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      This topic is especially for people to introduce themselves and break the ice. We’d love to get to know you and hear what you have to say, but sometimes it’s hard to just jump right in there with your opinion when you’re brand new and have never met any of the people you’re about to interact with. To make things easier, this topic is especially so you can read others introductions and tell us a little about yourself, why you joined the circle and what you’re hoping to get out of it.

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      Okay, so I’ll get things started…

      My name is Faith but unfortunately here I am the rather formal @admin, thanks to a quirk in the wordpress system. Like all of you I’m fascinated by the way astrology reflects our inner worlds, the macrocosm mirroring the microcosm, and how this helps us become more self aware.

      I’m certainly not fatalistic when it comes to astrology. I believe we have free will and we respond to the energies around us depending on our state of consciousness, just as we might respond to the weather.

      Right now I’m on an exciting (and sometimes scary) journey as I learn to be a mum, so I’m less active on the forum than usual. But I do read every post here and more often than not I do respond – it may just take me a while!

      Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all :) X Faith

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      Hi everyone… I hail from Sydney Australia and this is my first time participating in a forum. It’s a steep learning curve with the technology and also a bit strange I think, everyone disembodied and invisible.

      Although I moved on from horoscopes some time ago, I still consider myself a real beginner in astrology and prefer to read what other people have to say rather than share my very basic observations.

      That said I do have lots of questions I’m pondering on, mainly to do with my own chart, so I may put these to the group at some point. I’d appreciate any thoughts… and am happy to reciprocate if anyone is interested in my attempts at interpretation ;)

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      So, I went periscope down for a couple months, I guess it’s apt to (re)introduce myself considering that I may not know the newcomers that joined while I was away. :)
      My name is Cristina, I’m a twentysomething from Italy and I’ve been into Astrology for nearly a decade. At the present time I do practice professionally, even though I still have a looooong way to go. So I’m happy to be part of this corner of the internet where we can exchange opinions and ask each other questions.
      I’m a Libra with Cancer rising and I second what Faith said about her interpretation of Astrology – I don’t believe planets “dictate” our fate. I like to think of them as cosmic pawns that tell us about the timing and significance of life events.
      Beside Astrology, I’m interested (and involved in) music, photography, anthropology, occultism, witchcraft, religions, mythology, Tarot, poetry, nature, animals & their rights and a whole lot of other stuff that I can’t remember now.

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      Hi everyone,

      My name is Anahit. I’m joining you all from Los Angeles, CA. The work of professional astrologers first caught my attention in 2008, as I started looking beyond psychology to understand how humans, including myself, work and can relate to each other better, and to get a sense of what influences the nature of the societal (cosmic) forces that operate at large. In that context, I incrementally read a variety of books written by diverse American astrologers, with the intent of figuring out how I can use astrology to understand myself and my calling in life.

      Fast forward to 2014, after a bunch of people in my personal and professional life suddenly died of terminal illnesses or became ill, and after I recovered from a severe illness involving a surgical intervention, astrology came to the forefront for me, again, in a new way.

      In the last two years, life has pointed me in the direction of exploring the wisdom of certain, spiritually-oriented American, British, Australian, Canadian, and Russian astrologers and thinkers, who are involved in promoting personal healing, inner evolution, and growth of higher (universal) consciousness. In this context, I came across the Insight Astrology website, right around the time of the solar and lunar eclipses that we had earlier this year.

      As I was busy taking in-person astrology, meditation, singing, and acting classes up until this July, I just managed to make some time and joined this forum in late July. I am currently firmly committed to continuing my journey in learning the language of astrology and relying on its wisdom, as I continue healing/letting go of whatever patterns hold me back from being my true self. This forum is serving as a great opportunity for me to make the latter a reality sooner than later.

      Faith, btw, introducing a rewards system for participating in this forum is a great idea and an enticing offer that will enable me to stay focused on pursuing my personal growth further! Thanks for being so thoughtful and generous!

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      Hi my name is Esther from Amsterdam age 34. A libra stellium with sagittarius ascendant and leo moon. Summertime right here so I am at a slower pace with reading and researching right now. I started the Know Yourself course with Faith October 2015. My very first astrology course! It has been a journey to discover my natalchart bt Faith explains the subjects very clearly. The insights were mind blowing at times. I learned so much in the course about myself and my relationships and now it feels there’s no stopping it. My interest goes to evolutionary astrology, at the moment it resonates with me. Music is very important to me so as being in nature. Nature and travel photography I enjoy, I recently picked up intuitive painting, dancing and I love dogs very much. An eternal student, always learning as much as I can about whatever I can in this lifetime. I fancy learning foreign languages and I speak english french and spanish. My current focus is to balance my yin and yang side and to learn to connect deeply with my body and femininity with astrology as my guide. Looking forward to interacting more on the forum with you all! Namasté (-:

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      Hello all,
      My name is Sue and I live in Glenside, Pa, USA … I am fascinated with astrology as a self-awareness (a.k.a. self-acceptance) tool … I believe knowledge is power and self-knowledge is a priceless gift in life. I keep uncovering little bits of insight into my own chart / myself and it has been incredibly helpful for me as I deal with the love of my life currently dying of cancer and my only child (26 years old now) with mental illness … I have a strong urge to learn to read the charts of children (especially my own grandchildren) and councel their parents along the way … Faith, this forum, astrology books and courses continue to offer me support along this path and I am incredibly grateful! xo

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      Hey everybody :))
      I’m here in Atlanta, GA on this dreary rainy night, but that’s okay, I kinda like nights like this!
      I’m a Sag with a Leo Rising and “thank goodness” for my Cappy Moon! I’ve been into Astrology for over 20 years but didn’t get really serious til ’bout 3 years ago. I’ve taken a couple of quick courses online, which did help, but you really need someone that you can talk to that knows what you’re talking about, on a regular basis.
      I still consider myself a beginner as well….My job puts a damper on my studying Astrology like I want but hopefully some of my questions will be answered here on this forum concerning my natal chart….
      Astrology has proven itself time and time again…it truly is an amazing journey!

      Ditto—Faith, an excellent idea on the rewards system for participating in this form! THANK YOU :)

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hello all,

      This is Iratxe, writing from a town that is very close to Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. You have all the information in my profile – and from there I re-edit a little bit to tell you that:

      …Over the past few years, getting in touch with Astrology and archetypes has been a foundational and a powerful healing encounter and process. Astrology helps me to know and heal myself, why or how I am here; to remember who I am. It brings meaning to the whole movement of life and death, to my struggles when it comes to ground myself in this beautiful world…Astrology has also helped me to live in a more complex and organic way – with all those planetary cycles that can be felt and lived, not just thought. The synchronicity.

      I engaged @admin Faith’s course in October 2015 with the hope that I would bring some order and structure -a foundation- to my relationship with Astrology, since up until then everything had been quite “dilettantish”. It did work in such a way, but then other things got in the way. Things that I value and love less…and this trait, too, can be seen in my natal chart. No excuses ;)

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      Greetings Chandra! @irish-gem Nice to make your acquaintance. Glad to have you join this forum. Not sure where we can post our charts here. I joined this group earlier this summer. I’ve been picking and replying to posts on topics that strike a chord with me, as the transits and my personal experiences have prompted me to.

      The forum boast a range of participants with rich personal and professional experiences. So, I find it a very helpful and safe space for learning from everyone’s input to the various discussions here. Btw, natally, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Cancer Rising soul on a quest to mastering my ego and ascending to the highest level of consciousness accessible to me in this Universe. :) Looking forward to learning from you, too. Best wishes, Anahit

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      @awna789 – the best thing about learning astrology is that you learn it first for yourself. This is All-About-You! And this is such an amazing forum that really supports those steps and progress. I am excited for you and everybody new here because this is an amazing journey to learn of yourself and you are worth the curiosity and in depth exploration it takes to do so. xo

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      Greetings Chris, @chris-fitz

      Pleased to make your acquaintance and have you join the “Insight Astrology” forum. I look forward to learning from and with you, as we all continue to expand our veritable knowledge of astrology as applicable to our changing needs over time.

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      Hi Everyone!
      I’m Huri, currently living in Illinois in the U.S. I have been studying Astrology for quite a while on my own, though becoming a mother 3 years ago took a chunk out of my personal time for study and advancement. I currently stay at home with my child and work on the side as a Palm and Tarot Reader.
      I am very interested in the transformative potential of self discovery through the use of divinatory skills/methods. I would love to delve deeper and learn more with the help of others with more advanced understanding and solidifying my own learning by helping others with my knowledge as well.
      My Sun is in Aries, Asc in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius. Though I do feel these placements speak clearly to who I am, I feel an overwhelming connection to my Venus in Pisces in the 10th, which has defined so much of my personal and professional life. My work has led me to difficult self-sacrifice in serving others (and in my family life) and has been a journey of finding balance for myself. This placement also has made friendships difficult with people I have loved and cared for deeply, since it created a sense of the other attempting to “possess” me, for the fact that I do genuinely want to help and care. If it wasn’t for Astrology, I would have just assumed these experiences have just been unfortunate events, but with understanding of these placements, I have begun the journey to work on my much needed boundaries. YAY! Also, I apologize if this is an excessively “wordy” introduction, I don’t get much social activity these days and I do enjoy geeking out and talking about the things i love!

      Thanks for reading!

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      Hello I have been an astrologer for over 40 years. I have a book published on basic astrology “ASROLOGY-A JOURNEY THROUGH THE BASICS” on I write articles which ae posted on my website CIRCLEOFTIME.NET….and I have a Facebook Page I also teach online, and tutor at home. I am involved with astrology on a daily basis, and it is a unquenchable desire for knowledge. I have taught and helped so many people, and feel grateful that I have had that opportunity.

      I mostly love the everychanging transits in the, and seeing how that magnificent geomenty of the universe affects us. I have always interpreted charts, and I have also become a Mundane Astrologer. I learned Horary, but like traditional Western Astrology best.

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        @ninabarb19 Welcome! I’m sure there are many people in this group who can learn from your extensive knowledge and experience.

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      Thank you so much. Im sure I will enjoy the new friendships and using astrology as the topic…

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      @Ann_austin08 and @Ninabarb19

      Dear Ann and Barbara:

      Glad to have you join the InsightAstrology forum!

      I look forward to learning from and with you, along with the rest of the group here.

      I’ve been studying astrology on and off for the last three years. So, I’m quite a novice.



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      AvatarKaren Newell

      I am Karen. I live in Topeka KS. I have always loved astrology and studying different theories

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      AvatarJodi Cleghorn

      Hello. Jodi from Brisbane, Australia here. I’ve been following Cristina’s wisdom since mid 2015, when my life turned upside down.

      I’m a life-long follower of astrology and hoping one day the pieces will fit into a coherent pattern and resonance (in a way that tarot does for me!)

      I love the idea of archetypal energy. I’ve been called into a deeper relationship with elemental energy this year and this felt aligned with that exploration, at a time when I can ask everything else to stay in a holding pattern.

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      AvatarKristen O’Dwyer

      Hello, I am Kristen – living on Kaurna Country in Adelaide and Kulin land in Melbourne. I have been investigating astrology more closely for about two years. Much of what I come to know heads in via dreams which is why I feel more and more compelled to study up. I am here for social and environmental justice driven astrology – to know the potential to heal the earth through self acceptance and harnessing our callings.

      So excited to be here and thank you Faith for facilitating!! xx

      ooh I am Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising with three planets in Libra.

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        I am here for social and environmental justice driven astrology – to know the potential to heal the earth through self acceptance and harnessing our callings.

        Love this! Welcome Kristen :)

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      AvatarAnita Hochstettler

      Hi, I live in the US and am a novice and would like to find out how to get my chart. This is all new to me and I downloaded the ebook and it mentions a chart. I see that there was a discussion about updating the profile but I do not see a place to add my DOB. Please help me figure where to go to get this! Thank you so much!

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      Linda McDonaldLinda McDonald

      hello everybody!

      my name is Linny…i am overjoyed to find this one-of-a-kind learning site. i have been an avid student of western astrology since my young teens…when everything had to be cast by hand the OLD-FASHIONED way! Wow, that was 55 years ago…technology has sure simplified alot of the steps…i have never had the time, until now, to devote myself more fully to the finer points of intepretation and chart integration and am excited to be here and anxious to learn all i can from this group! thank you for having me aboard!

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      @irish-gem, @anhp

      Hi Chandra and Anahit :) Posting your chart can be done in two ways: by completing your birth details on your profile so others can look up your chart themselves, or by attaching a chart directly to a post using the attachment facility. xx

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      Thanks, Faith. I was able to find and update my profile with that information.

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      @etp1017, @awna789, @butterfly25

      Greetings Butterfly, DaShawna, and Evelyn, and everyone else! We all seem to be in the same boat here – eager and determined to expand our grasp of astrology and our ability to apply its wisdom in enriching our lives. Good luck to all of us with this. Looking forward to chatting with all of you along the way. Btw, Faith is a great teacher and I hope you enjoy her input in this undertaking, as much as I do. One thing is for certain, truly getting in touch with life using astrological knowledge is a very layered process.

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