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Generate your free birth chart

In my experience the main reason people want to understand astrology is so they can apply it to their own lives, and especially to understand how the movement of the planets, or ‘transits,’ affects their lives in the here and now. To do this you first need to generate your birth chart.

To generate your free birth chart just fill out the form below with your date, time and place of birth and click next. Once the birth chart is displayed you can hover over any aspect of it to reveal a basic personality profile. It’s a lot of fun!

For a more in-depth analysis of your birth chart you can order an astrology reading. During your reading I will explore your birth chart from a holistic perspective. You will gain insight into how to embrace the processes of growth and change, work with your strengths and weaknesses and use astrology as a tool for personal growth. There are options available to suit all budgets.

If you’d like to learn astrology for yourself and understand the workings of your own birth chart check out these eight free mini lessons. They give you a foundation in the basic principles so that you can continue your learning independently.

Instantly generate your birth chart

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Faith’s readings have given me great insights into my personality and helped me better understand my relationships. She has helped me make more sense of my life.

Isa Ritchie, New Zealand December 2, 2014

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