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Neptune and Expectations


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      Hi All,
      I have Neptune in first house close to Ascendant Scorpio, and possibly conjunct (7-10 degrees)and square MC Leo by about 2-4 degrees.
      Never understood the complete influence of Neptune in this position on my life.

      I know I used to be extremely gullible -and still am a bit (Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, as well as Sun in 12th)- but only recently have I come to see how it operates in my life when it comes to goals and expectations.

      I always TRULY BELIEVE that everything I undertake is really easy, and then, when it turns out it is not so easy after all, I get really deflated and disheartened and give up. This seems to be a pattern in my life and I have only recently been able to formulate this to myself.

      Thought it might be interesting for all you Astrologers out there to know how Neptune influences our EXPECTATIONS, and then make us disappointed when “reality” does not live up to them.

      As a note I might mention that I do not believe in Law of Attraction one bit! I totally believe in Destiny (what is meant to be is meant to be). The people who promote LOA have just found a niche market that they can make money off by selling the idea to others. I know, I know! You might argue that science and Quantum Physics proves it, but I still don’t believe in it.

      There you go. These are the musings and experiences of a strongly Neptunian person.

      Live well and comment if you wish.


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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hi Antonia @lift-the-fog,

      I just came back to the forum and read your new topic on Neptune and expectations. Here, Neptune lies in the 10th house conjunct Venus SRx, both in Scorpio…Neptune at 29 degrees and Venus at 25. Just wanted to let you know that what you have formulated resonates with my own experience, even if placed in a different space or field of experience. Not that much the “easy going” part. Someone told me Neptune in the 10th could mean resentment towards authority and it might be the case, although not always…delusion, creating potential and then seeing the whole thing disappear – even if it did seem and mostly feel so real!- things like that. Yes, big expectations and then…what happened? This has happened a lot in my own life. Neptune is also connected by a sextile with both Mars and Pluto…and it also brings a lot of projections and power issues: I tend to loose my own power, very watery…

      However, as I keep grounding the first half of the chart, from first to sixth house (where Pisces second house, Chiron Rx Aries, Ceres Rx Taurus 3rd house, Saturn Rx Taurus 4th house, Gemini Hades Moon 5th/6th lie…) delusions and the like are leaving my life. It is hard, since I guess I got used to the highs, but it is much more real and grounded. Somehow I feel this is key: “owning” that part of the chart, deeply “knowing” those elements that are more innate and not so prone to projections and introjections from the environment (and it might be “just here”, a need that comes from the fact that most of the planets lie up there?).

      As for expectations and delusions, the interplay between Saturn and Neptune seems key here, maybe because they are creating a loose opposition (Saturn at almost 21 degrees of Taurus…I feel it does apply due to the conjunction with Venus and to the fact that Saturn is the ruler of the chart): as long as Saturn principle is able to carry the whole thing expectations melt down. Maybe too obvious, but hey…I am still going through a long process of almost deconstructing to the core my relationship to/with Astrology, all the conditioning she carries from the patriarchal paradigm and so on; but then, as I keep writing here and there, there is so much truth into it, at least this is what I can say from my own life experiences.

      Also, what you mention related to the LOA: I guess it has to do (at least partly) with all that we create from our subconscious mind – or/and unconscious or well…there are so many names and fields that I get lost – I heard someone else say that if that law were so real many planes would crash in the sky…so, I don’t know. It might carry some truth but it might be for those enlightened human beings who are able to manifest like magicians, pristine…not my case :) To me, this law seems, at times – whenever I come across her -, like a little joke. As if it were not coherent with the complex and beautiful mystery of being here, just alive. Everything is so finely connected and tuned…but again, it might be that I am not evolved enough: I keep attracting experiences so I leave those perpetual places and movements, and now I am laughing…it’s fresh, I just came from one of those.

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      Hi @lift-the-fog

      I am not a very Neptunian person but I’ve definitely noticed that Neptune has an impact on my expectations. For me it is located in the 7th House and in the past I have had very high expectations of my partners and have been very disappointed when they have not lived up to these expectations. I still have to temper this tendancy so as not to be unrealistic. It’s very unfair really, expecting so much from my partners instead of working on myself!

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