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Welcome, guidelines and tips

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      The Know Yourself Astrology Circle is a space to connect with like-minded people and share thoughts on chart interpretation, the evolutionary power of transits and growing self-awareness, all within a safe and respectful community. Discussions range from personal observations on our own charts to explorations of more complex astrological concepts.

      The Circle is based on the idea that many of us learn best in community, where we are both teachers and students. Everyone is encouraged not only to expand their own knowledge but also to share their experience. To do this we must feel totally safe and respected, so this is a space where only those who value diversity of opinion are welcome.

      Participation is free, however there is an obligation to be actively involved. This is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, knowing those around them rather than feeling they are being observed by a bunch of silent and invisible ‘lurkers’. You can help make the space more comfortable for everyone by posting a ‘hello’ in the Introductions thread.

      For the same reason it’s important to provide a few details about yourself in your profile as well as uploading a photo or emblem that represents you. A photo is easiest to relate to but it’s fine if you’re not comfortable with that – just choose an image that you like.

      How to navigate the forum

      The Know Yourself Astrology Circle uses an online space that is similar to Facebook. It’s a forum for sharing and discussion, as well as having the option to make friends with fellow member and have private conversations.

      You need to be logged in to post on the Know Yourself Astrology Circle but membership is free. Other forums on this site are specific to particular courses and only students of these courses can view or post on these forums.

      Each forum is made up of various topics, each of which can have numerous replies. As such, each topic is a conversation. To create a topic simply fill out the small form at the bottom of the screen and click Submit.

      Anyone can create a new topic, which can be anything that contributes to our shared learning: an observation, questions, a dream you had that relates to astrology or an online resource. It’s also possible to attach files to your posts – look for the small Attachment button at the bottom of the screen. Links to videos can also be posted but these will be held for moderation and so will not appear immediately.

      A few important tips

      To ensure people notice and engage with your posts:

      • Always start a new topic when you are introducing new material. This way it will come up in the list of topics and people will be aware you have posted something specific and lengthy.
      • Use the search tool to find topics of interest, even if they were written some time ago. The search tool is located at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Adding tags to your posts helps others find them down the track.

        Remember that your profile can be accessed by clicking on Profile in the main menu. It contains various options that can help you make the most out of this online environment so please take the time to explore it.

        Privacy on the forum

        Everything we write in the Know Yourself Astrology Circle is viewable by the public. Course forums are only viewable by students of that course. By default your profile picture and first name can be seen by other logged in users. You can make your profile private in your Profile Settings.

        Finally, although it’s fun to look up each others natal charts, this will not be for everyone. Please respect a person’s privacy if they choose not to reveal their birth data on their profile.

        PS: If you lose your login details have problems with any aspect of the astrology circle just email me and I will come to your aid!

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