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Sun progressed into Pisces

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      Well my Sun has just stepped over into Pisces, a sign which has never been very strong for me. Has anyone else experienced this progression? I’d really love to hear how it went for you and what changed in your personality and your life.

      For those who are new to progressions the Sun moves into a new sign every thirty years. Mine started off in Capricorn and has been in Aquarius for most of my life so this is a huge change!

      My progressed chart is attached if you want to take a look.

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      Thanks for this input, Faith. I’m still behind on understanding progressions and how they work. My Sun was at 26 degrees of Sagittarius when I was born 42 years ago. The progressed chart I generated on is showing that my Sun is now in Aquarius.

      So, I can’t yet say much about how it feels to have one’s progressed Sun in Pisces, but if you don’t mind sharing, please let me know how it felt to have your progressed Sun in Aquarius.

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        Hi Anahit :) Well my Sun progressed into Aquarius when I was about 11 so it’s difficult to remember how I felt when the shift actually occurred. However I know that I changed from a very introverted and socially anxious child to a child who was very aware of my social world and extremely discontented with my experience of exclusion from it. I made a very conscious effort around this age to change my role within the social circle and actually went from being a nobody socially to being very popular.

        As my teens went on I developed a strong awareness of social justice and environmental issues such that by the time I went to university I had become quite heavily involved in activist circles; like a true Aquarian I despised the system and wanted to change everything from the ground up.

        As I matured I became more worldly wise, more realistic, but my interest in the development and analysis of systems has continued, most notably a passion for astrology, permaculture and social ecology.

        It’s funny, when I think about it, over the past year or so this interest has begun to wane and I suppose the movement of my progressed Sun towards the cusp of Pisces is probably a big part of this, although I cannot discount the incredible influence of motherhood on my state of mind. Although I remain a very social animal I have become less involved in social activism and more interested in one-on-one connections, my focus has drawn inwards.

        As for astrology, I have always been very drawn to its analytical nature and the fact that it is based firmly on a foundation of geometry and numbers, whereas other divinatory system, for example tarot, are perhaps more subjective in their interpretation. Maybe with this new Pisces influence I will gain a more empathic perspective, and add intuitive depth to my typically systematic approach.

        How are you experiencing your progressed Sun in Aquarius? It must have been there for about eight years now…

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          Thank you for the extensive feedback on your experience of progressed Sun in Aquarius.

          Your remark – “I made a very conscious effort around this age to change my role within the social circle and actually went from being a nobody socially to being very popular” – reminds me of a similar desire arising in me over the last eight years, but the outcome you achieved does not coincide with where I am. I’m still considered a “nobody” in whatever social circles I appear. However, on the other hand, I’ve learned not to expect others to validate my existence and to learn to accept myself as I am, even if others do not. So, in a sense, this represents another aspect of Aquarian (loner) way of being.

          Actually, RoseReiki’s remarks about Piscean symbolism resonate in this context, too – “Pisces symbolizes the path of least resistance as our Soul guides us where we need to go, in the way we need to travel, to get to anywhere we are wanting” and yet “Pisces is that it encompasses a radical need for acceptance, in all areas.” I suspect that I relate to RoseReiki’s input as a result of my experience of Chiron transiting Pisces in the latter eight years, trining my natal Neptune, Mars and Sun along the way.

          On the other hand, similar to your experience, @Faith, my interests in astrology, social ecology and analysis of a variety of “systems” did emerge/heighten beginning in 2011 and have grown quite a bit since then.

          My awareness of “social justice” and “environmental issues” have also grown in the latter decade. However, what I have learned about those human activities has actually discouraged me from getting involved in them, instead of motivating me to take on those causes with abandon. Maybe the location of my other progressed planets and/or accompanying transits have modified my experience of these matters.

          My key interest at this time is learning to be “accepting” of self and others just as we are. Observing people senselessly suffer/die, from being “nobodies” or thinking that they are “nobodies” among the vast sea of people around them, has driven me to conclude that, in the end, nothing matters except our “love” for each other.

          Of course, being accepting/loving can be quite a challenge and I still find “astrological” knowledge to be of very valuable use in understanding self and others on the path to developing my capacity to love everything and everyone unconditionally. :) The latter streak sort of relates to the “humanitarian” feature of Aquarius which might be coming through in me, since I wish everyone well, but am not necessarily committed to getting directly involved in the process of bringing wellness to others. In addition, just as in your case, I am experiencing an urge to withdraw inwards, and heal/reconnect with my inner world, as I disconnect from the world which I had formerly, misguidedly allowed to define the purpose of my life.

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          @anhP I’ve been thinking about this over the last week, particularly what it was that changed in me that ultimately changed my social role, and I think that actually my experience is more like yours than it might seem at first glance. You say that you have learned ‘not to expect others to validate my existence and to learn to accept myself as I am’ and this is also what happened within me. Because I no longer had such a intense fear of rejection I was able to approach and interact with others in a way that I had previously felt far too inhibited to do. I expect that the easy aspects from Aquarius’ ruler Uranus to my Sun, Moon and Venus also helped, whereas I notice your Uranus is not so helpfully aspected. X

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          @Faith, thanks for remembering and sharing those extra pieces. Yes, it appears my natal Uranus (tightly squaring my Venus), natal Moon (widely squaring my Venus) and natal Saturn (almost exactly opposite my Venus) have been strategically placed to give me quite a few lessons about “self-love” and “self-acceptance” in this life, before I can actually put those ways of being in practice.

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      Progression charts are beautiful. And I see a lot of symmetry between the journey of Capricorn -> Aquarius -> Pisces in your chart. I don’t have any experience with Pisces progression, but I have a lot of Pisces influence in my own chart – and my hot take on Pisces is that it encompasses a radical need for acceptance, in all areas. It is letting go and making room in real time – it is dissolving the beliefs we have about our self so that we can continue evolving – and it is finding that sweet spot of unconditionality that we look for in others but can only find in our self.

      Looking at your chart; If you grew up seeing/believing certain things about life/yourself and then spent a significant period of your life changing/rebelling/individualizing – then the transition of motherhood, even when wanted, is a shock to the system. Just the sheer responsibility of parenthood is mind-blowing. There are serious negotiations for time and space; boundaries are pushed, broken and created anew and there is a balance that is learned, over time, between nourishing others and continuing to grow yourself and your individuality. Parenting is like a constant confrontation with your inner child – what we want to do and what we should do; what lights us up, what keeps us safe, ect…

      The imperative in this next phase of your life may be balancing responsibilities and continuing your own evolution – making room and letting go/dissolving the beliefs that would hinder your growth and doubt your ability to still be the individual that has been gestating for longer than your new additions have been earthside. :) Your soul shifted, the landscape changed and your beliefs about yourself will have to shift with them. Pisces symbolizes the path of least resistance as our Soul guides us where we need to go, in the way we need to travel, to get to anywhere we are wanting. So it is important to remember that there are no wrong turns, only more sights and experiences – learning to trust your ability to go with the flow, make room for yourself and your family, invest in your individuality and know that anything is possible; you will build a new foundation of emotional freedom and security that not only supports you, but the relationship with your girls and your partner.

      My progressed sun is finishing up in Aries and will begin Taurus in a few years – I find that it relates back to my natal chart where I have Aquarius as my asc. – this period of my life has been initiating that individualistic aspect of myself – and letting go of the conditioning I was taught that anchored core beliefs in me that do not serve my unique purpose. I have had a lot of unconscious energy pushing me towards liberation, truamas that have opened me up and a fire that I am finally beginning to take conscious control over, so that I may be and feel exactly who I want to be going forward.

      Progressions. Are. Beautiful :) <3

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        Thanks for sharing this Rose @RoseReiki

        I totally agree that this phase in my life requires me to accept and surrender to a reality that does not always fit with how I think it should be. I hope that Pisces will help in that regard, make this acceptance easier, or perhaps more natural. Being a mother of two small chidren has been very good at revealing to me my shortcomings, my lack of patience and tolerance, my sometimes intense selfishness. I have struggled with guilt, and then slowly realised that my imperfections as a mother are normal and a part of every new mother’s experience.

        With my Sun coming into Pisces I may be able to access that most watery part of my being where one is fully at peace with the tidal movement of life, and its fluid, intangible nature, that I might finally be able to let go of the control and rigidity that is at the root of the square between my natal Pluto and my Capricorn stellium. Perhaps then I will be able to find that balance between “nourishing others and continuing to grow myself and my individuality” as you say. Let’s hope that it is so!

        Progressions are indeed beautiful :)

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hello, back to the forum!

      And thank you Faith @admin, Anahit @anhp and Rose @rosereiki for these deep and yes, beautiful insights on progressions you shared.

      Here I cannot tell much since I am still learning and feeling into progressions. Reading your posts it seems/gets quite clear they do “make a difference” (or so). My Sun is now in Sagittarius (from late Libra when I was born) and well…again, I am not able to say much about it, maybe because natal Sun is in the 9th house so it gets blurry? I just checked and saw it was in late 2004 when the shift from Scorpio to Sag. happened, still 9th house…it could have helped me to set myself free from the “official scientific world”?

      My AS just moved from Pisces into 0 degrees Aries and this has been clearly felt! In the beginning I thought it could have to do with the powerful MarsUranus conjunction we had a while ago, but it is still here – learning to ride this new wave. Also, Venus turning direct by progression was a powerful healing_turning point (still in Scorpio for all my life I guess), as Mars entering Scorpio just a while ago. I just felt it. It carries some resonance with natal Mars conjunct Pluto I guess.

      As I say, not that much to add to your comments, but yes, your words have helped me in tapping into the relevance and “reality” of progressions – and even the qualities of the different zodiacal archetypes :)

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      I don’t have progressed sun in Pisces but my Asc has progressed from Capricorn and is now in Pisces at 15 degrees. (which is quincunx natal Saturn my chart ruler in Libra). I used to be a fanatic in the home, everything had to be in order, all chores achieved etc since it has gone into Pisces I seem to have gone into cruise mode, make plans and then do something entirely different which was very frustrating to start with, but now I seem to have got good at shrugging it off and just end up letting the days flow on by, if I get to the end of the day and find I have been on the computer all day and not achieved anything I intended doing it no longer bothers me. Sometimes I’m sure I just daydream the day away. I live alone so it doesn’t impact anyone else, yet I know if I travel up to visit family I go straight back into Capricorn, highly organised mode, on the ball, so the dreamy Pisces energy can be over ridden if need be.
      My advice, find creative ways to work with the energy to get things done. Natally 12 Pisces is my 3rd house. I probably became redundant around the time it first hit Pisces, as it would have been in my 2nd and quincunx natal sun and Merc at 0 Libra. Also had 2 accidents that injured my right shoulder and it took several years to get surgery for that, Merc rules my natal 6th that starts in Gemini.
      Not sure if prog Asc has a bigger impact than prog planets, but I have noticed it a lot more than Sun and Mercury progressing into Sagg, the mind and body were ready to get going and have no restrictions, but life and injury seem to have kept me restricted the last 14 years

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences @anhp, @iratxe, @rosereiki, @crystal. A little update on my personal experience of progressed Sun in Pisces so far.

      Firstly I have gone from being a slightly obsessive list writer to being somewhat distracted and often get to the end of the day to find that the thing that I really, really had to get done has not been done, but that instead I have done something else, often quite satisfying but generally unplanned. I also often get home from the supermarket to find I have forgotten several important items and my husband has commented several times that I don’t seem to be as on the ball as I used to be.

      Secondly the state of my home seems to be getting messier and messier. Even since having children I have generally kept my home relatively neat and tidy, if not always as clean as I’d like! But now I often look around and see that it is in complete chaos! This is quite challenging for me as I find myself feeling chaotic inside when I am surrounded by chaos on the outside.

      I would really like to see myself manifesting more of the positive traits of Pisces such as compassion, empathy and transcendence of all those silly material worries but I haven’t seen any of that yet. Maybe when the Sun moves out of oppostion to Saturn? Let’s hope so :)

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