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June Chart Challenge: Announcement of winner and acknowledment to submitters.

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      This being summer, I extended the June Challenge, but today we are halfway through July, and I doubt if there will be new posts.

      Thanks to @Admin, @livvy, @anHp, and @SueWyatt and @iratxe [the latter two in private msgs.] for your offerings.

      Charisma: These are the three charismatic performers, who each commanded the stage and became legends in their lifetimes. Each was extraordinarily original, new and had that mysterious aura that we call charisma, along with great talent and artistry. If I was to describe this quality – it was that each was self-contained – even with enormous staging and back-up, they each radiated a presence that stood on its own:

      Chart 1 Michael Jackson
      Chart 2 Elvis Presley
      Chart 3 David Bowie

      Each of our posters approached these charts differently with a convincing analysis of charisma, which to me demonstrates that there is no one way to do a chart. Faith @Admin found that each chart had conjunctions with the personal and outer planets, thus their generational appeal. @livvy saw significance in the aspects of Venus and Eris in these charts, and has asked in her post “I wonder if these connections are perhaps what gives them the ability to channel the energy of their generation and gives them the appeal that they have with their peers?” @anHp used the traditional analytic approach, providing interpretation, carefully backed up with references to aspects, signs and houses to give a rationale for charisma, and she provides a wonderful learning tool in tracing her intuition back to basic astrological principles. @SueWyatt, who is currently taking a course in evolutionary astrology did not have a lot of time, but nevertheless, sent me an email in which she had identified commonalities among the three charts. Her brief analysis is very convincing, but her final judgment rests on the prominence of Uranus, the indicator of fame, in each chart. {I will copy and paste her thoughts at the end of this post, as she did not actually submit as a poster. Her thoughts are very clear and interesting with much to offer. Finally, @Iratxe, who felt overwhelmed at this time in sorting this out, offered good observations: – the glamorous, appealing Pisces moon in MJ’s and EP’s charts, and the massive line up in Leo in MJ”S sixth house.

      For thoroughness, and consistently backed up conclusions, with insight to all three charts, I selected AnHp’s offering as the most valuable for learning and teaching astrology and for this forum especially, however AnHp is not free at this time to accept the challenge.

      ’s observations were equally intersting to me. So I have chosen @livvy’s post as the most original and intriguing, and the winner of the June challenge. @Livvy’s offering on Eris is a very creative, intuitive approach, which caused me to rethink and question much of accepted astrology which does not address feminine values, with only two feminine planets historically – the moon and Venus. Of course, in later years many asteroids have been added – but the newly discovered Eris is three times larger than Pluto, even though she is classed a dwarf planet. In my reading about Eris, I also discovered that many astronomers have not demoted Pluto and that the dwarf planet category is not accepted by many astronomers. If this is so, Eris, being an even larger planetary body, may be even more important to consider, and therefore we can ask what emerging, but heretofore hidden, aspect of our human experience may she releasing into our conscious living experience. From another post, @Livvy explained that Eris represents a more conscious, developed version of the exiled feminine experience than the Biblical Lilith who is more primitive and primal in her rage and resentment.

      In her observations, @livvy has found direct aspects to Venus and Eris in all the charts of these men. To quote her again: “I wonder if these connections are perhaps what gives them the ability to channel the energy of their generation and gives them the appeal that they have with their peers?”

      This is a linking of feminine expression, connecting the artistry of Venus with the passionate feminine energy of Eris, who is determined to be heard and included. Her reputation for resentment and strife and discord arise mythically from her being ignored and not invited to a wedding feast of the gods, where she cursed the more “beautiful, vain goddesses,” in revenge.

      I can see this determined Eris, feminine quality in all these male performers, who each in their Venusian artistry have pushed the limits, giving expression to a feminine quality both in their dress and appearance, but without losing thier masculine identity and erotic appeal. In the case of David Bowie and Michael Jackson, it is their ambiguous bisexuality, while Elvis Presley was loved by women, both for his primal sexual performance, but also because he was a consoling voice to women, whom he loved and welcomed with his lyrics. Elvis incorporated more feminine expression into his soulful music than most of his white contemporaries. All these performers welcomed the exiled feminine into their persona and performance. When I think about it, I can see this as Eris, because, it is more forceful than either the moon or Venus alone.

      One other correlation I want to mention is the strife and discord that is associated with Eris. Perhaps if one has known strife and discord it can be transmuted into an art form, which offers a refuge from the trauma of the original experience. Trauma is somehow transformed into charisma. We know that Michael Jackson’s father was a task master who beat his performing sons as a way of discipline. We know that David Bowie has a difficult young life, with the suicide of his close brother, and the with the loss of one eye due to a fight while in school. Elvis Presley has a deeply, soulful quality to his voice, that speaks of his own pain and loss. Perhaps it was this quality of Elvis who was not inhibited from revealing these deep, mournful emotions that made him such a magnet for a feminine following. Again we can guess at Eris, bringing attention to those who are not recognized by the rulers of society. In reading about Elvis, I saw this exiled quality in his personal life, which when not performing was spent at home at Graceland, often in a darkened room, alone.

      Even as we look around in the world, we can see something happening all the time in regard to the marginalized of the world, in the form of refugees, homelessness or immigrants – People without a voice or recognition, and perhaps this is the wake-up message of Eris, whom these performers encountered and in their creative genius discovered their own feminine soul and gave her voice through their Venusian artistry, thus appealing to their peers through this new form of charisma.

      Thank you, @Livvy for your deeply intuitive post, which gives much to contemplate, both about the nature of charisma and the personality of Eris. It seems that resentment is both personal and collective. It is something we all recognize, and when I read about Eris’ description of character, I learned that she is also about exposing hypocrisy and creating justice, but she doesn’t shy away from strife and discord in order to accomplish her mission. In the matter of my question, maybe her rage is a fuel for charisma when joined with the artistry of Venus.

      we look forward to your chart challenge.
      Below I have partially copied @Suewyatt’s contribution. on the common aspects and placement s in the charts:

      • Sun is an Earth sign in aspect/ communication with Neptune
      • Moon is in aspect/ communication with Saturn
      • MidHeaven is in a Mutable sign in aspect/ communication with Venus, Saturn AND North Node
      • Ascendant is in aspect/ communication with Uranus PLUS Uranus is also somehow involved with the North Node in each chart
       Bowie – Uranus conjuncts North Node of Moon + Asc is Aquarius + ruler of node is in 11th
       Jackson – ruler of North Node is conjunct Uranus
       Presley – ruler of North Node IS Uranus
      Neptune (rules music, other worldly, seeking to let go of ego, escapism, etc…) in touch with their SUN (ego, personal identity) … Saturn (discipline, responsibility, maybe problems with authority, etc…) in touch with their MOON … Venus (artistry+), Saturn again, North Node (perhaps the Soul’s pull in this direction) all connected to the MidHeaven (contribution to society, calling, public life, etc…) … and URANUS the biggy of originality, innovation, sparks of genius/insight, Aquarius/ 11th – releasing the judgement from Capricorn and the 10th and finding a better way and he’s connected to the ASC AND the north node …. that’s a ton of Uranian energy in my book! :0)

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