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Free astrology stuff

I’m a big believer in sharing our gifts with the world. Abundance comes through letting go, allowing things to flow. Connecting with others through collaboration and mutual support makes us all stronger. We are inter-dependent, a vast social ecology that nourishes every single one of us. Here is a small contribution that I hope you enjoy…

Free Astrology Mini Lessons

A good place to start if you’re brand new to astrology and want to learn the basics without having to invest in expense books of search all over the internet. Here you’ll find short, easy-to-digest lessons on:

  • How to Read your own Birth Chart
  • The Principles of the Planets
  • The Astrology Signs and their Meanings
  • The Houses of the Zodiac
  • Understanding the Elements and Qualities
  • Understanding astrological aspects
  • Dispositors: who’s in charge in your chart
  • The Impact of Astrology Transits

Insight Astrology subscribers can download all eight lessons as a free astrology PDF ebook. Subscription is free and includes access to member discounts and special offers through my Seasonal Newsletter, as well as Weekly Insights in your inbox.

Free Astrology Charts

In my experience the main reason people want to understand astrology is so they can apply it to their own lives. To do this you first need to generate your birth chart. To instantly access your free birth chart just fill out the form with your date, time and place of birth and click next. Once the birth chart is displayed you can hover over any aspect of it to reveal a basic personality profile.

Free Astrology Compatibility Rating

This one’s just for fun… Fill in your own and your partner’s birth details for an astrology compatibility rating based on your relationship or ‘synastry’ chart. It might makes things instantly clearer! If you’d like a more detailed analysis of your relationship you can order an Astrology Reading. There are options available to suit all budgets. Or check out this introductory article on Relationship Astrology.

Faith’s readings have given me great insights into my personality and helped me better understand my relationships. She has helped me make more sense of my life.

Isa Ritchie, New Zealand December 2, 2014

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