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Neptune transits in own sign of Pisces

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      Hi all, now that Neptune is operating out of his/her own sign of Pisces, should we expect a lot more Neptunian power than when in other signs?

      I have Jupiter, Chiron and Moon in Pisces (3 degrees, 6 degrees and 15 degrees).
      Neptune has already past in conjunction over Jupiter and Chiron. Not sure what effect that actually had on me. But I feel as if I have cleared out a lot of hurt and resentment over the last few years and made peace with my inner child and really embraced forgiveness.

      Next Neptune is coming up to a conjunction with my Moon. That will be very interesting! However, when I read descriptions of this transit it feels as though it is merely describing the way I always have felt and been anyway. This makes me wonder if it is actually going to do all that much… On the other hand I hope it will enable me to develop the higher octaves of Neptune that I have not yet integrated into my being: things like inspiration, more intuition, psychic abilities etc.

      These higher expressions of Neptune have thus far been lacking in my life. The confusion, lack of boundaries, indulgence, super-sensitivity, insecurity, gullibility, giving my power away etc – all lower octave energies of Neptune have been dominant in my life. (May I just mention that I have Sun and Mercury in 12th, Neptune in 1st trine the Moon in Pisces so a lot of Neptune there).

      Would appreciate to hear your experiences.

      Actually it is kind of funny that Neptune decides to enter Pisces at the same time as we enter the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces comes to an end!!


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      Well, Nothing is Coincidence ;) When Neptune exits Pisces into Aries, Pluto will be going into Aquarius – I feel that in the coming years that see these two planetary cycles end, we are cleaning up a lot of old programming individually that enables our individualistic freedom to be and do what we want/need to do. So much is being transformed, transmuted and created in this time – so exciting!

      I also think that collectively, we are going through a process of shaking off the lower neptunian energy and are preparing to embody the higher connection that Neptune represents, to our self. As we witness Neptune, or any planet for that matter, in the Now – we get to transmute all lower energies into their highest form.

      Individually, it plays out differently and to different degrees through a natal chart. I have my Sun, Venus and Mars in Pisces and while Chiron was transiting, I released my victim mentality and old stories that no longer define who I am. While Neptune is transiting, I am creating and carving out my service to myself and humanity that is grounded in authentic, connected truth. I am finding that balance between service to self and service to all and feel beyond blessed to be conscious in this time/space.

      Know that the higher energies were not so much lacking in your life as everything is revealed in its own perfect time. You are exactly where you are meant to be in order to feel these energies effectively to be of use to you in the Now. With a Sun/Mercury placement in the 12th – there is a picture of “waking up” “dawning” that comes to me and there is beauty in how everything comes together at just the right time.

      I find that people who have a lot of Piscean activity in their chart are feeling the effects of this transit strongly and this makes sense to me because of the depth of sensitivity that Pisces represents. Everybody who identifies as being energetically sensitive or empathetic, is experiencing that ascension from lower to higher – we are being shown that our emotions are guides for logic and that we feel for a reason, we can no longer accept other people’s reasons for feeling, or not feeling, what we feel.

      Every sensitive person is being shown their absolute power through emotion – but we’re still climbing out of the trauma that intellectualizes our experiences and instills doubt where knowing ought to be. My greatest wish is that people who are going through the lows of this Neptunian energy find their anchor of light because the shifting is happening now. Neptune into Aries will carry with it an entire new generation who is in control of their life’s purpose and the most sensitive among us are carrying the torches, lighting that path, as we speak. It is truly an exciting time to be alive!


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      I am surprised that nobody except @RoseReiki has responded to this thread.
      Surely there must be a lot of you out there with significant planets/points in Pisces and Neptune making a transit by conjunction….

      @Liv you have Sun and Moon in Pisces, don’t you? Is Neptune anywhere near your luminaries?

      I really want to hear about other people’s experiences.

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      hi @lift-the-fog

      this transit is definitely provoking reassessment of things I considered fixed. Not to let go of the fact that there are things worth pinning my whole life on, but to get rid of those attachments which are really not about what is true, and more habits built from times of insecurity

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      This is a repost, as I didn’t see this post after I originally posted it.
      Hello @livvy and @rosereiki, and @lift-the-fog,

      I will add that Neptune in Pisces which is transiting my third house, has brought ways of transcendence to me from my neighborhood and immediate environment. I find that my habitual responses have changed and that I do not respond in programmed ways to what is everyday and mundane. I have had amazing experiences of kindness at Walmart and the 7-11. It is as if the highest levels of responsiveness and generosity and genuine selfless service have descended to this field of the ordinary.

      I know that if I were in India as a visitor, I would be amazed that temples are part of everyday life and that people frequent them for prayer and to make offerings. I realize that I have a temple in my neighborhood in the form of a Catholic Church with a mass every morning and which stays open all day and far into the evening for visitors. Even though the world around me sometimes appears cold and materialistic, the life of devotion and prayer exists right around the corner, perhaps just like India, but remained invisible to me because of my habitual conditioning.

      I have also managed to see how there are real victims of cruel circumstance and other more or less psychological victims who rather enjoy the privileges of a sad story and stubbornly refuse to give up this “exalted status of victim.” That is not to say that the suffering is not real, but no longer necessary, in that doors have opened for them which they can walk through, but then they would have to become ordinary again. Perhaps their suffering is a loss of faith and giving into despair, rather than a real victimization. This is the lower realm of Neptune. I see that Neptune requires a sacrifice, and often that is giving up our complaints and swimming against the tide, and also realizing that everyone has complaints. Some are just more vocal.

      Neptune in Pisces seems to bring out the best and the worst and make it visible, if we are willing to see. We can believe our own eyes.

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