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Saturn homecoming – a real biggie

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      Hi all,

      My, what a year it has been so far!
      I’ve had my hands full since Summer ’17, and it has only started to recede a fraction now. It has kinda felt like Saturn has been wrapping up the last part of his cycle in Sagitarius.

      I’m reading a lot of astro articles and listening to some astro podcasts these days and the one thing going through the community seems to be “What’s your vision? Get it into shape right NOW!” -ish.

      I have given this topic a LOT of thought, since my life changed – and changed again – during Saturn’s transit through Sagitarius. I left my other home in another part of my country, and I really longed for my own home to become ME, and live my life as a “ME” -not a “WE”. Be my own woman in my own standing, so to speak. Saturn has traveled my 9th, 10th and 11th house during these months, and has also before, in Scorpio, conjuncted my Sun-Venus-Jupiter stellium in 9th house.

      SO… for me, I realized this Saturn in Sag has been about becoming my own identy (which started as Saturn transited my Sun). I realized I didn’t want to live with a guy, compromising my needs and schedule and so forth, and this (among other things) led to the breakup of my relationship(s).

      So – when everybody talks about “What’s your vision, get your sh*t together” I thought I had to have a grand and exciting vision for my future and my goals in life (11th house) and all that. But then it came to me – slowly (Merc is retrograde after all) that maybe I already had had a vision. It just started long ago, back when Saturn was in Scorpio. I was about being on my own, about having My OWN life and being master of my own life and destiny.

      So that’s when I realized that maybe I kinda HAD passed that Saturn “test” or whatever we like to call it. Sag + my 9th house Sun… Identity. Integrity in both love, luck and my own person. I have to narrow down in order to be fulfilled (Natal Jupiter with Venus). Otherwise this combo will never “have enough” – love and money for example. I have worked hard to get to this point to be leaning on me instead of others to be fulfilled.

      I have worked to get a job, I have enough money/income now to create a good life for myself, I have developed my own identity outside of being in a relationship and being ME, even if I sometimes miss my friends and sometimes the stuff you do with them. It’s a bit hard, since Pluto transits my 12th house and a part of me just want to be alone in regard to deep introspection.

      How has this transit in Sag affected your life?
      What’s been your vision – and have you come to the Truth in your life by being limited in options where Saturn touched you?
      Which vision for your life and your ambitions have you committed to in the period?

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      Omg, this sounds quite similar to what I went through in the last 3 years. I finally ended a long relationship and only lately realized that my mind and heart are done with it too and I’ve been feeling much happier ever since.

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hi @anette and @inesstef,

      Not so much to add to your reflection @anette. I feel like telling you congratulations! It is lovely to read the energy carried by those words. I cannot see this clear(ly) how Saturn has affected my own life, however there are some resonances with what you bring to the forum: Saturn in Scorpio was key in terms of redirecting issues around the 10th house. Those movements are almost ready to go and it still hurts.The tiny thread about to fade away…seemingly forever. It hasn’t been so easy, since I had invested so much love, commitment, faith and more into that potential…Jupiter Scorpio MC/9th house side (Here the Scorpio team is composed by Jupiter, Venus SRx and Neptune…and some key asteroids as well). The movement to Sagittarius was felt as a relief. Mostly lived in the 11th house…not much to say, the key aspect being his/her opposition to natal Moon at 26 Gemini. Here I sense a necessary coming to terms with what the Moon represents, mostly the relationship to my biological mother, inner child and family of origin in general: the archaic Moon is finally growing up. Never too late for this one…

      Now: I am feeling the coming to Capricorn of a much more complex and organic Saturn with almost joy. I am not sure about the word…just a sense that it is going to bring fruits for all of us. The upcoming Solstice brings the potential of materialization with Saturn right there, at 0 degrees Cap. That’s beauty. Here I’ll mostly live the transit through my 12th house and so I am learning about this house, also key in the secondary progression chart – SP Moon in Pisces is there-. I am not sure about what he/she can bring or take, I just feel it is going to be coherent, as it has been all my life – I realize more and more. Even if it hurts more than sometimes.

      As you mention, I feel that the task in hands, or the seed and the sprout are already here, ready to open up to their full potential – even if it is not so clear. Like faith…OK, this may seem more like a “jupiterian” view ;)

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        Hi @iratxe

        I congratulate you as well – it seems like you have gotten your Saturn lessons out in the open as well, even if the 12th house is mostly here now.

        For me it will be a little while before Saturn travels deep into this house as well, but I’m getting a whiff of it, as my 11th and 12th house is shared by Capricorn. It can’t help but affect both houses I think?

        For me, the past years have also been about releasing the pain of missing my own authority – the way I am am authority in my outer life as an employee (12th house/6th house axis), my own authority as the master of my own body and health (what are you doing that make you healthy? Might you need more exercise, healthy food and so on) – and generally being humble about the whole service-to-others thing which is so ingrained into the 6th house of service to others.
        Also, I’ve been feeling lately, that my creative juices are “down in the bunk” as Saturn in Sag and Cap has been opposite my 5th house. I’ve not been feeling creative as I used to, seeming to crawl. Every effort is costing me a lot of work. Also, as my 5th house consists halfway by Gemini, my wrists have been hurting a LOT which again prevents me from doing my hobbies. Bloody Saturn!
        Hopefully he will not be too harsh when he hit the 12th. Right now he is opposite my North Node, and with the eclipses coming up in my 1st house something has indeed been in the process of leaving (*South node/Saturn), a realization that something had to go.

        One of these persons are my family situation where yesterday I finally accepted that not much love can be found here. As Capricorn is opposite of Cancer (the sign of the mother) it is certainly possible that’s the reason why I have come to the conclusion that my own mother and I need… a little time to ourselves. A separation of sorts, since the love meter is so very low, at least in me, these days. The past years I have wanted to pay service to her, as she is chronically ill, but she has not reached out and asked for help. I have felt that actually she doesn’t want my help and support. She has been utterly numb or in shock or just plain out horrible at reaching out to ask for support or help.
        So now we’re seeing the result or conclusion to this. We can’t support each other. She has not asked for my help or support in any way, even if I wanted to offer it to her – but she never asked. She couldn’t “reach” me I guess, even if she had a need – because I need to be asked. I can not be responsible for analyzing her behavior and just KNOW what she wants when she does not say it out loud! *sigh

        So, yesterday I suggested we take a time-out.
        Really, there’s not much else I can do about it. There is a little sadness, a little bitterness, but there’s not much I can do than put my services elsewhere – to my self, these days.

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      @anette @irataxe

      In a few sentences Anette. Saturn in Sagittarius cycle has taught me to accept myself fully. To take responsibility for who I am no matter what other people think in particular my parents and close old friends. It went over my ascendant through my first house. I took responsibility for old unfinished action/karma as well during that transit. Taming wild horses also applied to me, Faith’s article. I learned about my physical boundaries. I learned about country boundaries. The world is my playground I did not see any limitations with my european passport but got into a relationship with a foreign man that had country boundaries and law boundaries. So I guess I stepped more into reality through this transit. The over positive Sagittarian in me has burned her fingers pretty badly I must say. I feel there was some karmic closure of my saturn return in libra as well when saturn passed my natal Neptune in sagittarius.

      Thanks for sharing your story @anette My mother is also not capable in asking help and sharing her sorrows with me. I guess it’s there generation. Associating receiving help as weakness or just not done. while actually they exclude all help this way and to receive love and empathy. My mother will not call me when she is sick but only when she feels ok. Than she tells me oh I needed to be in the hospital for one day weeks later. Well I guess I can relate a bit to how you feel I’ve take some distance as well two years ago to move to another town. She was influencing my life to much on a more unconscious level. It helped and the relationship improved, but not in the sense of sharing in rough times.

      take care

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