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Mars and physical energy


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      I’d like to hear your experience of Mars as it relates to your physical energy and stamina as it’s something I’ve been thinking about a bit lately.

      You see my mum has chronic fatigue and I think her Mars placement plays a big role. The sign and house are not the issue – Leo, in the 7th – it’s the fixed grand-square with Chiron and the nodal axis that causes the strife.

      My own Mars is also in Leo but it’s sextile to the ascendant. I have abundant physical energy although I can be very lazy when it comes to exercising!

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts… X

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      My Mars is in Aquarius in 11th house and sextiles my ASC. It’s also the ruler of my chart.
      I tend to go through periods of having a lot of energy and then through periods of not wanting to do anything. But the best for me is when I keep a regular exercise routine, then my energy levels are stable. If I lose regularity, my energy drops and then it’s a vicious circle where I have no energy and will to exercise but that is the exact thing I need to get my energy levels back.

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      Hello @Faith and @Inesstef

      I am a person with Mars in Aires [3rd house] and it’s in exact trine with NN and Venus in Leo BUT in exact square by house position to saturn in Gemini. Although this is only a square by house, not by sign, it is a great inhibitor to action and stifles me. I am a sloth my nature, I hate to say. But could it be a blessing in disguise, keeping me from impulsive Aires things, especially words? The Aires Mars is also in disagreement with the rising Capricorn. This is my experience with Mars and energy. Exercise comes easily when it comes to anything creative or having to do with art, but the duty of exercise kills the spirit the baby Aires Mars, so there has to be something fun going on before this sloth will move.



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      Hi All,

      I have Mars in Cancer 29.39 degrees and I am quite an “action oriented” person.
      Don’t know about going to the gym, but I have dogs and they keep me active. Or actually, I only have one dog now, and losing a dog was the saddest thing that has happened in my life for a very long time! It may sound petty to you all out there, but it was very difficult for me. Then again I think I have Asberger’s Syndrome so something like that will upset me.

      I try to meditate, but don’t know if I am doing it right. I don’t know that it does much for me either. I do tapping and I listen to brainwave entrainment, but I don’t feel any of that is making any difference in my life.

      I just LET LIFE UNFOLD without any expectations!

      My Mars is in 9th house, and I really have a hard time accepting any religious/spiritual dogmas….

      But, yes, I am most of the time an active, sort of “doer”. And I love DIY.


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        Hi Linda,
        have you thought about a running club? It keeps you motivated as the people there are very positive and helpful (running makes you happy due to all the nice hormones it releases) and participating in races with your running friends keeps it all interesting and makes you strive for better results which might work for your Leo Venus.

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      Hi all,

      I had posted my response. Then, the post disappeared when I edited it. So, I deleted it completely. Then, the system wouldn’t allow me to post the same response here, again. So, in the end I was only able to post my answer using the attachment option. :)

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      I’ve been using Vedic astrology more recently as this somehow seems to fit better in some ways – there I’ve got Mars conjunct Venus and Saturn in Capricorn 2nd house.

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      Hi @faith, My Mars is in Leo also, I havent worked out or had any phyical rigious movement except dancing and listening to music. I have creative endeavors but I’m waiting on a tool to get started. I feel I am not exercising my Leo Mars energy, but I do plan too, it is in the 9H.

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      Ahh well. I have Mars in Aries, BUT the aspects…. they make the expression of my Mars less obvious and more complex than one might assume at first.
      In theory, I’m very driven and enthusiastic, BUT the truth is that my energy levels are not at all stable and predictable.
      First, there’s the Moon opp. My mood dramatically impacts my energy levels and stamina. Feeling upset or sad makes me sloth-like – I can do the bare minimum and still feel endlessly tired. On the other hand, being in a good mood makes me rather active (even hyper-active).
      Sq. Uranus. I feel more “energized” and motivated if I have to do things that don’t feel like an obligation. If I feel like I’m being pushed, that’s a no-no.
      Sq. Saturn – Insecurity and self-restraint tends to get in the way.
      Sq. Chiron – again, a matter of inner states getting in the way of physical and mental energy. Whenever I’m feeling “wounded”, I just want to curl up into a ball and get comatose.
      Sq. Neptune = a lot of times my energy and stamina are affected by what others want and I end up adjusting to their (real or imagined) demands.
      Also, my Mars is in my 9th House. If it’s about doing something new and exciting that TRULY makes me feel as though I’m expanding my horizons, I’m in. Goals and plans that I perceive to be average don’t excite me as much. I’m the kind of person to refuse an invitation to hang out and drink something at the pub (and spend the evening eating snacks in bed instead) but get totally psyched about a road trip towards some weird destination.

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