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more on the Nodes: the skipped steps

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      Iratxe Mendi

      Hello all,

      I come back with the Nodes…

      Yesterday I did a search in(to) the forum to look for previous threads, and there are many, one of them was this, initiated by myself I guess:

      Here, an old member mentioned and recommended this book I haven’t bought yet: Jan Spiller’s “Astrology for the Soul”.

      So, now, a couple of nights ago I came across the concept of “skipped steps” (entering Gray Crawford’s facebook, such a great writer and astrologer:beauty). Very briefly, it is about having one planet squaring the nodes. Its significance in terms of the evolution of the soul. As if this were something we need to work through to evolve, something hard or so. Fear, attachment…I do have Neptune in Scorpio 10th house (and I guess Venus SR since they are conjunct) making this alignment. I did feel it and made sense to me. Mostly if we take Venus into the picture. A lot…I might add!!:D

      This comes from Jeff Green and Evolutionary Astrology. Here a link:

      What I found about Neptune….in a web now I cannot find right now…

      “Neptune skipped step – intensification of the following issues/themes, lessons, and complexities: Nature of personal deceptions/delusions, psychology of defeat, saviour/victim complex, suffering precluding enlightenment, emotional wounding, avoidance, loss, dissolving (including dissolving or mutating a gender/sexual orientation), denial, hiding, cover-ups, (elusive) search for (ultimate) meaning, truth, and identity, non achievement, latency, potency, the non accessed, disenchantment, disengagement, facing self undoings, isolation, and yes, finding faith, discovering truth through illusion/over illusion….”

      Any of you has this structure in her/his natal chart? How do you feel about my specific complex (Neptune/Venus as a key to evolve) and about the whole thing in general? At times, to me, this Evolutionary Astrology seems a little bit too specific or in her own path…How can I connect to my Pluto polarity point at 28 degrees Pisces in an organic experiential way? I mean, it is easy to say I am going to integrate the opposite, but now that I am integrating Aries and Libra I tell you: it is tough and rough. It has to come the moment or so, it cannot be made up from mind as much as I choose to do it. At least, this is what I live here…

      So, here it goes. And hey, enjoy the Venus retrograde. Finally, as it usually happens when it comes to a Venus Rx, I do feel at home, a lot of beauty coming through ;)

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      Hi @Iratxe,

      I can relate to your struggle of trying to get in touch with your soul’s purpose and to decipher its messages through the blueprint offered by your natal chart. I think you’re on to something when you say:

      …it is easy to say I am going to integrate the opposite, but now that I am integrating Aries and Libra I tell you: it is tough and rough. It has to come the moment or so, it cannot be made up from mind as much as I choose to do it. At least, this is what I live here…

      We’re like birds beating ourselves against an invisible cage that seems to impede our growth. However, we embark on the path of true awakening, once we discover the wisdom of trusting the universe to show us the way through/out toward the light.

      For me, enhancing my intuitive skills has played an important role in enabling me to extract the evolving (layered) meaning conveyed by the various arrangements in my chart.

      Just like you, I’ve used Jan Spiller’s “Astrology for the Soul”, in the context of exploring my north/south node prescriptions/tendencies. Another source I’ve also used is Elizabeth Spring’s “North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose” , in case you find it useful.

      Hope this helps. All the best in finding the answers to your questions!

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      hey @iratxe … good to hear your voice again!

      This is one of my favorite subjects … I have a Grand Cross in my chart involving the nodes … Saturn, Pluto & Uranus all in very tight squares! I still do not understand it but now trust that with each layer of my chart I uncover … piece by piece … is leading me to insight into resolving these squares! Mostly by noticing, accepting & laughing out loud at the absurdity (& perfection) of the possible circumstances that led to them being in my chart in the first place :)

      the link to the article you shared is brilliant … thank you for that … she seems to be saying that (for you) in the past (past life) you were hiding behind or over-emphasizing Scorpio in some way and now need to find a healthy & more fully integrated way to “do” Neptune & Venus taking the polarity of 1st/7th, Self/Others into the picture (your nodes are in 1st & 7th correct??) … she lays out a nice formula of sorts depending on whether the planets are applying to the South or the North and that might add some instruction for you to sit with … maybe??

      I also want to share about some resources:
      1. Jan Spiller’s book Astrology for the Soul doesn’t talk about aspects to the nodes & I personally did not find it helpful in gaining insight into my own chart … but that may just be me… she says in her intro that there is a book forthcoming on the aspects but I have not looked for it
      2. Steven Forrest’s book Yesterday’s Sky lays out an interpretation technique for uncovering your past life South Node story and how best to integrate your North Node … it’s tedious and a bit over the top and somewhat generalized but I found it delightful and it added some nuance to my understanding of my North Node in particular
      3. Elizabeth Spring (mentioned by @anhp) does have lots to share on the nodes and might be worth checking out … I had a reading with her a few months ago and one thing she said … “you are ‘living’ your Saturn square the nodes by being responsible in raising a daughter with a mental disability” … (Saturn-responsible, 5th house-children, Pisces-doing the opposite of spiritualizing)… huh? yet it might add something to us finding our way with the squares … maybe (for you) “living” your Neptune square has something to do with “doing” Neptune in 10th house stuff in the opposite of Scorpio way … now we need to put our thinking caps on for examples!!

      Be well … xo Sue

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      Iratxe Mendi

      Hi @anhp and @suewyatt,

      Thanks for your answers. A lot to think-feel about!

      I guess I need to let it go ;)…I “know” a little bit about that NeptuneVenus square to the nodes, and so, I’ll flow with that little bit. It is about letting go and connecting to soul, somehow. The unrequited lover archetype is also there, and loss, and death…Saturn is also Key down in the fourth house. The structure and home to hold that NeptuneVenus. In the end, when I connect to that part of me who is more authentic -somehow-, whenever I remember who I am and remain there, in that awe that is not wounded ego pride, everything finds its place. I just love. Somehow. And trust…the universe, yes. The rest, still too foggy ;)

      And it is so true that intuitive skills are key here @anhp. And a sense of self to pursue what we/I sense (I prefer sense of self to self-esteem…maybe because I’ve always found myself in the “not enough self-esteem” side. It’s pretty charged). A sense of self and worth to follow what I feel and sense and keep learning to discern all those voices…Actually, the way it works here with the astrological map usually goes like this: I find out an element in the chart and things start moving and unfolding, or maybe things are unfolding and there it comes. Like an organ – I mean the musical instrument…- Maybe this is what makes it so difficult to read other’s charts. So, trusting the organic unfoldement of life seems to be key. As for the Skipped steps, I hadn’t put that much emphasis on the dress of expression, i.e.: Scorpio. So, again: thank you for continuing the thread.

      Ah! a couple of nights ago I “remembered” that my Secondary Progressed AS is now very close to Pisces 28, so here, unfolding :)

      Also, as you mention @suewyatt…laughter and acceptance are so needed!

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      It’s funny that this topic of the Nodes are brought up, because just last week when I was interrupting a chart in another forum. In which, I can’t remember which forum the chart challenge was in off hand, however, I did print the chart and have it here. It was for a female born on Sat., Feb. 20, 1988 in Fredenkssund, DEN; time 1:30 AM. When I’m looking for a particular answer to their question and it isn’t showing in other basic places, I go to the Nodes first and then go further deeper in other areas, such as, particular points, fixed stars, decantes, quarters, geometrical shapes, hemispheres, chart types etc.
      I, myself, don’t have any hard aspects to my Nodes in my Natal chart. However, I didn’t do a Progressed one as of yet.

      I also use Jan Spiller’s book. Steven Forest is another one of my favorite interpreters. Kevin Burk’s book, “The Complete Node Book” is a good starter. I also like Celeste Teal’s, “Lunar Node’s Discover Your Souls Karmic Mission.” She is one of my favorite writers on the special topics, such as the Nodes, Eclipses, Events, etc.
      Thanks for the link, it was helpful. I learned a lot from it. Looking forward to more research on the “skipped step.”

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