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Souls born under a new moon or full moon

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      Hi folks,

      What can we say about people born under these particular moon fases?

      From evolutionary perspective….souls born under a new moon are here to start a new way of relating to external expression (sun) and emotions ( moon). A different cooperation of their sun and moon in this life?

      Full moon souls need to close something this life related to sun and moon expressions. Letting go of some old way of relating to themselves inwardly as outwardly? sun and moon are in constant elevated awareness throughout life?

      Anybody know any readings about this online or an astrologers that wrote about it?

      We are all born under a certain moon fase. Although new moon and full moon seem more important to look at for a person in the natal chart. If feels like there is more emphasis on the sun and moon lessons for this person’s life.

      any contribution is helpful.


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      dear @esthere,

      apart from the evolutionary or karmic perspective – what I understand about new moon is that they will not be as skilled in hiding how they feel, as they may perceive in themselves. I am a new moon person in Pisces, and my mum is a new moon person in Scorpio … Though others may find it difficult decoding the reasons why I am upset, it may still be even more obvious to them that I am somehow disturbed or angry, than it is to me! Maybe I am like more of a baby with my emotions, having no filter or effective means of processing my internal problems quickly, than I realise … It takes me a long time to process strong emotions. Maybe my emotions are exceedingly simple sometimes. A new moon person reminds me of a young baby who has simple attachment needs but is sometimes rejected because the way it comes out can appear juvenile to others, or like they are having a tantrum that others can feel but almost never read entirely accurately.

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      Thanks @livvy

      It sounds like the energy of the page cards in tarot!and like a zero degree moon sign as well.

      I also feel this Full Moon in Cancer at 0 degrees today is like a new moon energy. Initiation of the signs energy in a different way. Like a new approach.

      Perhaps thats why you responded today because it is similar.

      An ending is also a beginning. I don’t completely agree with full moons being only endings and new moons beginnings in my observation it can be both and have different meanings. Full moons tend to push out some lessons that need to come out or be expressed to evoke some needed change.

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      to add I think the moon fase we were born in could be our comfort energy. It is also said that we woman are most fertile in these moon fases.

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      Hi @esthere and @livvy :)

      I am also a New Moon person with Sun and Moon conjunct in Capricorn. Personally I find it very difficult to see clearly the difference between my actions and my reactions. The Sun and Moon feel so closely connected that they have become somewhat entangled, or perhaps fused. Both are quite tightly square to Pluto which makes for some pretty extreme feelings! I do feel that my emotions are very raw at times, although I keep them close.

      I have to say I find that the aspects to my Moon have a stronger impact on my life than the phase I was born under. Do you find the same?

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      My son is a full moon baby and here is what I have noticed about our relationship: one, we mirror each other in a very uncanny way. He learned from an early age to watch my emotions and we reflect back what the other is feeling so much that it can feel confrontational because nothing remains hidden. This might also be the Scorpio/Taurus dynamic too (He is a Scorpio Sun and he, myself and his father have our moon in Taurus) :P There is a lot of emotional learning and building of emotional intelligence in our home and he is very open with his love – but I feel like his insecurities glare back at him, too. Everything is just out there, but his Scorpio nature would rather keep it hidden. :)

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