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Moon progressed into Taurus

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      Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan


      My Moon will be just step over into Taurus in a few days. (As of July 22, 2020)
      Taurus is not a familiar sign for me.
      Is there anyone experienced it before?
      I would love to hear your experiences.

      You may find attached my progressed chart.


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      Hello Asli,

      I’ve done some research on progressed moon, which I didn’t know about before but I think it is a great point of entry into examining the information of one’s chart so thank you for this prompt :)

      Your progressed Moon was in the same position once before, I think 30 years ago – what your chart speaks to me is that you find great beauty, grounding & safety through learning, exploration & education (Taurus 9th house). Perhaps this season of delving into astrology & equipping yourself with this language to chart your way through past & present experience, will be a very grounding experience, & bring you a renewed sense of the profound, sometimes hidden, beauty in the twists & turns of your journey so far … an illumination which will lighten your burden & prepare you for the future :)

      Does this make sense/resonate with you? No worries if not :D

      Progressed Moon in each sign lasts about 2.5 years apparently :D

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        Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan

        Hello Livvy,

        Thank you so much for your comments.

        I have been doing many trainings at the mmoment so I guess it started before.
        Or it might mean that I will get more trainings too.
        So it seems it resonates well so far:)


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      Hello Livvy dear, how nice to have you back! Your thoughts on the progressed moon are spot on, thank you for sharing. Personally I’ve found that the progressed moon says a lot about my primary desire or orientation over the course of the 2.5 year period.

      Asli, I don’t know if I’ve shared this before but this article is quite a good introduction to the subject of the progressed moon.

      Another interesting thing to do is to look at your transit calendar and see if there are any aspects between Saturn and the Progressed Moon. With a similar orbit length they tend to get locked together over extended periods and this can feel quite heavy.

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      Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan

      Hello Faith,

      Thank you for the article. I read all of it. That seems more trainings are waiting for me while having Progressed Moon in the 9th House.

      I also checked Saturn and Progress Moon aspects. Is progressed showing by “p” near the Moon symbol? If yes, I have Saturn square Moon (p) on Jan 7, 2020, Jul 9, 2020, March 7, 2021 and Jun 14, 2021.

      X Asli

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        Hey Asli, you are correct the ‘p’ indicates the Progressed Moon.

        Transiting Saturn square Progressed Moon can be challenging, however like all transits it is designed to stimulate and catalyze growth. In this case Saturn creates a sense of discomfort that forces us to move on from unhealthy emotional patterns and take responsibility for our own emotional needs. This may occur internally or, if we are being particularly stubborn, it may manifest as a situation outside ourselves. The latter is generally more difficult!

        Given your heavy Scorpio placements the Progressed Moon’s transit through Taurus may feel uncomfortable at first but will be very beneficial in the long-term.


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