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Uranus, electricity, flipping the switch.


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      Hi friends,
      I’ve been thinking thoroughly about the outer/generational planets lately (as you can guess from my latest two threads, lol), and once again I’m here to share some insight and invite your opinions. :)
      Specifically, I’m noticing a pattern with Uranian energy that seems largely overlooked. This planets embodies a huge deal of potential about becoming an innovative agent of positive change (the “revolutionary” attribute that is most commonly associated with Uranus), but an even commoner thing I noticed in people around me (and in myself, as a Mars/Uranus, Uranus/Asc, Uranus/Saturn person) is a tendency, in some cases, to adopt an opposite stance, in an almost compulsive, ingrained fashion.
      I remember when I was a kid and my grandma used to call me “Bastian Contrario” (contrario is Italian for contrary), because this tendency to do the complete opposite thing to what I was told started to emerge early on. Sometimes this is triggered by reacting angrily to what I perceive to be unjust, as my Mars is in Aries. I might loosely agree with someone’s perspective, but if I find there to be something completely unjustifiable about the person’s logic, I will reinforce my beliefs in what sets me apart from the person in question even though I’m not completely against every single idea the person has.
      My last ex had Uranus in his first house, aspecting his Mars. There is hardly something revolutionary about him – he has rather traditional ideas, appreciates classical art&paintings (Saturn conj. Venus in Virgo), and dresses formally 99% of the time because of his job. But if you explicitly formulate a request, he makes sure he does the total opposite! This was especially obvious when we were breaking up: the moment I would stop reaching out to him, he would try to start a conversation in spite of not wanting to have anything to do with me while I was still trying to keep the lines of communication open.
      I also have a friend, he’s a Pisces with his Uranus squaring his Sun. He’s a rather vivacious individual, interested in social issues and technology, but his social and political views are hardly “futuristic” – he’s more radical in the opposite sense and sometimes (we’re completely different in this regard) he verges more on the traditional side of the spectrum as far as gender identity, sexuality, family and race are concerned. But it’s almost as he enjoys being “different” in an era in which the collective awareness is developing in a more liberal, radical sense.
      So, I’m not denying the Uranian potential here – but on an unconscious, atavistic level, I find it interesting to notice this similarity between the Uranian individuals in my life (there are more of them, I just picked the first examples that crossed my mind). It’s almost as Uranus works like a “switch” that reacts to the stimulus it perceives, prompting one to take a polarized, controversial stance. Like an ingrained pattern. Sometimes this generates a genius-like mind, a revolutionary character, but other times it implies a strong reaction to what is perceived as dominant and hegemonic, which can go both ways – the past, or the utopian future.
      Has anyone ever experienced this?

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      @cristina I have definitely experienced this

      I was wondering if at least for me this kind of thing has arisen as a mixture of conflict between Uranus, Neptune and Mars energy

      let me know what you think

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      Well spotted Cristina @Cristina! I have noticed these traits too in strongly Uranian people. They seem to want to be contrary just for the sake of it; and sometimes just to stir reactions in others. “The rebel without a cause” comes to mind.

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      @christina, @lift-the-fog, @liv,

      I find this topic very interesting because I have encountered this obstinate argument for the sake of argument, oppositional behavior among people with hard aspects to Uranus and among Aquarians. I carried with me this “Age of Aquarius” Bs, ffor a long time until I took my rose colored glass off. I had thought of Aquarius as liberation and freedom from the restrictions of Saturn….but..some of these Aquarian, Uranian people have a strong streak of perversity I have found. They enjoy disrupting the status quo, often arbitrarily and destructively – like doing exactly the opposite, as you say, @Christina. It takes real genius to bring new ideas into the world, ideas that enhance what Saturn has wrought, without destroying and annihilating what is already there. There are very few of these genuius minds, and the garden variety Uranus person to me can be a shadowy egotist, rather than the humane, progressive, “light giver” [who is also Lucifer]

      I am talking in extremes here, as we all have Uranus, in our charts, but I think it is easy to be blinded to the weaknesses of Aquarius, because these people often carry a kind of adult facade [opposite of the childish ego of Leo] yet they
      their need to turn things upside down, to me often equates with an adult tantrum.
      Whenever I see Uranus written about, it seems like an evolutionary step up from boring, constricting Saturn, but in my experience without internalized the lessons of Saturn, Uranus , Aquarius can be a lose canon. For instance Donald Trump.. He is a living, breathing tantrum, wanting to overthrow just about anything, but without a plan. Trump has Uranus in the 10th conjunct the North Node opposite a full moon in Sagittarius.

      At it’s best Uranus can help us win our independence from oppressive people, systems and ideas, and this is usually a group enterprise, but the just ornery obstinance of Uranus, is childish, selfish, and Yes @Lift-the-Fog a Rebel without a cause.

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      I do think Uranus has enormous potential but, as with all the planets, it can play out in a higher or lower fashion depending on our level of consciousness, and of course its placement and the aspects it forms in the chart. @Linda’s point about learning to master the energy of Saturn, and perhaps also the energies of all the inner planets, to help us manifest Uranus more positively is very valid. However I wonder if perhaps some people will always experience more of a challenge here than others? I am speaking of course of those whose Uranus is heavily afflicted. Can anyone with difficult Uranian aspects or placements offer any thoughts on this?

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      Dear @admin,

      I feel also that Uranus can be creative and inventive and bring new ideas to society and individuals, but I rarely see the darker sides of Uranus/Aquarius written about and so I kind of laid it on thick..

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      Iratxe Mendi

      Hi all,

      I have been with this Uranus question/thread for some time before I added something to the forum…There is only one of the main aspects to my natal Uranus at 10 degrees Libra (8th house): a separating opposition to ChironR in Aries. A generational aspect that Oken named as a wound in individuation. And in my case brings eight house- second house dynamics. Pretty much down there. And pretty lonely. No escape. Bzzzzzzz. It does relate to the “switch off effect” when the wound gets triggered. Also a tight semisquare to Venus that I cannot see clearly but I do feel – although it could be the Libra thing -.

      And yet, I do feel I have had (most of my life as I recall) a subtle and yet clear uranian side, mostly expressed through my mind (10 degrees to Mercury). A little bit “Promethean type”. Years ago, when asked about my favorite thing in life I answered “having epiphanies”- that day I did not collapse in front of a question like that. Right now I would never say or answer that. A little bit like the little prince as I used to see this energetic principle, I have finally come to Earth. And hey, I am pretty old :) My Uranus is starting to connect through the Libra archetype. I have needed my Saturn and Chiron and Moon work to give Uranus a home, a foundation. Still, work in progress…By the way, more and more, as I come to kown her better, I also feel Saturn as a loving energy. In my heart chakra and in my whole body. Slow motion, the drums.

      And I can relate to what you say here about the uranian reactive-reactionary side: one of my sisters has Uranus SR at IC in Scorpio and when I read your posts I could see her!

      Finally….I have also pondered about how to discern my uranian side (somehow connected to Saturn (¿?)) to my Lilith in Virgo (also 8th house): the first one is subtle, not disruptive, more like a way of thinking up there. No matter what. Uranus (here) does not want to break anything, he is just there, hanging out and waiting until I get those roots deeper and stronger. Lilith is pretty disruptive, a lot of times she brings rage and sabotage. They are both connected to thought structures and devices, in a different way and somehow…OK, so here my take on Uranus.

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      hey there :) . i am new to this forum, so i will comment only now to this, late i know :P
      i have Uranus conjunct my moon, jupiter and ascendant in sagittarius.. and the 4 of them opposite my sun conjunct mars. so yeah..
      i believe it’s really hard to understand and to work with the energy the collective planets, and it’s even harder when u have them in your first house

      ” All three outer planets reflect collective needs, aspirations and ideas. They symbolise energies in the group psyche which are enormous and undifferentiated. When an individual is strongly aligned with the outer planets, ego-consciousness is critical, because the ego must be strong enough to contain and mediate the collective forces. If the ego cannot deal with these energies, the personality may be overwhelmed, and the individual is “possessed” by collective emotions and ideas which are very archaic. The individual is then no longer an individual, but becomes a mouthpiece for the collective.”
      Greene, Liz. The Dark of the Soul: Psychopathology in the Horoscope (Kindle Locations 2911-2915). CPA Press. Kindle Edition.

      too bad i cannot find the other quotes in wich Liz Greene said something like.. the mouthpiece for the collective is just that guy who needs to speak the ideas that the collective is thinking.. or that the dark side of uranus is becoming too detached from the feeling side.
      these ideas are related to what u guys wrote in your comments about the “rebel without a cause” or the “perversity” of uranian people- @linda comment- i think that “perversity” is related to the detachment from feelings.
      i believe there is always a cause and a reason for rebellion.

      off course there is more to say about the collective planets.. but i remembered i read that and i wanted to share :D
      there are 2 books (about uranus) that i want to buy these days, one is Richard Tarnas – Prometheus the Awakener – An Essay on the Archetypal Meaning of the Planet Uranus and the other is Liz Greene – The Art of Stealing Fire. so.. if u want to know more about uranus those 2 are the best books to read :)

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        Hey @Jovian7… your point about the dark side of Uranus manifesting when it becomes “too detached from the feeling side” feels very pertinent to me. This is no doubt why revolutionaries can commit such atrocities in the name of a cause, chalking it up to being ‘a means to an end…’ The typical ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs mentality.’ Great book recommendations too. I haven’t read either but highly respect both authors so will be looking them up. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts…

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