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The 11th House -please help me understand it.

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      I know this is really last week’s lesson, but I would like some help in understanding the 11th house whihc has always seemed kind of vague to me. I know it is about group consciousness versus the individualist 5th house. It symbolizes networks and corporate actions, vrs single acts of will. But I still don’t know what it means. Often it is described as the fulfillment of wishes and friends, but being the natural house of Aquarius it seems like it should have some flavor of Uranus and upset and suddenness and turning things upsidedown and sideways. Honestly when I read about the 11th house it seems very bland.

      When I think about groups, I also think about the Mafia, gangs, and terrorists, and yet I never see this kind of thing referenced for the 11th house. Can anyone help me broaden my understanding of this blind spot for me?

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      Hey @Linda… Perhaps your blind spot has more to do with the planet Uranus than with the 11th House…

      To my mind the 11th House is Social Ecology… Our place within community, our niche and how we are supported within the interdependent structure of society. It is where we recognise that we cannot exist without our fellow men, that independence is in some ways a myth.

      Uranus is always pushing us towards a greater understanding of our place in community, of our fellowship and mutual need for each other, towards social justice, equality and cohesion. It is the evolutionary force that moves us forward as a group, that is responsible for shifts in our consciousness as a civilization.

      But Uranus is often experienced as upheaval / rebellion / revolution because most people struggle against change, especially when they perceive it to be counter to their own (or their family’s) needs/rights/desires.

      Those who feel its energy strongly often express it in impatient, frustrated and reactionary ways because they see a new and ‘better’ way and cannot accept that others are not ready to accept the change that they feel needs to occur. Their actions are also often distorted by their own egos and misguided due to incomplete understanding or insight.

      This is why Uranus is often felt as a volatile energy, because it clashes with solidified, established conventions, the structures of our traditions, institutions, bureaucracies etc. It pushes many of us outside our comfort zone and questions ‘the way things have always been.’

      I hope this makes some sense… Perhaps others may like to elaborate?

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      This really explains the 11 house…united we stand, divided we fall. I have been in groups before where the whole energy, motivation and cooperation is a lot more than the sum of it’s parts. I see what you are talking about Faith and thank you..for your clear, articulate explanation.. I now get it! [but I do wonder if this kind of group force might also operate in darker reams that are not progressive and innovation, like ISIS.

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      @Linda Faith @admin I have been thinking about Uranus

      In my dream the other night, I remember thinking about the North and South node and two ideas were in my head, like a pattern: head and body, cover and supply. I had read an interpretation of the nodes: “North Node is not where you want to go but what you should do to balance South Node.”

      How I interpret what I read and the pattern which I thought of is maybe the North Node is like the head, it is the glory of the body, but the South Node is like feet, the base we stand on.

      I think maybe we tend to think about the polarities in dichotomy, but they are part of each other. The 11th house I think has to do with our interpretation of social reality. I have 11th house cusp in Libra. My understanding of social reality is we achieve harmony through evolution, and suffering is a necessary part of this equation (Pluto retrograde in 11th house)

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        I really like your dream image of the nodes, as head and feet- it’s more modern than the rahu, Ketu, Dragon’s, head dragon’s tail.

        The feet are also ruled by Pisces which is also the accumulation of our experience, both constructive and destructive, just as the South Node. It takes our head [aires] to move our feet forward into new territory, and sometimes they are reluctant to move, but they do support us and keep us upright and often thankless for their long endurance and bearing of our weight, just like Pisces.

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      I don’t much get the 11th house either @Linda. My chart ruler Pluto is in the 11th and I never understood what that is supposed to mean. And, yes, Faith @admin so eloquently explained the 11th and its connection with Uranus above. Still don’t get what my Pluto has to do with it. In fact I just started a new thread I titled Scrap the Houses.

      All I know is I always feel uncomfortable in groups, very much like an outsider who cannot fit in. I do have strong opinions about certain groups/ideologies/level of awareness etc but I don’t do anything about it. The world would be a better place if we could all share the resources of this magnificent planet that God has given us.

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      there’s not much I could add to the valuable perspectives others have already offered, just thought I’d toss my 2 cents in.
      I think that it would be useful to start from scratch: the 11th House is an Air House, so you might start by considering that, like all Air houses, it encompasses areas of experience that have to do with relatedness, communication and ideas.
      Which brings us to a keyphrase I find especially suited to this House, and it’s ‘one to many’, as in ‘one-to-many relationships’. Group consciousness. ‘Social ecology’, as @admin mentioned, is a brilliant correspondence indeed.
      I can understand your perplexity in regards to Uranus. This might seem like a heresy, but I think that it’s important to keep in mind that disruption is but one of the many facets of Uranus – just like “love” is not ALL Venus is about, or ambition is not the only significance of Saturn. Perhaps considering Uranus as a collectively oriented, but ultimately impersonal force, might help. Also, a major strength of this planet is the ability to see and experience interconnectedness and therefore see and make connections no one could virtually think about – something that I find has a lot to do with what we call “genius mind”. The principle of interconnectedness of Uranus can be said to play out on a social level in the 11th House – genius and collective evolution can thus appear as unified elements.

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        thank you @christina, this really explains how the 11th house is more than the sum of its parts, and that Uranus is more than a disrupter, but rather an impersonal force, perhaps uniting like minded people at a higher center of unity, so their work is synchronized and held together by a force beyond the time- bound rings of Saturn. Thank you!

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      Hey @Linda… Your point about ISIS is an important one. Like all the planets Uranus operates through the archetypes of the signs and is placed now in Aries, a very immature and impulsive sign known for its aggressive and rash approach. I would imagine that most of the young people (probably mainly young men) who have aligned themselves with ISIS feel they are freedom fighters of a sort, that they stand for justice and that their desired end justifies their means. Yet their expression of this Uranian energy is corrupted by anger and an immunity to violence that comes from growing up amid violence. So yes I think the energy of Uranus is distorted by the filter of the sign it is in, as well as the aspects that are formed – most notably the current square to Pluto in Capricorn. But it is also corrupted through being channeled through imperfect vessels (i.e. human beings) who are prone to selfishness and cannot always see the wise course of action.

      @Liv your lovely intuition re the nodes is important too. I especially agree that “we tend to think about the polarities in dichotomy, but they are part of each other.” It is very simplistic to assign the south node to the past and the north to the future, particularly when the whole concept of time is questionable. We need to think about the nodes more holistically I think…

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      This is such a great understanding – ISIS and Arian Uranus. As sad as the whole story is, including the inception of the group of young displaced men, angry and hostile, fits to a tee. Also venting their anger against established Western civilization – Capricorn.

      I think it is important to look at the shadow/destructive expression of the signs and planets. Not to incite fear, but to understand that the planets can stand for many things, and in situations like ISIS, we can see it clearly after the fact.

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      I’ve always considered groups like Isis, mafia, ect as 8th house domains because of the secrecy, corruption of resources and shadow intentions.

      In the 11th house – I see this as our Tribe – this is who we fit in with that supports our uniquely individualistic purpose and in order to fit in and be assimilated into this tribe, we *have* to be our authentic selves. Opposite the sun, this is also where our purpose benefits all of humanity, another reason why it needs to be authentic and uniquely as we, ourselves, are and would have it.

      How I associate it with Uranus/Aquarius is that often, we are not born into the tribe that supports our true individuality and the trauma associated with Uranus, reflects this aspect (I feel) – we will get a startling revelation that our family is not our best support system and then we have to find the true supporters and reflectors of the purpose we hold within and when we are supported in an authentic way, our authenticity is the natural effect and we feel more secure to share it with the world.

      Pluto being in the 11th house could signify a deeper wound that you have been living with from life to life. There is a need to be apart of something larger, but a deeper fear, soul memory of not being able to fit in and make that leap. You’re a Pluto in Virgo generation and that lends itself to a criticism of certain groups or feeling inferior, perhaps to join certain groups – or a fear of joining groups and being the one criticized for its uniqueness to your interests. An evolutionary imperative would rest in the 5th house in Pisces, Pluto’s polarity point and depending on the cusp of the 5th house, you may either have to break away from current groups to feel the mental freedom of choosing for yourself or to find the groups that really bring out the meaning in your experience and learn to enjoy feeling the acceptance that comes from joining a space like that. It is a truly liberating and uplifting experience because it will enforce the 11th house/Aquarius’s golden rule – We are of One – and when we are accepted as such, it is a validation of our very being. Sending love xo

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        @Rosereiki… I can certainly see the association of ISIS to the 8th House and Pluto but I feel a strong Uranian quality here as well. As in the human psyche, complex phenomenon such as this will always contain a mesh of different energies…

        … I totally agree with you that recognising “the shadow/destructive expression” of each planet is important. Otherwise how can we recognise it in ourselves when it occurs? xx

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      Thank you all for this conversation. Why search the web when you can find answers in this forum!

      @rosereiki @ @lift-the-fog @admin
      I recently discovered that Porphery house system resonates better to me because it shows my Sun Pluto Mercury and Jupiter in the 11th house all conjunct. I am trying to understand this stellium.

      The description of darkpixelastrology resonates strongly to me.

      With your natal Sun in the 11th house, you’re more tolerant than most people, and don’t look down on anyone. You believe everyone is equal to you, no matter who they are. You try not to judge people, and are attracted to people who are different, original, and unconventional. Your social circle is diverse, and you’ll befriend people from all walks of life. People see how open you are, and that attracts them to you, but you can have trouble opening up your true self to others. You may choose friends over a lover, valuing your friendships, and work well in a group. You’re always looking towards the future, and you have great dreams and hopes for how you want not only your future to be, but also the future of the world.

      Natal Mercury in the 11th House
      With your natal Mercury in the 11th house, you’re attracted to innovative, original ideas and thinkers. You want people in your life who challenge conventional thinking and force you to think outside of your own box.
      You respect people who seem intellectually advanced.
      You’re always looking towards the future and making plans for your future dreams, though your dreams may change frequently.
      You could have two separate, distinct dreams for your future.
      Friendships tend to be more casual and superficial, and you like people who are chatty, though they may not be very loyal.
      You can be idealistic, and want people to treat each other well.

      Natal Jupiter in the 11th House
      With your natal Jupiter in your 11th house, you love being in groups and spending time with your friends. You may belong to many groups, always socializing and meeting new people. You’re open to people from all walks of life, and this tolerant attitude draws people to you. The friends you have or groups you belong to could help bring you success in life. You want to help people as a whole, doing your part to contribute to society, and may be involved in a humanitarian effort or charitable cause. You want everyone to have the chance to live their life as they wish.

      Natal Pluto in the 11th House
      With your natal Pluto in your 11th house, you may try to control your friends or vice versa, or belong to groups where you’re the master and everyone follows your lead. You can captivate large groups of people. You can be obsessed with your future dreams, and can be a great humanitarian. You can inspire people to be better and make a difference in the world, but you need to make sure you have strong beliefs, and don’t just go with other people’s.

      I worked one year for a foundation that promoted art and design, innovation projects and stimulated start up’s. I was the coordinator of the projects bringing al sorts of people of difference background together to work on innovative projects that improve the community in some way.

      I felt completely aligned there sort a speak so that’s why 11th house resonates more to me. Although having a lot of friends was never the case. Just a few solid friendships. But perhaps this is changing now.

      Another thing. I coordinated the campagne team of a left political party last year for the regional elections. For the first time I got into politics and voted for the first time in my life. Bringing volunteers and members together. What I noticed was that talking to politicians did not impress me or scare me. I saw them also just as normal persons that we can talk to. This openness that is described is definitely me. and I don’t like hierarchy.

      What I did miss is that you always work and promote someone else’s project or idea! Now I really would like to work on my own ideas instead of promoting someone else’s. So perhaps thats what Urunus transit in the 5th will bring since it’s the polarity point.

      I never was a group person until maybe last two years or so. Did mainly solitairy sports, worked independently for 6 years just had one or two good friends. ( that explains my craving for colleagues now though) humanitarian I am strongly as well. Especially when I travel I risk giving all my money away and always bring something to help local communities like last time in Morocco. I took pens and papers for a primary school in Morocco. In Cuba a bag of soap. In India I took children that were working away to have fun for a day. In Greece I worked in a shop for free to give the owners some time of. etc. numerous examples throughout my life. In Holland I volunteered to help integrate refugees last year. But I thought the humanitarian mindset was linked to Neptune and not to Uranus!?

      Pluto in the 11th house I am exploring further. The description is limited here and deserves a whole chapter for sure. How it affects my sun in the 11th house. I had a lot of depression periods throughout my life so I am guessing it is this heaviness of Pluto on my sun. Why perhaps literally I should live in a sunny place to keep shining!

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      Thank you @RoseReiki for your suggestions on my Pluto in the 11th! You could well be right that it “could signify a deeper wound….a soul memory of not being able to fit in”. Obviously, this is not something I am consciously aware of. Do you see Pluto as the soul then? Someone else suggested that somewhere in this forum.

      When I was young -child and teenager- I did have a strong need to fit in and be part of something larger, but was painfully unable to; very much a loner and feeling lonely and isolated, not able to make friends. Nowadays I don’t much care about groups although I enjoy discussing and picking the brains of likeminded people, e.g. in this forum.

      I recently consulted an energy healer who scanned my chakras and said my heart chakra was closed because of grief – a grief she reckoned I brought with me into this life. So I am working on activating my heart chakra at present.

      Thank you all for your contributions.

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      Antonia @lift-the-fog what you’ve said makes me think about south node-north node in Aquarius and Leo

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