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Transits of conception


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      I’m sorry I’ve been absent on the forum lately but I have some exciting news: my husband and I will be welcoming another little soul into the world at the end of the year! It’s very soon after Freya’s birth, and I’m more than a little scared at the prospect of two small children under two years, but I’m feeling very blessed to conceive so easily at my age.

      At the time I believe the baby was conceived the planets were in a very interesting configuration. Pluto and Jupiter were in square aspect, with Uranus making a loose t-square at 4 degrees orb. Pluto was exactly conjunct my natal Sun and just separating from my natal Moon and Venus. The transiting Moon herself was applying to the t-square with Jupiter and Pluto, activating it, and squaring its own natal position.

      Other interesting transits include:

        Transiting Jupiter is right on the cusp of my 5th House of Children
        Transiting Jupiter is trine my progressed Moon
        Progressed Moon and Jupiter are conjunct and trine the progressed Sun
        Progressed Venus in the fertile sign of Pisces
        Transiting Moon is square natal Venus

      I’ve attached the chart, and my own natal and progressed charts, for your interest. You might see some other interesting transits I haven’t noticed.

      I researched this in some depth when I was trying to conceive Freya (see this post for more information) and the planets most commonly associated with conception and birth are Venus, the Moon and Jupiter, often in square aspect to natal planets. As we’ve discussed before squares are often the harbingers of change.

      Looking forward to your thoughts, as always… Love Faith

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      AvatarIratxe Mendi

      Hi @admin faith,

      First of all congratulations! and courage :)

      I just saw your new topic and came to the forum to share that I have recently discovered that (on) the day of my conception Jupiter (Scorpio) was conjunct mother’s Moon in the fifth house, and the Moon (Sag.) conjunct another significant point I now don’t remember.

      As much as I am going through a deep inner remodelling or so in relation to astrology and archetypes, as I have already mentioned here in the forum in the past -I guess- , and as I have shared with @linda through some personal messages – right now it’s not the time to add anything to your June’s proposal @linda, and I want to emphasize here that I do value your commitment and work…- I always seem to end up finding another “thing” that shows the true and even truth of this art.

      So, in this case, it would be more about conjunction…plus Venus and Sun conjunct in Cap “making” a trine to mother’s Taurus Sun now that I have checked back the charts.

      In case it helps you with your own research…

      and a PS added some days after…I guess I did answer from the narcissus mode! You were asking for comments on your new conception…I am not able to check those. And yet again, I hope my data help you in some way to continue with your own research.

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      Dear @Admin, Faith,

      That’s great news! Congratulations – I’m happy for you, your husband, Freya, and the baby on the way!

      Exploring the transits of conception is an interesting topic to tackle. However, it’ll take me a while to research and reflect on this subject, before I can post any meaningful thoughts on this. My grandmothers’ and mother’s exact birth days and times are unknown. So, I am unable to employ their info to identify transits relevant to conception using any personal examples.

      The information you’ve posted is the first data I have from which to consider when conceptions might occur in a person’s life. Thanks for that. I’ll start delving into this as soon as I find a bit more time later this year.

      Have a wonderful current pregnancy, and keep in touch as much as you can!



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      Congratulations Faith, wonderful news!

      Interesting subject to look into. I see many planets in Aries and Pisces. Mars sextile neptune in the 12th house. Seems that Mars energy is a key player here.

      When I look at your natal chart I see the following that caught my eye.

      Pluto was at 19 degrees on your moon ( sun moon conjunction in the 8th water house) and Pluto squares Jupiter Retrograde in the 5th house. Mars in the 12 water house. Jupiter retrograde in the 5th house. That with the sun in Aries could that be powerful enough for conception!?

      looking further..
      The progressed chart with Jupiter conjunct the moon in pisces and neptune in the 5th. Than Mars in cancer in the first house. It feels more obvious when reading your progressed chart. The transits to the natal chart but not the transits to the progressed chart just the progressed chart itself.

      Furthermore the sun in aries is conjunct the southnode portal. SN and Neptunue are transiting the progressed chart 8th house. Progressed chart has a lot of planets in water signs. Was it visible in your solar return chart?

      Perhaps the situation needs to be perfect so when the moon passes, the feminine conceiving energy, conception can take place. When moon was conjunct uranus all planets where in place for ignation.

      another thought…
      Sun conjunct moon is a new moon cycle right. Since you have moon trine sun in your progressed chart all in water. Perhaps when the moon came transited conjunct the sun. Which was the 28th of march 2017 in Australia. Time depends on where you are living. Perhaps this was ideal for you because you have natal sun conjunct moon and venus in your natal chart which is also trine in water houses at this moment in your progressed chart. Pluto in the 5th house of your natal chart and than transiting on this sun moon venus conjunction and in opposition to cancer.

      Thank you for putting this information available for research. Very interesting subject to look into indeed.

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      @anhp @iratxe, @esthere

      Thanks for your well-wishes ladies! And for your thoughts on the astrology of conception. @Esthere I think you are right about the progressed chart. I’ve found that when there are really significant events in a person’s life, the conception of a child of course being one of them, that they pop up much more clearly in the progressed chart – not by transit but by progression.

      I did look at the solar return chart but didn’t analyse it in much depth. Venus is exactly conjunct the South Node, Uranus is in the 5th House opposed Jupiter and square the Sun, and the Moon is in the fertile sign of Taurus. I’ve attached it here in case you’d like to look at it for yourself – would be interesting to hear your thoughts. X

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