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Week 6

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      Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan

      Hello All,

      I studied my chart and would like share with you what I have learned until this week.

      Asli X

      Who is in charge with your chart?

      Sun in Scorpio. Pluto in Libra. Venus in Libra.(Its home so Pluto and Sun are disposited by Venus)
      Moon in Scorpio. Pluto in Libra. Venus in Libra. (Moon and Pluto are disposited by Venus)
      Ascendant Virgo. Mercury in Scorpio. Pluto in Libra. Venus in Libra. ( Mercury is disposited by Venus)Jupiter in
      Uranus in Scorpio. Pluto in Libra. Venus in Libra. Uranus is disposited by Venus.
      Neptune and Mars are in Sag. Jupiter in Libra. Venus in Libra. Neptune and Mars are disposited by Venus.

      Venus is the only dispositer of the chart.
      So there is a strong effect of Venus in all chart.

      Venus in Libra in the 2nd house. But also Venus is together with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. But the closest angle is between Jupiter (2) and Saturn(5).
      Saturn in Libra in exaltation position. So it might not restrict Venus as always he does.

      In the chart we can see that there are two stelliums which means if there are 3 or more planets be in the same house. So here we can go deep dive into the 2nd and 3rd houses which are in Libra and in Scorpio.

      As we said before the dispositer of the chart meaning the queen of the chart is Venus in the 2nd house. However the house which have the Sun and The Moon, 3 rd house is also so important in this chart.
      Also there is an opposition between Sun and Chiron. 3rd and 9th houses are telling us something here.


      The most important angle is Fixed Grand Square in the 3rd-6th-9th-12th houses. (Scorpio-Taurus axis and Leo-Aquarius axis (North and South Nodes))

      There might be big challanges but also great learnings from these areas. North Node shows higher purpose so it places in Leo in the 12. house. Leo’s ruler is Sun. So Sun stays in Pisces’s place. It is not a place Sun used to live. So Sun can feel a bit slow here. Sun wants to go out and live his life outside but in Pisces’s world Neptune can learn how to enjoy himself while doing inner self improvements.
      Or maybe can find a fun way with combining Sun and Neptune properties. It is a long journey to learn it but Chiron and Sun opposition can help to achieve this challenge.


      Water and Air- Strong
      Fire- Weak
      Earth- Very weak

      Water element makes you connect with your emotions. Intuitive and empathic people. You care more about under the surfaces. More into deep converstations. Interested in taboo subjects, subconscious and spirituality.
      Air element gives intellectualism. Mind wanders about different topics and thoughts. Thinking and speaking with your thoughts make you feel excited.

      To balance the weak elements such as Fire, sweaty sports like boxing can work. Strong power needed activities that makes your body work hard.
      To balance Earth element. Grounding activities like gardening, yoga or meditation can work.


      Libra and Scorpio strong. To balance Libra and Scorpio energies Aries and Taurus might be helpful.


      Feminine and Masculine are balanced. (6 planets and North Node in masculine and 5 planets plus AC and MC in feminine sides)


      Fixed- 7
      Mutable- 3

      The Cardinal Signs are the ones that initiate, that plant the seed, the Fixed Signs, carry it through, continue the job and finish things, and the Mutable Signs are those that are more flowing and shifting and changing and this allows for a mutation or spontaneity to occur within the system.

      While having less Mutable signs we cans say that improving being flexible and flowing might help.


      Three main aspects are as below:

      1. Sun opposition Chiron (Applying aspect 0)
      2. Mercury sextile Ascendant (Applying aspect 2)
      3. Neptune conjunction Mars (Applying aspect 2)

      *I picked applying aspects more than separating as their energy is weaker.


      Fixed Grand Square and Sun- Chiron opposition are the most strong effects in the chart.
      Improving on Taurus archetype with earthy activities might help.
      Sun- Chiron opposition means Sun can not show himself because of shyness of something that triggered by Chiron. So working on these elements might help to express himself.
      Sun is in Scorpio in the 3rd house in the original house of Gemini. So any communication activities like writing, journaling ot teaching might help to express Taurus in the 9th house.
      Communication or teaching might be about philosophy or higher thinking or different cultures.
      As Venus is the dispositor (Queen) of the chart, this process can be held in grace and harmony.

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      Wow, nice summary of everything we have covered in this course so far! I see you have been putting it all together to get a clear, overall sense of “who you are/can be” and what you can do to attain your greatest potential.

      I do not recall in which thread you had posted a copy of your natal chart for me to comment in detail on the following, from Week 6 content:


      Three main aspects are as below:

      1. Sun opposition Chiron (Applying aspect 0)
      2. Mercury sextile Ascendant (Applying aspect 2)
      3. Neptune conjunction Mars (Applying aspect 2)

      *I picked applying aspects more than separating as their energy is weaker.

      However, here’s what I’d encourage you to explore further. In reflecting on the aspects, you cover how you experience Sun-Chiron opposition, in general. What would you say about Mercury sextile Ascendant and Neptune conjuct Mars aspects? What experiences do you find have been representative of what these aspects bring into your life? Which is the third planet, besides Sun and Chiron that is part of the Fixed Grand Square in your chart? What type of challenges would you say the grand square present in your chart has been “responsible” for? Or, in what way has the presence of this grand square assisted in your “growth” over time?

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        Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan


        Hello Anahit,

        I just uploaded my chart by the way.
        So nice questions.
        I still try to figure the real meanings of the aspects out.

        Sun-Chiron opposition: My yoga love started 5 years ago by a foreigner. After that I had many trainings and studied especially the philosophy of yoga in India. So it made me think that 3rd house trainings and 9th house yoga maybe?
        Or as my Sun and Moon in the 3rd house which symbolizes mother and father. We are a crowded family with 7 siblings. We are connected each other. We all travelled other countries for studying or working purposes but came together after a while.
        So I think we have a strong bonding. My mother passed away 8 years ago. And all her life she was suffering mental issues that’s why we are more connected each other I think.
        Chiron reflects maybe this experiences.

        Mercury sextile ascendant: (It was 2 degrees so I thought it is not so important? Until which degrees are the aspects important?) I am curious and love to learn new things and share. I can explain my feelings by words so I write mostly them letters or e-mails.
        I have a positive attitude and I find all my experiences including negative ones as a learning opportunity.

        Neptune conjunct Mars: It happens in my 4 th house. Neptune is not comfortable with Mars. I can relate it with my relationships. My approach to relationships starts like a fairy tale and then continue with power struggles.
        There are water and fire elements together. So I have both feelings together. Sometimes so emotional sometimes so angry. But I experienced this in my previous marriage and it ended 7 years ago. So I am not sure if I am still behave like that.
        After that I had short term relationships so I can not compare at all. But I accept all the experiences in here too as big learnings.

        For the Fixed Grand Square, besides Sun- Chiron opposition, there is North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. There are no other planets in these houses.
        I guess my biggest challenge is in this square is finding my Leo side, my Sun. Once Faith wrote that having Leo in the 12th house does not mean always to show off. Sun naturally shines. So maybe only release what I naturally have and share with other people. Maybe I can inspire them or make them feel my lights or something like that.

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          Hi Asli,

          Yes, what you added here nicely fleshes out further the meaning behind the various aspects in your chart. Of course, there is much more to explore in this regard, but this starts you off in the right direction, matching events in the sky with those on the ground, as they have occurred/occur over time, i.e. applying the “as above, so below” principle in the study of astrology.

          Glad to see you making progress in developing a better understanding of the workings of your own cosmos.


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          Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan

          Thank you very much Anahit for your all quick comments.

          Yes, it is a huge progress but astrology and this forum really helps me to see the big picture more clear.
          I am happy to explore more and understand better.


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      Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan

      And also you may find my chart attached.

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      Thanks for re-posting your chart here. With that information, here is how I would elaborate on the important aspects found in your natal chart:

      While paying attention to applying and separating aspects is useful, I would not rule out considering aspects to be still “strong” whether they are applying or separating, as long as they are within 3-5 degrees from each other.

      With that, in your 2nd house’s four-planet stellium in Libra, two (social) planets [Jupiter and Saturn] are closely conjunct to each other, within 3.5 degrees. Venus (a personal planet) is loosely conjunct your Saturn, within 4.5 degrees. These aspects would likely color how your Venus, dispositor of the entire chart, operates and/or cooperates with your Saturn’s demands for Libra-style contractions/self-discipline, etc.

      In your 3rd house’s four-planet stellium in Scorpio, two key “planets” also known as luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are conjunct within one degree. So, in a sense, your creative and nurturing forces are in agreement. In turn, Sun and Moon in your 3rd house square [are 90 degrees apart, within 1-2 degrees] from NN in Leo in the 12th house, creating further challenges for your NN in Leo to attain the self-expression it seeks. Sun and Moon are also in a close opposition to your Chiron in Taurus, sitting in the 9th house. The latter four cosmic bodies make up two Fixed Grand Squares, one of which you already mentioned in your post. Both of these fixed grand squares [Sun opposing Chiron with both squaring NN; and Moon opposing Chiron with both squaring NN] are sort of representative exactly of what we are doing in this course – together exploring higher knowledge about how we can (what action/healing/nurturing we need to) pursue in order to bring to light who we are meant to be.

      Also, besides your (personal planet) Mercury sextiling [being within 60 degrees from] your Ascendant, your Mercury trines [is 120 degrees from] your Descendant, both within 1.5 degrees. The sextile aspect here to me is indicative of how you relate to and express/communicate with/perceive of yourself. Mercury’s trine to Descendant has more to do with how you relate to and interact with others. Given this, you might want to reflect on how your relationship to yourself differs from the way you relate to others.

      In addition, your 4th house inhabitants (personal planet) Mars and (generational planet) Neptune in Sag, which as you identified are conjunct, both sextile your (generational) Pluto in Libra in the 2nd house, within 1.5 degrees. These aspects would create a particular relationship/link between how you handle/act on 2nd and 4th house matters.

      Lastly, you might also want to note that your Uranus is within less than 5 degrees from your IC across from your Midheaven. This aspect would add another important flavor to how your “roots to fruits” journey, along the 4th to 10th house axis, encompassing Scorpio-Taurus and Sag-Gemini polarities, transpires/may be enabled.

      Hope this input helps. If any of this is out of step with how Faith/Cristina know the aspects to work, they will update you as soon as possible.

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      Hey @Asli-Ceylan,

      Anahit is correct that several other aspects occur in your chart, apart from the three you mentioned, that are worth considering. Personally I allow a 3 degrees orb for all planets except the Sun and Moon, and for these I allow a 10 degree orb. So the following aspects are also active in your chart:

      Firstly and most importantly, as Anahit points out, the Sun and Moon are conjunct with a less than 1 degree orb, and both partake in the grand cross with Chiron and the Nodal axis.

      As well:

      Uranus is conjunct the Moon (almost 1o degree orb)
      Uranus is conjunct the Sun (9 degree orb)
      Mercury is conjunct the Sun (10 degree)

      These aspects to the Sun and Moon are more significant than either Mercury sextile the Ascendant or Neptune conjunct Mars, even though they are wide. They colour your Sun with the qualities of Mercury, the Moon and Uranus – communication, emotional response and eccentricity become key aspects of who you are.

      So, although Leo’s ruler, the Sun, is ‘afflicted’ by Chiron, and this makes it difficult for you to balance your Nodal axis and fulfill your life purpose, it’s important to remember that the Sun is also flanked by the Moon, Mercury and Uranus, who all stand in solidarity. They are a team. This means that your deep thinking mind, your quirky, somewhat dark personality and your strong emotionality will support you to find your Leo voice and express your creative spark in the world, most likely in the realms of the 3rd House which related to communication.

      Another interesting thing for me is that your Mars/Neptune conjunction personalises the generational sextile between Neptune and Pluto. In effect it allows you to act upon the knowledge that comes through this sextile, which is a clear knowing of the oneness of all things and the cyclical nature of life. While many people have little way of utilising this knowledge, in you it can be expressed physically (Mars), as you do in your yoga practice. The sextile between Mars and Pluto also suggests that sacred sexuality may be an area to explore.

      I’d also like to delve deeper into the Chiron/Sun opposition, as it is key to the powerful expression of the Leo archetype, because it involves Leo’s ruler the Sun. Looking more deeply into what Chiron in Taurus signifies for you and how the deep seated beliefs you picked up in the early years of your life around safety and security may be holding you back, and then actively working to change these beliefs, would very likely be beneficial.

      I would also like to clarify the meaning of ‘angles’ which you refer to in your initial post. The angles are not aspects, the angles are the cusps of the four Cardinal Houses, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses, known as the Ascendant (AC), Imum Coeli (IC), Descendant (DC) and Midheaven (MC). No matter what house system you use the angles stay the same. They are key parts of who you are and very significant in predictive work.

      I love that you’ve picked up on the ways we can practically work with the energies of our chart. It’s easy to get very analytical and neglect the actual lived experience of astrology.

      Loads of love to you,
      X Faith

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        Hi Faith (@admin),

        Thanks for elaborating on how we would interpret the aspects in Asli’s chart, and for clarifying the meaning of ‘angles’ further. Very helpful! xx

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        Asli CeylanAsli Ceylan


        Hey Faith,
        Thank you so much for your explanations!
        When we dive into more, I feel like that I don’t know anything about astrology.
        There are many things to learn with so many details.
        I am a bit also easily lost in the details sometimes miss the bigger picture. So it is a very big area for me to process:)
        Baby steps for now to understand what you and Anahit’s did mention.

        So much love from me too X

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