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Pluto conjunct the southnode

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      This transit is occuring in my second house of values possesions and self worth.

      Shredding old skin is what I’ve read will come up for me shortly with Pluto conjuncting my southnode next year. So not looking forward to it. Perhaps this transit gives clues on what I can expect.

      Although for now with this transit I experience a man wanting to overpower me by ruining my work options by telling lies about how I conducted my work to the employer. It’s very painful and it feels like I need to fight and defend myself as if I am in a courtroom. I constantly have these experiences over the past few weeks that ask me is this what you value? Why would you put up with this? and than my rebellious self comes up and says this is not ok.

      Furthermore I have experiences at the company I worked for last week that tell me this is not the right way how they deal with employers and with clients. Do I love myself enough that I put up with this just for the job? a tricky one. I constantly seem to undervalue myself while other people make desicions in my work that in my opinion are so injust and deceiving than I see that they easily get away with it as well.

      My possessions are dissolving due to me moving away from my birth country for my new job and I can’t take much with me. Than all of a sudden a huge tax bill from 2016 came on my doorstep a few days ago that I need to deal with as well.

      The ruler of my southnode is Saturn and it’s placed in my 10th house. Ruler of karma and therefor I expect some more karmic lessons to come up relating to behavior, possesions, self worth, status from past lives. The conjunction occurs in my 2nd house.

      Any experiences others want to share?

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hi @esthere, a pretty intense one indeed!

      Although I have not entered into it at such depth, here some sharing:

      In my natal chart this alignment lies at the beginning of the first house and, even if Saturn’s crossing through my AS has become almost a blessing, the day of the exact PlutoSouth Node conjunction there was an event with my father that almost perfectly fitted – to somehow name it. And yet, this time, even if it was an old issue that came back in a pretty violent mode, the way we both responded was new. Healing and completion came almost at the same time – although there was some attachment and victim consciousness emerging in the evening, next day we talked and it was done. So, let it be done. (Again, I just share what was like a peak…what I can see…sure there is more. I do feel there is this possibility/help (?) for healing and release).

      Also, maybe you are interested in checking or tapping into the influence of planetary nodes. Right now, Pluto lies at Saturn’s heliocentric South Node and Saturn at Pluto’s heliocentric South Node (there is also the geocentric Node which, I think, is the one Jeff Green used. Dane Rudhyar used heliocentric ones…I won’t check, I am almost sure this is the way it goes, but hey;).

      Last year, in one of those synchronic movements that come from or with the connection with Astrology, and through one of Gray Crawford’s blogs and even a video ( I discovered the significance of these elements in the natal chart and in life. It was very helpful, since it weaved and revealed the imprint of Pluto both at my AS and natal Mercury, as if my whole chart were immersed in plutonian realms. Since it was something quite organic, I was able to connect the dots: the feeling-sensation that was emerging and the archetypal significance…Quite real indeed.

      Yesterday I read Crawford’s blog on the New Moon in Aries to see if he had added something about this subject. I just copy and paste from

      “…These aspects alone would signify immense karmic issues erupting across societies, but the added influence taking things to an even more extreme degree is that the alignment of Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node of the Moon is also happening in the same area as the South Nodes of Pluto and Saturn. This means that the archetypal meaning of the entire orbital arcs of Saturn and Pluto are crashing down across the ecliptic, flooding events with their significations. We tend to imagine the lunar nodes as a dragon in astrology, yet what we have in this alignment is a three headed (or headless) dragon involving not only the lunar archetype but Saturn and Pluto as well. The shadow of the Self described in the work of C.G. Jung can thus be applied to all of global civilization, with numerous issues sweeping across global societies representing the accumulated toxicities and oppression built up from ages past.”

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