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on/from Venus Taurus_Venus Libra quincunx

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hello all, 

      This is Iratxe, from one of the previous courses. I come back to the forum to share something that is fresh here and that has been accompanying me during these quarantine days (both the hard and the mild sort of Rx phase of it): a couple of weeks ago I watched-listened to Mark Jones in one of those summits that where held during the actual confinement. The talk touched upon Neptune as the higher octave of Venus and was somehow “built on” (levantar in Spanish, like a sculpture: the foundation) the original crisis-quincunx between Venus_Taurus and Venus_Libra. From that thread I saw-felt that specific quincunx playing boldly in my own chart through Saturn Rx at 20 degrees Taurus IV house and Mercury at 20 degrees Libra IX house. Right now Neptune at 20 degrees of Pisces is creating a Yod. 

      What this Yod is opening back is this delight in (need of) silence and stillness together with the actual realization of something being sacrificed: the chatter, the Librean tendency and mechanism (almost molecular I’d add) to create bonds and chords, the aerial and material movement to connect and so feel alive and seen. An issue or element that it is just Venus_Libra working through: the core need of being re-spected, the way we co-create our selves in relationship…but yes, an element that needs to find her healthy place in the whole, in life, since it can lead to much loss when unconsciously driven – appropriation of creative thought and words is an specific recurrent loss here, and now it makes more sense given that Mercury is close to the Sun and Vesta also in the IX. I can see how the loss is also connected to IV house issues. 

      Also, following some of the correlations that have arisen: the crisis-quincunx between Venus_Taurus and Venus_Libra is functioning in our second and seventh houses, and the signs at the cusps tell us about this human crisis, again: how do we sense-feel about ourselves in a very instinctual way, versus what we project and get in from relationship. I have realized that, in my case (Placidus), those actually create a trine between Pisces and Cancer (DS), and this realization has brought me back to the relationship with my M/mother/childhood…back to the IV house…and-so-on ;) 

      So, I am learning  and receiving quite a lot about the organic function of my natal Mercury and also about the way Yods function: I can feel the crunch in the middle of the chest :) Also, I am seeing the actual gift this transit brings to my life: even if I learn a lot in or by listening to words coming out of mind, mouth and fingers, I sense, also from previous experiences, that silence and stillness are also natural and main keys to this life here as she unfolds at this specific moment. To just be alive – in integrity. 

      OK, enough words! – even with the Yod :)- 

      There are some threads and posts connected to quincunxes and Yods in the forum and so I just leave it like this, quite open and already moving I guess, in case you want to check and feel. 

      Happy to be back with you ladies and gentlemen. For now I leave the intro as it was before. 

      Thank you @admin Faith for your assistance in coming back, this is a sacred fresh space. Much needed. 

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