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what has helped you the most in learning astrology

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      how have you learnt astrology?

      what has helped me is talking with others and also trying myself to match calculated aspects between transiting/natal planets with what makes sense to me

      the learning environment here has made a lot of difference to me feeling safe to explore on my own terms, and also try interpreting for others

      please feel free to share some of your own experiences

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      Hi @Liv,

      I just joined the “To Know Yourself” community and look forward to learning more about myself and humanity via the forums here.

      To answer your question in this post, I have relied on a variety of means to explore astrology and put it to use in my life.

      Reading astrology books and web posts, studying my and others’ natal charts to interpret the planetary forces at work, and interacting, in-person and online, with people who take astrology seriously has helped me learn astrology the most.

      My first exposure to astrology was through sun sign horoscopes that didn’t seem very reliable. Also, most people with whom I interacted, up until my early 30’s, never took astrology seriously. However, despite coming across such attitudes I intuited that there was something that is not being really brought to light when one takes a narrow-minded (prejudiced) view at astrology. Then, in 2008, I came across a Russian TV program on human relationships that seriously took astrology into account, in the context of identifying who people are and whether and how they can get along given their astro-imprints. The astrologer in that program had an Economics/Mathematics degree and an astrology degree, and spoke about astrology from a psychology-based perspective which I found mentally quite impressive/persuasive.

      With time, I came across and started reading books on astrology, including those by Stephen Arroyo, Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene, Jan Spiller, April Elliott Kent, Melanie Reinhart and a number of other astrologers’ works that appealed to my mutating sensibilities, given my concurrent life experiences. By early 2016, my activities in this vein sparked in me a keen interest in learning about evolutionary and esoteric astrology which I find of most use to me now.

      Starting last year, I took an in-person astrology course (I reside in Los Angeles) which I just finished this June. That experience put me in touch with some other people interested in learning astrology for developmental purposes. I found that experience very enlightening.

      Earlier this year, I serendipitously stumbled on Faith’s Insight Astrology website, while researching my astrology-related topics of interest. I can really relate to Faith’s perspectives on life and way of learning astrology. I’m very grateful that she has created this welcoming online community that seems to offer a very effective way of collectively learning astrology as we go through our lives. I look forward to learning from everyone here.

      Sorry I couldn’t make this post shorter. I guess I’m starved for attention. :)

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      Hi @AnhP… Thanks for sharing a little of yourself and your experiences. I have a lot of respect for the astrologers you mention and look forward to reading more of your thoughts and ideas here. My own journey into astrology has been fueled in equal parts by my curious Gemini nature and a compulsive need to transform and grow as a person, to transcend my conditioning, my weakness and my woundedness. Like @Liv I learn best experientially and through sharing and dialoguing with others, which is why I created this forum! Welcome :)

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        Hi Faith! It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance. In some ways, your journey into astrology echoes mine, and thus accounts for the attraction I feel to your way of being. In my case, my weaknesses and woundedness led me to seek out and discover the uses of astrology, meditation, and natural healing arts in transcending my conditioning. With my sun in Sagittarius and moon in Scorpio, I can closely relate to a constant state of being curious and feeling compelled to grow and transform as an individual. Just like you and @Liv, I find it hard doing all that on my own. Touch-basing with others of like-minds and like-spirits, as well as learning from life experiences, leaves the greatest impact on me, too. I look forwarding to making the most of interacting with the members of this open-minded community. Thanks for the warm welcome. Btw, congratulations on your new-born baby!

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          Yes it’s incredible how a like-minded / like-spirited community can support us in our growth. Just as in nature we thrive best as part of an ecology :)

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      Hi All,

      When I first started learning about Astrology (early 1980s) I used to get fearful when I saw a challenging planet and aspect was coming. Now I don’t feel that anymore; I recognize the challenge that planet is showing me.

      Planetary influences only show probabilities and inclinations. You girls out there who worry about certain aspects coming up, need not worry. YOU control your life through the feelings, thoughts and choices you make. The planetary influence or aspects are only there to highlight certain themes in your life that may need re-adjusting.

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        So well said @lift-the-fog! I 100% agree… I hope this forum can be a space where we encourage one another to make the most of the challenging transits that come our way, using them for personal transformation rather than struggling and experiencing them as a trial or a curse.

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      Dione Carroll

      Hi @lift-the-fog!

      I also agree, ‘difficult’ or challenging transits don’t need to be scary. It all depends on how you harness and get into the flow of that particular energy. There’s also much that can be learned about ourselves from these. For example the Mars

      Welcome @AnhP,
      I’m also a fan of the astrologers listed. Steven Forrest is also a favourite. What did you in person Astrology course involve? It sounds super interesting.

      I find a mixture of reading, forums like this, and attempting to interpret people’s charts the best way for me to learn. I’m still very much an enthusiast. It seems the more you learn, the more that opens up and there is to learn. Like everything I suppose, but I find astrology incredibly so. :)

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      Hi all,

      @Lift-the-Frog, I also prefer to believe we have “free will” and that the feelings/thoughts we entertain and the choices we make determine how our lives unfold. On a related note, my struggle is precisely with feeling/thinking positive things versus those that bring me down, given the worry-prone conditioning that naturally predominates my system. Letting go of my conditioning has been an evolving challenge.

      Carroll, I sure have a lot to learn about my Mars, conjunct my Sun in Sagittarius. This aspect trips me up every time. Apparently, this constellation in my chart prompts most people to find me too forthright and blunt. I feel like Beauty & the Beast put in one body/spirit. :)

      Dione, yes, Capricornian Steven Forrest is another astrologer who appeals to me, given my natal Mercury in Capricorn. My in-person astrology course involved learning astrological terminology/concepts and studying one’s own and each other’s natal charts, in the context of on-going transits, in a group setting. It was somewhat helpful, but not very practical in terms of the required travel time-commitment.

      This forum offers a pretty effective way of touch-basing with other enthusiasts on whatever we may read and learn about astrology on our own, from the convenience of our home. I think this appeals to me because my Jupiter is in Taurus – gotta have my comforts. I can definitely relate to the point that the more we learn the more there is to learn about astrology – a very intricate scientific art. So, really learning astrology inevitably requires making it a life-long pursuit.

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      Reading astrology books and web posts, studying my and others’ natal charts to interpret the planetary forces at work, and interacting, in-person and online, with people who take astrology seriously has helped me learn astrology the most.

      This, pretty much!
      Forums and discussion groups are among the most powerful tools when it comes to learning Astrology. No one can offer a better description of a placement/aspect than a person who lives with it daily.
      I remember I was already an avid reader before joining an Astrology forum, so I had a pretty good grasp on basic natal interpretation, but hearing first-hand accounts from people really did it for me and improved my understanding quite dramatically.
      I also like to keep up to date with the work of other astrologers and subscribing to their newsletter and even though I prefer some blogs over others it’s still great to be able to hear so many voices and gain so much perspective thanks to them.
      But yes, the main thing was definitely discussing with other Astrology enthusiasts and getting to know their real life experiences.

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