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Squares to the nodes

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      Can someone tell me the difference between someone that has squares to the nodes and people who don’t?

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      According to evolutionary astrology theory (and as far as I understand) squares to the nodes are ‘skipped steps’ – in that in previous life/lives the person went towards their destination and made some progress but didn’t complete the task. I am only just getting into this so hopefully you may get more knowledgeable information. ~Chris

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hi @esthere, I came back when I saw your new topic.

      Some months ago I did open a topic on the skipped steps already mentioned by @chris-fitz. I have searched here and this seems to be this link:

      more on the Nodes: the skipped steps

      …although when I check it in google I end up finding the pdf I sent to @anhp for May’s challenge! let’s see what happens.

      After having gone through some information on the subject I feel it is a good map, and yet, I also feel that it can feel too tight or so. I might be repeating myself from that old one…

      I hope it helps you in some way :)

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      Thanks @chris-fitz

      Yes I’ve read about this but does this mean that the person continuously lives in the southnode untill these planetary squares, missed planet integrations, are integrated?

      I have sun conjunct pluto in my natal chart and those are also square to the nodes. My Northnode in cancer and southnode in capricorn. I can’t evolve on my karmic life path and integrate cancer energy until these two are made conscious in my awareness in my identity? Or just obstacles on my nothnode path that will always be present and trying to interfere perhaps.

      Hope someone can shed light on that subject. Perhaps other people with squares to the nodes could share their experience.

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      Thanks @iratxe

      Resolution Node in Skipped Step

      This is what Ari Moshi says about it. They speak of resolution nodes.

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      I don’t know if this is of any use to you. Artilce

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      Thanks @Chris

      Yes very helpfull. I had read this one some time ago but indeed this explains it more clearly. Let me try and wite my current awareness of the subject as an excercise to understand how this plays out in my life.

      In evolutionary astrology, Pluto correlates with the Soul and the dual desires within the Soul (one to return to the Source and one to separate from Source).

      Pluto’s polarity point symbolizes the current evolutionary intentions for this life, and how to transmute the limitations of the past into new patterns of behavior that allow evolution to continue.

      The existing patterns of behavior reflected by Pluto’s natal placement in the birth chart are relied upon because they represent the known and familiar ways of operating, and thus provide a sense of emotional security.
      These patterns are habitual, and in some cases can become obsessions and compulsions.

      The South Node of the Moon symbolizes the prior-life egocentric structure of the Soul, and how the past life desires and intentions of the Soul were consciously actualized and emotionally integrated.

      The natal placement of the Moon, by house and sign, reflects the Soul’s current egocentric structure, and how the transition from the past the future is being integrated in the current moment in time.

      The North Node of the Moon reflects the evolving egocentric structure of the Soul, and how the current evolutionary intentions reflected by Pluto’s polarity point will be consciously actualized by the Soul.

      The planetary rulers of the nodes act as facilitators to the nodes, and thus reflect how the nodes themselves will be actualized. We can therefore determine the core areas of limitation and points of stagnation for the Soul by analyzing Pluto’s natal position, the South Node, and its planetary ruler. The individual’s next steps, then, are reflected by Pluto’s polarity point, the North Node, and it’s planetary ruler.

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      Yes, that’s how I understand it Ester. Natal placements being the jumping off point and polarities where you are aiming to travel to. I’ve not really looked into squares to the nodes as I don’t have any; so my concentration at present is with Pluto and the Nodes and how they have been playing out through my life. I’m soon to be 66 so I have some tracking back to do; which is good because it will help me see how the configurations have manifested on a human practical level for me.

      Simon Vorster has lots of really good stuff on YouTube worth looking at. Simon Vorster – YouTube

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      Just watching some videos on YouTube by Mark Jones talking about trauma signatures and Uranus; he’s also covering skipped steps. Mark Jones – Uranus Trauma & Healing

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