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Pluto transits

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      Halo friends,
      i’ve read recently very interesting note written by Faith about Pluto transits and wanted to ask for some more detailed advices. I’m new here, so if i posted it in wrong place, please correct me.
      Right now Pluto squares my natal Saturn, which manifests with health issues (reconstruction of ACL ligament, “neverending” phisiotherapy, mental issues such as luck of confidence that i will be in good shape again and can come back to sport, which is climbing; kiddney infections…). but this is only the beginning. Pluto will square my natal Pluto and conjunct Venus and Moon in 3 years (birthday 1.12.1981, 2.15am Warsaw). Having in mind all difficulties which i have now, i wouldn’t like to mess up my life totaly (i am in very happy relationship and my partner suffers already because my pretty strong ups and downs). In these three years Pluto together with Jupiter will transit my Venus. Additionaly my natal Venus trines natal Mars, but is squared by Saturn. Are these circumstances (good aspects with Mars and Jupiter) helpfull? Will it ease a bit Pluto’s influence? How can I prepare now to these future transits? And what can they mean? I should add, that my mom has cancer. These transits will touch my 4th house. My mom is clearly and strongly marked in my natal chart. Is it possible, that these Pluto transits can have sth. to do with her?
      Thank you for any help!

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      Hey @ann-zap, I’ve drawn up your chart on close aspects right now that I can see, which may help illustrate what is going on in your life now:

      Transiting Mars conjunct natal Saturn, transiting Chiron square natal Neptune and transiting Pluto conjunct IC – When that transit of Pluto happens, my idea would be to use it like a clock, notice when it is retrograde – sometimes, a transit passes over the same planet several times as the places that it stations retrograde and when it turns direct again are in a window on the arc of the chart which captures those natal planets- for example, this Pluto transit to your IC may be going over it several times- my idea would be to see if you can take note of the different directions of Pluto as a way of “keeping time” of how you are feeling, and to see if things feel any different the next time Pluto stations direct or retrograde (it’s direct now I believe). Pluto retrograde phases could be times of more inward observation and revision of the way we are balancing our side with others in interacting with them – or perhaps, dominating their space, or giving too little room for our own perspective to be voiced – and perhaps Pluto direct phases may be more of an opportunity to enact those observations and revisions… Pluto transiting IC does sound like an intense period

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      hey @livvy, i was thinking about that actually. interesting point! thank you! i was wandering if retrograding Pluto gives an opportunity to see things from different angle and to change the way we perseive it. do you have any idea if other planets being conjuncted by Pluto, but taking positive aspects from other ones make this transit easier to put up with?

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      Hey @ann-zap thanks for your reply :)

      I was thinking you could see what house Pluto is travelling through – i think your 4th house is ruled by Saturn, which is in your 1st house, and Venus and Saturn are mutually disposed in your natal chart

      Another thing that could help soften the prospect of going through these experiences, is declination – your natal Moon and Sun are parallel, which I believe can be read somewhat like a conjunction, and this is how I would interpret these two features I have mentioned: 4th house ruler Saturn in 1st house mutually disposed by Venus, and natal Moon and Sun parallel: struggling through hardship may be a primary component of identity, partly because it is how you may express your love to others, through patience and kindness in hardship [I think what you wondered about retrograde Pluto transits makes a LOT of sense :)…]; this could be a time when you consciously evaluate and examine not only your great sensitivity and vitality in knowing how best to respond to others when you are struggling, yourself, but to take comfort in this strength which is a resourcefulness you have not only for others but also for yourself, and to translate not only the struggling but also the love that you share with others in this struggling into a positive and stable sense of identity- hopefully, others can reflect back to you the kindness and mercy in your own suffering, of whatever kind, that you have expressed to them. You could have emotional clarity about your vitality in relationship with others, knowing you are far from a burden and offer others a way to get through even while struggling yourself

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      thank you very much @livvy! that is very helpfull for me! Ihave never thought before in this way about my 4th house (I hane never studied astrology, just watching my mom doing some readings, but she is also not very advanced in it). what you wrote seems to be very reasonable. thank you very much. :)

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      @ann-zap you are most welcome X

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      Has anyone had any experience with pluto transit the descendent? With this transit, it also squares my aries moon. As pluto has been going through my 6th house, it had been opposing my mars in the 12th. During that time, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. So this has altered my health and changed my lifestyle. Not surprised as pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. I can honestly say I am nervous about it crossing my descendent. My birth information is 6-27-70 6:57 am ( willingboro, nj, usa). I would appreciate hearing any experiences anyone has had or any insight with this transit. I couldn’t make a new post and since this was pluto related, I posted here. My apologies for being new to the site and blog.

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      Hi @ann-zap,

      Sorry to checkin so late to the conversation but I wanted to share my experience of Pluto conjuncting my Venus/Sun/Moon stellium in Capricorn. During this time it also squared my natal Pluto. Practically this manifested as a complete shake up of my life: I moved from one side of the world to the other (and then back again), met and married my husband, had two children, and lost both my father and aunt to cancer. It was not an easy ride however now that Pluto has just made it’s final contact with my Moon and the transit is pretty much over I can honestly say that my life has been transformed for the better.

      Pluto really is a planet that brings both death and renewal and I can only suggest that you try to let go of control and a desire for a certain outcome. From my experience it is much easier this way, although I know it is easier said than done! How are things going for you? Please update us.

      @tprince1027 PLuto transiting the descendant is likely to have a big impact on your primary relationships (close friends, partners, enemies) and any that are not serving you may well end, or be shaken up and changed for the better. However with the square to your Moon I would expect this could be difficult and painful at times. How are you going with it? It’s been a while since your last post.

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