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Jupiter transits


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      Hi everyone,

      I was wondering about the Jupiter 12 year cycle. What the differences are in the transits:

      Jupiter return in the natal chart
      Jupiter return in the progressed chart
      Jupiter transit conjunct your ascendant
      Jupiter through pisces into 0 degrees aries.
      Jupiter in the 9th house versus all these transits

      They all seem like turning points to me but what are the differences. Has anyone monitored these cycles yet?

      From what I understand any transit has to do with the evolution of the planet in the natal chart.

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      Hey @esthere I think I have recently been through Jupiter return in the natal chart … I will be interested to know what Transiting Jupiter conjunct Ascendant will be like

      I would imagine Jupiter transiting 9th house could potentially be more related than those other configurations with literal travel and exploration, especially if Saggitarius or the themes of travel, exploration, and the emotional need for adventure are otherwise emphasised in your chart

      Jupiter return was about realigning values for me, and kind of trying out new ones though not in a flippant way- more like loosening stones that felt like they were lodged in the wrong places, and reworking where they fit together in the “wall” of my emotions, values and thoughts so they would all fit together better.

      9th house is in Leo for me so transiting Jupiter in 9th house would also be a time of outward expression for me… Or re-examining my values in communicating with others. I have natal Jupiter retrograde so I think outward exploration, travelling and emotional need for adventure are not necessarily emphasised in my chart but Jupiter transit 9th house may still have been a time of raising confidence in my own abilities to navigate social situations, as this is certainly something of a weakness and also preoccupation in my life

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      Hi @Livvy. I noticed that almost every year I tend to travel abroad when Jupiter is retrograde. I have Jupiter in libra 11th house. curious what happends in your chart. do you have any planets in the 9th house? What is your ascendant? Perhaps you do the opposite with JupiterR!?

      When Jupiter transited my 9th house I travelled a lot. But I have a big ninth house with two signs Leo and virgo there. Mars is there in Leo and my ascendant is Sagittarius. I read you have leo on the 9th house as well. Why do you think it has to do with re- aligning values? Isn’t that Venus Retrograde? Mercury Retrograde communication wise. Where is your natal Jupiter? Sagittarius sign?

      My Jupiter return was incredible it happened to me last year. I really enjoyed the new experiences that came to me. Abroad obviously….

      A fiend of mine moved to another place when Jupiter was on the ascendant. I am also curious what will happen because for me it’s coming up end of this year as well.

      Do you feel you have found your own unique way yet of expressing your Jupiter retrograde?

      When I researched my Jupiter return I noticed the same themes coming up as in the cycle before that. I experience the same thing now with Mars Cycle. To weird. Asking similar questions, listening to similar music and similar interests. Although the Progressed Jupiter return was very different though.

      Well take care. Let’s keep in touch.

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      dear @esthere

      Jupiter is my chart ruler, with my Ascendant on 29 degrees Saggitarius – natal Jupiter is retrograde conjunct Mid-Heaven in Virgo … for some reason I associate Jupiter with values, but perhaps these are more social values than personal values – maybe the association for me is through Saggitarius as a sign of learning, exploration, adventure and perhaps even education. Perhaps I associate Jupiter with values because of my natal Jupiter retrograde, and perhaps this reflects into my life as an insistence on examination, reflection and conscience … interested to hear what any of your further thoughts on this may be X

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        Dear @Livvy

        How is your Jupiter 12th house Scorpio transit going? Any insights to share?

        Hope you are well!

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      Hi @livvy

      Thanks for replying. I want to continue our conversation. My chart ruler is Jupiter as well. But I have a 3 degrees ascendant saggitarius. I think you are definitely the right person to answer the question!!! haha JupiterR (revision) in virgo conjunct the MC! wonderful

      For me I asociate Jupiter more with explorations, beliefs and foreign travel, long journeys, higher education and learning by experiencing instead of reading. Fire versus air. Wisdom from experience instead of education Mercury style. Truth seeking about life. Seeing and seeking the overall picture versus the mercury/virgo detail oriented. Religion.( which to me is part of a belief system)

      If you value these things than you could say that Saggitarius values are like that. Perhaps goed to differentiate how the planet works in a sign versus the sigh saggitarius. To me as I see that now are different things to consider. A Jupiter in Virgo will probably value different things than a Jupiter in Libra. The planet is stronger in a fire sign for example than in water or earth. Perhaps in a mutable sign it would feel much more comfortable than in air. Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn/exaltation in cancer and fall in Gemini. If jupiter is well aspected the chart ruler/ascendant will be more happy to express versus a bad aspected Jupiter.

      Jupiter conjuncts mercuryR and Pluto and the sun I guess thats why my ascendant also is affected. It tends to feel guilty to express these values and interest. I struggle so much to show my saggitarius nature. There seems to be shame over it. How is it for you?

      I have a mercuryR conjunction with Jupiter and called my education services to students. Expand your horizon. for some reason I don’t remember why, even though it was just homework revision and helping students to learn in a different way more suitable to who they are.

      The Jupiter transit in Scorpio brings me more depth in astrology through classes and work options even. It brings me some nasty deeper ugly truth about things as well. Although hard to differentiate since my Progressed moon is also in Scorpio in the 10th house throughout this whole cycle. Progressed Jupiter is still waiting on the 29th degree of Libra in the 9th house for quite a while now. Years… since 2012..going into 0 degrees Scorpio in one year so I expect to feel that change.

      Just a month ago I got tested for dyslexy since I forget so many letters apparently and reading has always been so difficult to me. It was confirmed. I could have said;nonesense it’s my intens firy planetary energy and the mercuryRetrograde conjunct Jupiter that does not give me the patience to write and read slowely…..clearly I didn’t respond with my higher beliefs here.

      Well take care. Hope the rest feels free to join the conversation as well. Sharing is caring!!!

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      Jupiter conjunct my natal Venus in Saggitarius at this moment
      my thoughts on how this transit plays out for me

      I can only say that my need for tasty food increased tremendously. (-:
      and my need for candles in the house as well as redecorating a bit. Buying some furniture. I am a Sage did not have any. Sitting on cushons on the ground. Now decided to buy some furniture. Like an aestetics upgrade!
      Definitely needing to have flowers in the house. Old international friends came back in my life. Friends in general started contacting me more when the transit started. Libra on the 10th and my 11th house. Venus in mutual reception with jupiter in libra.

      Jupiter transit conjunct natal Venus sextile natal Saturn. Unable to let go of my commitment and responsibility feelings in a relationship. Saturn exalted in Libra becomes very clear to me. As well as themes about co dependency as unhealthy libra focus on the relationship instead of the self.

      This venus saturn sextile in my natal chart explains why relationships feel like a burdon and heavy to me due to my sens of feeling overly responsible. At first I might seem lighthearted, free spirited and social but when in a relationship I take them very seriously. I value committed partnerships also business wise. This transit also gave me insights on how I feel valued in a relationship.

      It did not bring me any financial gain. That was only when Jupiter hit my natal Saturn which rules my 2nd house. What it does do is focus on how to become financially more stable. How to organize my finances better. But thats probably Saturn on the 2nd house cusp more than the venus.

      Jupiter conjunct venus seems to emphasize my need for a career. Libra ruling my 10th house. It emphasized my rol in groups the 31st of dec. When I was with friends this subject came up. Clearly the 11th house Pluto empowerment disempowerment issues.

      So overal it is very clear that Jupiter expands the venus within the consciousness. I don’t see any luck in relationships yet although friends seem to come naturally to me without much effort from my side for a change which is nice. Even very old friends pop up. Yes so luck in 11th house matters yes. Luck in career matters not much yet.I did start a new Evolutionary Astrology Course with Mark Jones a few days ago when Mars was at 0 degrees aries in opposition to my 0 degrees libra MC ruled by venus in sage 1st house.

      So far a Jupiter transiting natal venus in sage 1st house experience update !

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      When Jupiter conjuncted my natal Uranus in Scorpio in the 12th house this November I did my first Vipassana 10 day silence retreat in Morocco taught by SN Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

      It is a buddhist meditation practise.
      Free for everyone in the world to experience. It will only cost you time and effort. I was there with the full moon in gemini. It made my thought patterns very clear as well as it brought up the scorpio 12th house energy themes. I think uranus also correlates to trauma and fears. The uranus moon trine that I have seems to connect me with spiritual teachers everytime that aspect is touched by a planet.

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      @esthere and @livvy

      Jupiter is in my first house and so I feel it’s influence very strongly. When Jupiter is transiting a house the matters of that house feel so much easier and things flow a lot more.

      But Jupiter is natally opposed to my Mercury and this makes my mind exceptionally busy. Of course like all the planets Jupiter can be a friend or a foe depending on how he is aspecting the other planets in the chart.

      Jupiter just past over Neptune in my 7th house and during the transit my partner and I definitely experienced an increase in empathy, compassion and telepathic connection with each other. This was a lovely relief as times have been tough for us in the last few months.

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      @admin Have you been monitoring the composite chart and PG composite chart as well? I can imagine that a change of that magnitude, starting a family with two children, that this also influences your relationship dynamics.

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        @esthere I must say I haven’t had nearly enough time to keep track of our composite charts over the past two years. But it’s interesting that you mention them. I might take a look… x

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hi back @esthere, @livvy and @admin, just a brief note since this one is quite fresh here: Jupiter is transiting my natal 11h house which he rules and it is being…huge. Like a magnifying lens, a really helpful one indeed. Somehow showing and guiding me (not so gently at times) to places that need balance and rest – just silence. Also, I am learning about the way my 11th house functions, and connecting to a more heart centered Jupiter – even if this might seem contradictory from what I just wrote. All together. I am not sure about how to relate it to natal Jupiter in Scorpio at MC (9th house side), and yet, as I say, so far it is being quite enlightening :)

      @esthere, thank your for sharing the link. More and more I am entering the day and the night in meditation. After years trying different ways and forms that ended up being swallowed by old learning conditioned mechanisms (or so…;), I just gave up and started trusting my body and letting her guide me. In a way that would be too long and quite hard to express, now that I write about it, I find this to be connected to Jupiter as well.

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