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Lesson 3: Astrology signs and their meanings

The quality of a planet remains constant but is expressed in different ways according to the nature of the astrology signs through which it passes. For example when Mercury is positioned in Aries, we all tend to communicate more assertively, courageously, passionately and energetically.

The planets are expressed in astrology signs as follows:

  • Aries: assertively, courageously, passionately, energetically. Cardinal fire sign.
  • Taurus: dependably, practically, determinedly, sensually. Fixed earth sign.
  • Gemini: communicatively, diversely, mentally, flexibly. Mutable air sign.
  • Cancer: sensitively, protectively, nurturingly, responsively. Cardinal water sign.
  • Leo: proudly, creatively, powerfully, joyfully. Fixed fire sign.
  • Virgo: obligingly, analytically, practically, with attention to detail. Mutable earth sign.
  • Libra: affectionately, harmoniously, justly, with empathy. Cardinal air sign.
  • Scorpio: passionately but secretly, penetratingly, deeply. Fixed water sign.
  • Sagittarius: widely, expansively, ardently, exploratively. Mutable fire sign.
  • Capricorn: prudently, aspiringly, coolly, practically, determinedly. Cardinal earth sign.
  • Aquarius: detachedly, scientifically, questioningly, revolutionary. Fixed air sign.
  • Pisces: sensitively, with an appreciation of the intangible. Mutable water sign.

The chart below will help you become familiar with the symbols for the astrology signs.

Astrology signs

The keywords used in this outline give a far from complete insight into the way in which each planet will manifest itself in an individual chart. Astrology is similar to the Tarot in that too literal a reading that relies on conventional symbolic interpretations and keywords will blind the mind to the deeper meanings revealed by the soul. A clear understanding of principles is important however, and these should be expanded upon in the reader’s mind by intuition and research.

For a more detailed understanding of the astrology signs head over to DK Foundation.

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