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Lesson 8: The Impact of the Astrology Transits

To live consciously is to be fully aware in the current moment and this is where astrology gets interesting. We can look at where the planets are now, the astrology transits, and how these affect you personally.

For example if Saturn is currently in 13 degrees of Leo and you have Leo on the cusp of the 6th House at 10 degrees then Saturn is said to be transiting your 6th house. This means that the limiting, heavily structured and regimented energy of Saturn will be affecting the area of life represented by the 6th, namely health, work and service.

The important astrology transits are those of the outer, slowly moving planets. The cycles of the fast moving planets, and especially the moon, are so short that they rarely have any lasting impact. Thus a romance begun when transiting Venus was conjunct Pluto would be hot and steamy but burn itself out quickly, whereas a transit of Pluto to natal Venus is likely to result in a slowly developing but very intense and long-lasting affair.

Moon transits are so short that this heavenly body stays just two and half days in a sign, giving us the emotional (Moon) roller-coaster so many people with strong moons experience.Remember that a woman is inherently very influenced by the Moon due to her monthly cycles being synchronised with her macro-cosmic counterpart.

When a transiting outer planet planet aspects one of your natal planets funny things can happen, things that appear to come out of nowhere and are usually perceived as external events. They are also often game-changers. You might lose your job, move to a new city, meet the love of your life or conceive a child. It all depends on the transiting planet, its sign and house placing, as well as the house and sign placing of the natal planet.

How astrology transits affect you personally

Transits to the natal planets can set off aspect patterns that already exists in you birth chart. For example if a man has Uranus in square aspect to the Mid-heaven and finds that he is always at odds with and rebellious towards authority figures in his career, a transit of Pluto to Uranus might cause an eruption that leads him to self-destruct his career all together. This may not be seen clearly however; the man may think he has been treated unfairly, that he is not responsible and that the event has ‘happened’ to him. Playing the victim is a great way to miss the lessons these transits have to teach us. And remember, some of them will only happen once in a lifetime!

To understand more about the influence of the outer planet transits on your life, read this excellent article by Mary Shea.

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