not cooking lol). I also enjoy keeping fit and care for two large German Shepherd dogs that need a lot of walking and two cats that need a lot of feeding.

      Hey thank you for this opportunity Faith and Cristina. Really looking forward to interacting with everyone here, mentoring new students and sharing knowledge and skills :)

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      Greetings, everyone!

      Glad to be back and diving into another inspiring course of self-exploration along with like-spirited fellow students/mentors/teachers. I’m mainly here to support others on their journey of self-discovery. This “Know Yourself Astrology” course is sure to offer a uniquely revelatory perspective into ourselves, amid this year’s Venus in Gemini retrograde season, and on the first leg of our passage through North Node in Gemini, from its last degrees onward. Faith and Cristina, I second Esther’s words of appreciation for inviting us to serve as mentors in this course.

      In terms of some background information about me, the original pursuit that led me onto the path of studying astrology was driven by my search for answers to the following three existential questions: (1) Where did we come from? (2) What are we here for? (3) Where are we going? In the first thirty years of my life, studying natural and human/social sciences didn’t really seem to offer the answers I sought. What I kept observing about the intricacies of human life/death required looking beyond narrow fields of knowledge.

      Beginning in 2008, astrology inevitably came into focus as a sphere of knowledge that began offering me unequaled insights into the mystery of life, close and far, deep and on the surface. Beyond natal chart astrology, I eventually became intrigued by studies in evolutionary astrology, as well as medical and financial astrology. Though, studying astrology is still an amateur practice for me, since my primary means of earning a living has been through working in libraries, particularly law libraries in the last fourteen years.

      I look forward to getting to know everyone in this course and supporting anyone who finds my input of use.

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      Mindy Tchieu


      My name is Mindy. I was born and raised in Southern California, USA and I’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY for the past 10+ years. My dream is to one day move abroad!

      I will forever be a student of astrology and am always looking for learning opportunities. I heard about this class via my friend who is subscribed to Faith’s newsletters. It reached my inbox on a particularly listless day where it felt like nothing was going right for me, so I saw it as a sign that I should sign up, since the email was the highlight of my day.

      I am a Sag Sun and Moon, Taurus rising. Also Sun conjunct Neptune, which I deeply identify with.

      Looking forward to learning with you all!


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        Hi Mindy!

        Wonderful to hear that you were serendipitously inspired to sign up for this class! Great to have you join us from Brooklyn, NY. I am located in Los Angeles, CA, where I moved to live from abroad (Russia) over two decades ago.

        With your Sag Sun and Moon, it’s no surprise that you would dream of moving abroad and always be encouraged to learn, as Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius loves traveling, on an international scale, and endlessly expanding one’s knowledge. Sun conjunct Neptune would leave little affinity for remaining constrained by any boundaries/borders.

        Btw, my natal Sun, Mars, and Neptune are in Sag, too. So, I can also relate to your deep identification with Neptune and the spheres of its dominion.

        I am one of the class mentors, and hope to be of service to you and others on their journey of self-discovery in this “Know Yourself” astrology course. Enjoy the class!



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        Hi Mindy :) So good to hear you encountered my email at just the right moment for you. I think what we are studying in astrology is the way in which the universe conspires to bring us the events and experiences we need to move forward, to evolve. Serendipity, as Anahit calls it; synchronicity as Jung calls it.

        @Asli-Ceylan puts it well:

        I believe we all come here for some reasons to help each other and there is no coincidences.

        May it be so xx

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      Mario Saga

      Hi everyone :)
      I’m Mario and I have lived in Sydney/ Australia for several years now. I was born and grew up in Bucharest/ Romania, though at one stage life changed and i moved to Johannesburg/ South Africa were i finished studies and afterwards worked in business management/consulting coupled with information management.

      Why i chose to join Astrology course on know-yourself?

      Since I was a kid i was fascinated about the workings of my inner feelings and emotions, about dreaming and how all these inner parts seem to have a life of their own despite any of my attempts to get them in some sort of control or order. All these parts of myself seemed to think/feel/act/react on their own accord and had no intention to be tamed.

      Hence i have always sought to know myself in some way or another, to understand the buttons in me which other people knew how to push, though i had no idea how to access or how they worked. Luckily i was not alone in this quest and i have found (and tried/tested) many ways other people have walked on the path of ‘know thyself’.

      I learned that discovering oneself is an ongoing process of finding conditioned patterns which have been imposed from without (societies/ cultures in which we live or we have interacted with) and from within (imitations, avoidance, hidden triggers). It is about learning how these patterns have come about and how, through knowledge and understanding, we can detach and decondition from them.

      In time i learned that Astrology can also help us identify further hidden conditioned patterns through archetypes and ancestral profiles which are in-built in all of us. As above so below, inner and outer come together within us.

      So here i am, very honoured to meet all and journey together on the self-discovery/ know-yourself course on Astrology.

      My astrology knowledge is still beginner level. In my chart Sun is in Aquarius, Ascendant in Aries and Moon in Capricorn. In the 1st House i have Mars in Aries and Saturn in Taurus.

      Looking forward to getting to know everyone in this course :)


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        Welcome, Mario!

        Pleased to meet you, and glad to have you join the class from Sydney, Australia. I relate to your journey of self-discovery. For me, it’s sort of been like a process of slowly peeling an onion, as I work to explore the many layers [of conditioning] before I get to see one’s [my] unadulterated core – pure essence. Of course, I’m not there yet, but life continuously reminds me of that potential, while I cover the nitty gritty aspects of finding my way back “home”/to my-[true]-self.

        In my astro-studies, I have learned that natal charts provide insight, both, into personalities we get to take on while covering our life’s journey, and our potential of transcending the limits of acquired conditioning. So, hopefully, the information you gather, and the interactions you experience, in this course will serve to expand your level of astrological knowledge in a way that supports your interest of advancing along the path of self-understanding.

        With your Sun in Aquarius, I assume that love of humanity [even if from a distance], and keen intuition, have served you well in your “studies” of human consciousness. Ascendant and Mars in Aries probably allow you to be quite decisive, and to muster the courage to take leaps of faith not always accessible to those who are prone to be risk-averse. Plus, the grounding qualities of Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Taurus likely come to the rescue, allowing you to make the necessary calculations to land safely, whatever the adventures your Aries side demands you to pursue. If you don’t mind, let me know if you do not relate to any of the latter descriptions, as that will help me develop my understanding of the archetypes further.

        Btw, depending on the degrees where your natal Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn sit in your natal chart, our self-discovery experiences may resonate particularly because my natal Jupiter is in Taurus, Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius, and Chiron is in Aries.

        Enjoy the class!

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          Mario Saga

          Hi Anahit,

          Thank you for your warm welcome :)

          Love your analogy on the journey of self discovery, you are right we work one layer at a time… once we understand one layer we reach another, just like peeling an onion.

          I absolutely relate to the way you described the meaning of the positions of the planets in my chart and had a big smile on the ‘love of humanity even from a distance’… which is spot on :))))

          Interesting enough, same as you, I also have Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries… though Jupiter is in Scorpio.

          Will certainly enjoy this course!

          Looking forward working with you over the next few weeks :)

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        Hey Mario, fellow Capricorn Moon here :) And although I now live in northern NSW I miss my home town of Sydney. I’ve been to many cities over the years but every time I fly back into Sydney I think how lucky I am to come home to such a beautiful place.

        It sounds like you’ve been on the path of self knowledge for some time and although you are a beginner in astrology you’ll likely find that much of what you learn in this course echos what you already know. As you point out:

        As above so below, inner and outer come together within us.

        Reality is like a fractal, the same patterns repeating at what ever level you happen to look at it. And all truth is the same truth.

        I look forward to working with you over the next few weeks.

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          Mario Saga

          Hey Faith,

          AWESOME to be on this course :)

          Totally agree with you, Sydney is an amazing place and it gets you hooked.

          Very much enjoyed your view of patterns as fractal. Seemingly separate perspectives depending from which level/position you are observing, though are all linked and integrated by a recurring form/pattern.

          Same, looking forward to the course and working with you :)

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      Asli Ceylan

      Hello everyone,

      I am Asli. I live in Istanbul in Turkey.

      Until 2019 I was working as a top executive assistant in various global corporate companies.

      When I started learning and studying yoga in 2017, somethings started to change. Also with the effect of my pluto square which was started on Feb 2019, I had to quit my job and then decided to move India to learn yoga deeply. I spent with lots of studies in India for 6 months and then came back to Istanbul. Currently, I am working as a yoga teacher and trying to go with the flow.

      I am very interested in astrology since I was child. I read and search a lot what I can find about astrology. The most beautiful thing is for me in astrology to learn more about other people in psychological level.
      I have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus in Scorpio in the 3rd house; Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the 2nd house with Virgo rising.

      I met Faith and Cristina from Inner Strength Course which was the best thing in the quarantine days. I really enjoyed studying with them while learning a new thing day by day.

      Also very nice to see you both again @Esther and @AnhP!

      I am really looking forward to know more about astrology with this amazing group!


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        Merhaba, Asli:

        Welcome back! Glad to have you rejoin us in expanding your knowledge of astrology, now, through Faith’s and Cristina’s 2020 “Know Yourself” astrology class.

        I didn’t mention it in the Inner Strength Astrology course, but the way I relate to your journey of self-discovery is that I was also originally interested, or thought that I was interested, in pursuing the corporate professional path. Becoming aware of yoga, among other enlightening approaches to self-discovery, led me to take a second look at who I am and where I would like to go/be, beyond engaging in the endless “rat race” [for lack of a better term].

        Btw, just to note, my natal North Node, Uranus, and Moon are in Scorpio in the 5th house, and Pluto is in Libra in the 4th. So, it will definitely help us to compare our notes, especially when we cover the Scorpio and Libra archetypes. Your natal chart appears to be designed to specialize in the Scorpio-Taurus and Libra-Aries polarities, albeit as it concerns matters along 3rd-9th and 2nd-8th house axes, while my natal chart asks me to engage with these polarities across other house axes.

        Hope you will find this course particularly useful in your pursuit of self-knowledge; and we will all enjoy a mutually enriching experience through our interactions in this class, too.

        All the best,


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          Asli Ceylan


          Merhaba Anahit,

          It is so exciting when you say that we can compare our notes, that’s what I am looking for!

          That’s also so true that I am on a journey of self-discovery and I hope that I can deeply understand some missing points in my chart.

          My North Node is also in the 12th house in Leo which I am thinking a lot to deep dive how to activate.

          I am so excited to learn more about from you and all other members because I believe we all come here for some reasons to help each other and there is no coincidences.

          Have a wonderful day,

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        Welcome back Asli! So good to have you on this adventure with us :)

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      What a lovely group! Welcome back, Asli and Mario ❤ A warm welcome to Mindy, and of course I’m delighted to see you again, Esther and Anahit, as well! I can’t wait to begin learning with and from you (that’s right. One of the best things about the formula Faith envisioned for Insight Astrology’s courses is that everybody learns from everybody, regardless of the level of experience, and that’s something I’m especially excited about :) ).

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      Hello everyone!

      I’m looking forward to diving in with you all …

      My Astro blurb … Libra Rising with Mars in its detriment; 10th house Cancer Sun in a partile (exact to the degree) square to 7th house Aries Moon. THIS and a host of squares to the Moon’s nodal axis are my constant points of inquiry into astrology and learning about myself.

      My profile blurb … I am a professional astrologer and life coach living in the Philadelphia, PA area. I have a deep respect for the amazing personal insights we can all gain from studying our Astrology Charts. I use this passion every chance I get to offer support to others on the path to Self-discovery and interested in living a life of Joy & Purpose!

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      Hello Everyone,

      My name is Kalli. I am a native New Yorker, living in Southern France. Although I have studied astrology, superficially for over 20 years, I consider myself a novice. That being said, Astrology has played a significant role in helping shape the person I have become. Having grown up in an environment which accelerated the development of my intuition in order to survive. Learning astrology inspired me to search for meaning, question destiny, purpose and free will. It gave me hope in times of darkness and taught me that the past does not have to equal the future.
      I have been searching for a course for a few years now and when I came upon Faith’s site, I recognized that this is what Ive been waiting for. This is a first for me. I’ve never taken an online group course AND although I would probably be the quiet one sitting in the last row just watching and listening, I am excited to be participating in this course. I look forward to learning from all of you.

      I have a stellium in the Cancer/Leo 8th house, which includes my Sun (barely out of cancer). My Moon is in 11th house Libra. South Node and Neptune in the 12th, NN in Taurus 6th.


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        Welcome, Kalli! Please make yourself at home here, and feel free to participate in the way you prefer. :) I do find the part about “being the quiet one watching and listening from the last row” kinda relatable. Unsurprisingly, I think there is some kind of symmetry in our charts; I’m a 4H IC Sun with Cancer rising & Libra Moon. Your way of connecting and just being in this space is welcome here.
        On a completely unrelated note… Southern France is one of my favourite places to visit when I’m in the mood for a road trip and I find it absolutely enchanting. I do hope your journey all the way from New York to this corner of Europe brought you peace and happiness. ♥

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        Welcome aboard Kalli :)

        I’m sure you will enjoy this online course – and not just from the last row! Cancer is known to be shy and you haven’t got that on your own (it’s on my ascendant and I also have Libra Moon).

        Neptune in the 12th isn’t exactly “out there” either. However, conjunct South Node suggests the need to let that shyness go and develop more confidence. Your Leo placement(s) in the 8th may just coax you out :)

        Learning astrology inspired me to search for meaning, question destiny, purpose and free will. It gave me hope in times of darkness and taught me that the past does not have to equal the future.

        Relating to your quote, astrology provides an endless source of learning, meaning and inspiration and tbh I couldn’t imagine life without it!

        P.S. I’ve been learning astrology for the past 40 years yet still only somewhere between a novice and a professional :)

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        Hey Kalli, I have Sun, Moon and Venus in the 8th House, but wow five planets! Can totally understand why you might sit at the back of the class. However with Moon in Libra in the 11th and Sag rising I’ll warrant when you have something to say it will be worth hearing. It’s like Cristina said: everyone should participate in the way that works for them.

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      Thank you Christina, Esther and Faith for your thoughtful, kind and encouraging words! I truly look forward to hearing about your experiences and wisdom learned and earned.

      Cristina, I agree southern France is both enchanting and magical! Yes, thank you, life is good. I feel incredibly grateful for the wonderful, winding, many lifetimes in one, full of adventure and surprises journey that brought me to this point in my life!

      Esther, you are spot on. The Leo aspect of my personality does coax me out of my comfort zone. Although I find that I am quite shy and stuck when expressing anything relating to myself as an individual(its taking me over an hour to write this response… )), it’s completely different when I am communicating on behalf of others (for instance when I worked as a gift in kind coordinator for a non profit or as a volunteer for various organizations)… I find when I am being of service, the Leo aspect is activated.
      Also, I’m not sure if this makes sense but, with Neptune 12th house, i try to be aware that the best way to manage the energy, for me, is to think of it as kind of a getaway/vacation spot. I can go for a visit, check in with Spirit, consciously connect with Tui, get inspired, recharge my batteries but then I have to leave and head back home because spending too much time there can make me feel ungrounded and discombobulated.

      Faith, you are the first person I have met with a strong 8th house! The information i’ve found (to date) has felt somehow lacking and so as I have always had difficulty understanding the 8th house, beyond the traditional definitions. I look forward to hearing your understanding of and with it.

      Thanks again for the warm welcome.

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        Mindy Tchieu

        The information i’ve found (to date) has felt somehow lacking and so as I have always had difficulty understanding the 8th house, beyond the traditional definitions. I look forward to hearing your understanding of and with it.

        I feel very similarly, Kalli (and hello fellow New Yorker)! I have a few planets in the 8th– sun (if we’re using whole sign or Placidus), moon, mercury, and uranus. I’m excited to have met other 8th house people!

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          Hey Kalli and Mindy, I think the 8th House, due to its nature, is a difficult one to put into words, so I guess that’s why much of what is written about it feels vague or abstract. I look forward to exploring this area more deeply with you both in week 4 when we look at the houses X

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        Oh thanks Kalli its always a joy to get it right :)

        The Leo aspect of my personality does coax me out of my comfort zone. Although I find that I am quite shy and stuck when expressing anything relating to myself as an individual(its taking me over an hour to write this response… )),

        Kalli this may resonate with you – it has taken me almost 2 hours to reply to Marla with only 212 words!! Blame natal Mercury in the 12th inconjunct to Saturn in the 7th aka semi-permanent writer’s block (laughing/crying emoji).

        Having said that, hey Faith good point re the 8th house (natal Chiron in Pisces in the 8th, in t-square with Sun & Pluto, both ruled by Mercury). Perhaps planets in the water houses lend themselves better to intuition than self-expression? Anyway, handbrake, before I go off on a tangent, save for week 4 :)

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      Marla Tseng


      My name is Marla. I was born in Portland, Oregon, but have spent most of my life in Texas, with a few stints abroad in Barcelona, Edinburgh, and Lima, Peru. My parents are Chinese-Peruvian and emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s. I am now living in Houston, and I work as an attorney.

      I have been interested in astrology since I was a child, but I only began to dedicate more time to studying it about two years ago. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. I am generally interested in all kinds of metaphysical topics, but astrology is my first love. I would like to feel more proficient at it.

      I am Aries rising, with an Aries Moon conjunct the Ascendant, Libra Sun in the 7th house, Pluto conjunct my Sun in the 7th house, and Uranus, Mars, and Venus in the 8th house. I have felt comfortable with Libra and Scorpio energy most of my life and have only begun to embrace the Aries energy in my chart in recent years. My Saturn and my North Node are in Virgo in the 6th house, which is definitely challenging for me.

      I look forward to learning more with all of you.


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        Welcome, Marla! ♥ Thanks for joining us.
        I bet the “The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know” part (same, honestly) resonates with more than a few people on this forum, teachers and mentors included! I really think that, even more than in the case of other disciplines/currents/crafts, Astrology truly requires a lifetime of study and exploration. So it makes sense, and, thankfully, it seems that you have it in you to pursue things with passion and determination. I am actually astounded at the level of intensity packed in your chart. Aries rising with Aries Moon conjunct the Ascendant? Plus Sun conjunct Pluto? And Mars/Venus/Uranus in the 8H? Sounds POWERFUL af!

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        The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know

        A warm welcome to you Marla and yes indeed Cristina, that is one of my most repeated astrological musings along with “the only thing permanent is change”.

        Goodness me Marla your chart sounds intense alright, heavily occupied from the 6th to the 8th – and is that a Full Moon on your ascendant? Not surprised that you work in the legal profession. With Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra in the 7th I imagine you’d make quite an impact with your deep and inherent sense of justice. Wondering where your Jupiter is placed? And no wonder you are only just beginning to embrace your Aries energy, with so much emphasis on everyone else (western hemisphere). Sounds like it’s time to put some of your own needs first. Also with Uranus, Venus and Mars in the 8th (are they conjunct?) it’s easy see that astrology is your first love!

        I really think that, even more than in the case of other disciplines/currents/crafts, Astrology truly requires a lifetime of study and exploration.

        Hey Cristina the advantage of being an older astrologer (lol imagine cobwebs all over my bookshelf) is having experienced most of the major transits and cycles. However, I’m constantly in awe of the wisdom younger colleagues such as yourself. Perhaps it’s a sign of our critical times in this age of advanced technology, information and uncertainty (Uranus). Even my children say that it feels like time is accelerating!

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      CeAnn Simpson

      Hi Faith, Hi Cristina : )

      I like Kalli saw this in my inbox and having just relistened to several of Cristina’s readings for the upteenth time I decided I should get off the fence and just dive into this course. I was born in a small town in Eastern Washington called Wenatchee in America and then to Seattle for University. AFter that I went to work in London after writing my thesis in Economics, I ended up staying and not returning to the US. I married and divorced a brit and now live outside London with three children on my own. I had a very dear friend in university in my economics course who was very into astrology. He gave me my children’s birth charts as gifts when they were born. I put them away and then got them out years later. What I saw was my children… this was when I started reading and learning about astrology in a quest to understand my family origin and my children as well as those I spend time with as friends.

      I am Sun in Cancer, Scorpio Rising, Moon in Capricorn with both my sun, mercury and South Node (Cancer) In Eighth House. Mars in Aries, Venus in Leo. NN in Capricorn in 2nd House, I have spent a lot of time dealing in the eighth house’s currency of energy as I am a Reikh healer and tend to almost read people without trying. My neptune in 1st house makes it easy for me to get lost in others and to have leaky boundaries as Cristina puts it. I am also someone who is more like to sit and listen when in a group setting like this online as I am incredibly private. In real life I am very comfortable up front on stage and in the limelight. I enjoy ballet, dancing, drama/acting and singing. I also have done yoga for 20 plus years and my claim to fame is that while living in Houston, I used to teach yoga at Enron before it collapsed. Currently I work from home and write content for websites and try not to go crazy having been home in England with my children for going on 8 weeks now.

      I am looking forward to listening and absorbing from the group and in the spirit of honesty I most am looking forward to Cristina’s one to one session around love/sex astrology as I have many questions I want answers to. I find it interesting that there are so many eighth house people here and moon in capricorn and Mars in Aries (me too). That drive to know more runs deep in the group I can see.

      I am hopeing to have time this weekend to dive into the course work properly so please do not take my silence as not being interested. I just lack time but so want to be part of this journey. And Esther I feel time is hugely accelerating at the minute even though there is less going on. It literally is speeding up around us all.

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        Welcome, CeAnn!

        It’s a pleasure to “meet” you. I’m one of the course mentors. Glad you’re coming along with us on this journey.

        It’s interesting to see how your natal placements beautifully reflect the rich/layered tapestry of your life. With your Ascendant in Scorpio and Neptune in the 1st house, it is no wonder that you would be a keen intuitive drawn to the healing arts such as Reiki. Capricorn in the 2nd house, with your Moon and NN residing there, explains to me why studies in Economics have been of value to you. With your Sun, Mercury, and SN in Cancer sitting in the 8th house, Scorpio Ascendant, and Mars in Aries, it makes sense why astrology of love/sex/intimacy would be of interest to you and likely nurture your inner peace.

        Looking forward to our further interactions. Hope the class offers you whatever you seek to extract from it. Enjoy the process of rediscovering yourself, again!

        Best wishes,

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        Welcome CeAnn, and thank you for sharing a little of yourself – I know how hard that can be for a Cap Moon! It took me years of practice to be able to come out of my shell and show my vulnerability in a group, but I am glad I did as the process has been both nourishing and liberating. Still, it’s a challenge every time.

        I agree we seem to have quite a few 8th House people and Cap Moons in this course, and with COVID and so many planets retrograde I think we are all a little more inward going than usual. I expect this course will have a slower, more gradual feeling of unfolding, which will likely come as a relief to those whose lives are hectic already!

        I look forward to reading the insights you share as we explore together.

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        Dear CeAnn, words can’t explain how happy I am to have you with us. ♥ I know for a fact that there is a lot we can learn from you and your capacity for self-awareness and self-reflection.

        I did notice we have quite a few 8H natives and Cap Moon friends,too! Which is something that fascinates me. My chart is not heavy on the Earth element, so I feel I could benefit from learning about life and feelings from the standpoint of a Capricorn Moon’s inner emotional filter.
        Welcome! Lots of love.

    • #19070
      Tracey Prince

      I am excited to be participating in another course offered by Faith and Christina. For the first time ever, I ventured outside of my comfort zone and participated in the last course that they offered at the height of Corona. It is great to see familiar faces in this course and I look forward to learning and getting to know everyone here.

      Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia in the US, I live in a small town in NJ . I work as an accountant and like to read, work outside in the yard gardening, and a few years ago I took up ballroom dance. I have an adventurous spirit and like to travel but haven’t had the chance to do as much as I would have liked over the years, so needless to say, the list is long.

      My first interest in astrology was over 30 years ago when I discovered that one of my friend’s mothers was an astrologer. Naturally curious, she read my chart and got me familiar and interested in the stars. She passed away about a few years later and at the time, the internet was fairly new and not much of a resource yet. Not knowing of anyone who did it or where to look, I got away from it, busy with life, work and a family. About 6 years ago, my world crashed and I was knocked off my foundation, which put me on a deeper spiritual journey. Lost and trying to find answers and purpose, one of the tools I gravitated towards was astrology. Once again, I was trying to make sense of my life, get a better grasp of who I was, and the lessons my soul was looking to learn in this lifetime. I have done most of my study by doing searches on the internet which eventually led me to Faith’s website and newsletters.

      My sun and ascendant are in Cancer, moon in Aries, with 3 planets in the 12th. I consider myself a novice as far as my knowledge goes but I am certain that my passion for it will lead me to a lifetime of learning. The insight from the last class helped me to piece some things together and look at my chart in a better light. There was a lot to gain from so many like-minded souls and I am certain this course will further my growth as well.

      • #19072

        Welcome back Tracey :) I so enjoyed interacting with you in the last course and I’m looking forward to going deeper with you over this longer period of exploration.

      • #19074

        Tracey, I second what Faith has said! I’m glad to have you in this group, and have the chance to know you better through this deeper exploration of planets, placements and archetypes. Welcome back! ♥

    • #19234
      Emma Williams

      Hi everyone!
      I’m a little late joining this course but the ball is rolling now….What can I say? I have pretty much no astrology experience at all but have always known that one day when the time is right I would delve in (its always seemed overwhelmingly complex and something that I wasn’t sure I could take on). I was sent a link to this course from a mutual friend of Faith. I took it as an opportunity to finally break into my journey with astrology. This last year has been a very deep internal journey for me and so I feel that this could be a wonderful tool to help me understand myself more deeply and from a more structured perspective. I’ll also finally be able to join in the conversations with some of my friends, plus understand the astrology podcasts that I’m fascinated by (ha ha).

      I live with my two young boys and my partner in our beautiful subtropical patch of paradise in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. On a practical level my life is filled with growing fruit and vegies, growing boys and growing a hand built house. But on a personal level I desire to fully express the artist and musician and writer and magician that is slowly discovering and her gifts.

      I’m also keen to read my whole family’s charts of course, to really understand and anticipate the different dynamics that play out in these relationships. I’ve often suspected patterns and wondered if they were astrological but have never followed them close enough to find out.

      But most recently I’ve felt a strong pull to align with the cosmic bodies as well as nature and the earth, more now than ever. After drifting through life in much confusion I’ve come to find purpose in deep connection with spirit, striving for self actualisation and expression of the divine. (which is mostly taken up with processing and shedding that which in not!)

      So, to share what little I can about myself astrologically: I have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Cancer, Ascendant is Leo, my north node is Leo too…..ahh yep thats probably as much as I can give.

      I hope that I can keep up with this course, I don’t spend a lot of time online and am not someone who normally socializes on these kind of platforms. But so far I am enjoying meeting you all in this way and hope that what I may input has something of value to offer.

      Look forward to this!

      • #19235

        Hey, Emma, welcome! :) We’re glad to have you here.

        On a practical level my life is filled with growing fruit and vegies, growing boys and growing a hand built house.

        This sounds like a dream. ♥ Props to you for creating an existence that is loving and sustainable!

        I will try not to comment extensively on the things you told you about your chart, because I am aware I could easily get carried away and overwhelm you while you are still digesting information, but if you have Sun/Moon/Merc in Cancer, and Leo Rising, there is quite likely a heavy Twelfth House influence in your chart! (You’ll understand what this means when we’ll discuss the houses, do not worry :) ). Which suits your description as a person who seeks to connect with the transcendent, and doesn’t normally invest a lot of energy in socializing. It’s a very private, contemplative house, yet also very transpersonal. A very complex and beautiful energy for sure, and I think once you learn how to tap into it (and I’m positive some insight will emerge in this regard during the course), you have a whole new world to explore.

        Thank you for joining us!

    • #19381

      Hello Emma :)

      I live with my two young boys and my partner in our beautiful subtropical patch of paradise in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. On a practical level my life is filled with growing fruit and vegies, growing boys and growing a hand built house.

      You pretty much describe my life there as well, except that I have two girls. How old are your boys? How do you and Melanie know each other?

      I’m really glad that you’ve arrived here. Please know that, even though at first you may feel overwhelmed, astrology is actually not very complex. It is just a language like French or German, and it can be learned easily by anyone who has a little patience (and pinch of faith) in themselves.

      Looking forward to getting to know you better,
      X Faith

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