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Know Yourself

Online Astrology Course

An eight-week deep dive into the natal chart, including working with transits

"Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you."

Dane Rudhyar

Become fluent in the language of astrology

Don't you sometimes wish your life came with instructions? We've all been there. The good news is that you don't have to wish: your natal horoscope is the most comprehensive, trustworthy roadmap you could ever hope for.

Know Yourself teaches you how to read the language of the sky and understand this roadmap.

The results? Fulfilling your potential, making conscious, informed decisions and living an empowered life.

This course has already helped students from all walks of life in their journey to self-awareness, providing in-depth information and practical tools for exploring their birth chart and working with the most challenging transits.

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I just wanted to thank you for this amazing course and your wisdom. I learned a lot and of course there are so much ways to go but I really like your teaching style and also your perspective on astrology. I met many astrologers till now but you are absolutely my favourite one so far… You have been a very good mentor to me and hope to stay in touch in the forum for the next phases in my life. 

Asli Turkey

Fulfilling your highest potential doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as easy as receiving a weekly recorded lesson and engaging in discussion with people as committed and enthusiastic as you. Add direct access to your teacher via a dedicated online classroom and... what's not to love?

You'll enjoy this course if...

  • You're not new to astrology but find it hard to see how it all fits together
  • You'd like to access the potential of astrology for personal healing
  • You have a busy life and need a flexible learning framework
  • You enjoy connecting with others and learning in a group

"Self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, the ending of fear."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Power up in a supportive community

Drop into our online classroom at your convenience.

Make friends, workshop charts and undertake weekly class activities.

Online astrology course

Take your personal evolution to the next level

Work deeply with your chart so you can clearly see your own strengths and weaknesses. Apply your learning with activities and personal reflective processes.

Online astrology course

You have what it takes to empower yourself

Understand the impact of transits and learn to work with, rather than against, the cosmic cycles.


Faith has a kind wisdom about her. I truly appreciate her ability to explain the complex concepts of astrology in understandable ways. Her course offered me the exact kind of information I was looking for in my search of a deeper understanding of this ancient symbolic language. I highly recommend it for anyone on a path toward self-awareness.

Sue Wyatt USA

"You cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself."

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

How much does Know Yourself cost?

The cost is $200 US, inclusive of all resources and one-on-one interaction with your teacher in the forum.

What about low income discounts?

There will be an early bird discount as well as low-income scholarships.

How is this course different from other astrology 101 courses?

Many courses offer a lot of content but it's just more information you could find for yourself online. Know Yourself is a learning community and this is where the real magic happens.

Will I be required to present homework?

Although we have suggested weekly activities, there is no homework. The objective is not to measure you to a standard, but for you to work towards your own personal goals of self-awareness.

What if I realise Know Yourself is not for me?

We really think you'll love the course so we're happy to offer a full refund before the second lesson if you decide you've made the wrong decision. No questions asked.

Do I have to participate in lessons online?

There are no ‘lessons online’, instead you will receive weekly posts with a recorded lesson, as well as suggested activities, example charts, links to further reading and discussion topics for the forum. If you prefer to work on your own that's ok, but experience has shown that group discussion really solidifies your learning.

We will explore the human psyche through the lens of the twelve archetypes

Week 1: The Planets

Learn how the planets represent the human needs that drive us, the energies that shape and contain the universe, the principles on which reality is founded. Memorize simple keywords to begin using the language of astrology straight away.

Week 2: The Signs

Meet the actors within us. Explore each of the twelve archetypes of the Zodiac, from the Warrior to the Mystic. Then learn how they present in an individual natal chart and how this drama plays out in our daily lives.

Week 3: Elements, Quadruplicities, Polarities

Learn about the foundational building blocks of astrology, so crucial to understanding both aspects and transits.

Week 4: The Houses and Angles

Understand that the twelve houses are the twelve stage sets upon which the theatre of our life unfolds. They also represent the cycle of a human life from birth to death. Learn how to use this knowledge to plan your life more effectively.

Week 5: WTH are dispositors and rulership?

Find out which archetypes are strongest for you. Identify the main actors in your story. Beyond Sun, Moon and Ascendant rulers, how can we know who's running the show?

Week 6: Understanding Aspects

See clearly how the archetypes inter-relate within you by learning to read the aspects in your own natal chart. Know which of the many aspects is most important and finally find out what the hell 'orb' means!

Week 7: Tracking your Transits

Tap into the process of personal and social evolution using free software to track your transits. 

Week 8: Reading the Whole Chart

Learn how to put it all together to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Eight week intensive begins July 2021

Enrollments will be strictly limited to ensure an intimate experience.

Join an inspiring facilitator

Faith Thomas

Insight Astrology

The Language of Astrology has helped me understand myself and heal from past trauma. Over the last twenty years I have given lots of readings, now I want to help you use this language for yourself. It's not hard to learn :)

Faith Thomas astrology course

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime" Maimonides

Enjoy daily access to your teacher

Yes, we will be there answering questions and sharing our own experience of using astrology for self empowerment.

"Faith is very informed about Astrology, and has a lot of good insights. She has excellent organizational abilities. Her professional demeanour and willingness to answer questions really stand out."

“I looked forward to a settling down with a structured approach to the natal chart and I got a very good one for me ... authors and schools of astrology that I already know and use together with a couple of new ones.”

"Each week, I immensely enjoyed the recorded portion of the lesson. Because I could just sit back and contemplate. Ms. Faith has a lovely, soothing voice."  

“I have taken university courses online and this course is at the level of an accredited university course in organization and technical skill.”

“Faith is extremely empathic. This was essential for my circumstances. But I think anyone delving into their astrological psyche needs a guide, a teacher with great understanding and empathy. Faith is gentle. She was a new experience for me as a person... being such a feminine Capricorn.”

"Faith was a lovely teacher. Informed, knowledgeable, approachable, helpful and patient." 

“Faith did a good job as a teacher and listening to her was a pleasure. She was responsive to all the discussions on the forum and allowed the participation on the forum to be casual and not a requirement. I got a great deal out of it. It was well organized and provided a good foundation of astrology basics for the fledgling astrology student.”

“the quality of the course is excellent. Everything is so well organized, ordered... It has been great."

"I enjoyed it so much, I did not want it to end... I love being a part of a group of people who are dedicated to the study of Astrology. I appreciated the people who did participate, sometimes the smallest input can have such a powerful effect."  

“Practicing with a partner was an incredible learning experience for me! Also, having the opportunity to interact with the teacher. I've taken other workshops in the past, with the Astrologers charging money just to start a forum thread, writing a post and leaving it at that - no follow-up clarifications, just dropping 3-4 paragraphs for each class and calling it a day. This experience was different, there was genuine care and commitment on behalf of the teacher and it was great.”

“The amount of information I have learned in such a short period of time because of this structure and because of the interaction with much more experienced astrology students. I found the course very complete and your method professional.”

"Faith is an excellent teacher and I value her knowledge."  

“Faith is very thorough, making sure that the basics are covered in a very sound way. She is also very willing to share "secrets" from her own chart, which I find very helpful and valuable for people who might not be so adept at this reading stuff. She has made me aware that astrology has so many layers and answers, and that it's an ongoing challenge and quest for knowledge...”

“I wanted to gain more confidence and go back to what I already knew but in a more organized setting and this course totally did it for me. It IS excellent for someone who is completely inexperienced and is searching for a very first approach to Astrology, a complete beginner is coming out of this course with an amount of experience and knowledge it took me years to gain as a single individual, but condensed in two months! ”

"Faith was amazing but then again I'm not surprised. Her genuine care for her students is blatant, she's clear about her offer and she lives up to what she promises. She also doesn't put herself "above" her students and it's super cool to know that she's willing to learn from us as much as we're willing to learn from her. Feeling relaxed and supported in a learning environment is so important to me. Also, I'd thank her a million times for speaking slow during her recordings - that's a blessing for us non-native speakers!"  

“My favorite part of the course was the lively forum itself. What made it very special was the level of civility and sincerity of the group. This was a highly educated group of people each articulate and capable of expressing very subtle concepts in their observations.I have never experienced this before online- totally unlike Facebook or texting- civil in tone, words and respect for other members with wonderful interaction....”

“I experienced the forum as a lively, engaging meeting place.Each participant offered insight and new questions. Because this was such a safe environment, members felt free to reveal themselves and their life struggles relating the former to astrological principles with the aim of attaining self knowledge and insight. This was about personal growth with no cheap labeling or knee jerk assumptions.I was relieved there was no predicting or attempts to concretely predict events, as this part of astrology bothers me.”

"It is a rare privilege to have a professional educator as an astrology teacher. The world of astrology is full of hype and grandiosity, and to have a teacher who writes and responds, sharing information, correcting misinformation, and adding to understanding with a confident online presence to her international audience,, making all feel welcomed, was a great social and learning experience."  


Taking Faith's course started off an amazing journey toward accessing one's inner wisdom. On the one hand, this course helped me gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the technical knowledge of astrology. On the other hand, (it) empowered me with the intuitive astrological knowledge indispensable in cultivating constructive self-understanding on the path of fulfilling one's potential.

Anahit USA

“It has been a great experience. I have been looking at my note books for these last weeks and they are filled with astrology: drawings, thoughts… It has been very inspirational and also grounding.”

“[Faith] helped me ground and structure my relationship to astrology, leaving freedom to my personal way of experiencing it... This to me is key in a teacher. She has been able to move from those old power relationships in teaching, being one with us, but always the teacher, authority and guide.”


This is a wonderful course of exceptional value - with easy listening audio, thoughtfully worded tutorials by Faith and access to an interactive forum with a wider astrology community. Great for new students and/or a refresher, I highly recommend this course for everyone. ?

Esther Philips New Zealand

“Faith is a very authentic and understanding human being, as well as a very skilled astrologer. However, Faith is further unique in that she's able to put people at ease while teaching them how to get an effective grasp of astrological knowledge. Everything worked well. I especially appreciated receiving Faith's thorough feedback on my reflections on each lesson. Her updates helped further clarify the covered material.”

“Content-wise, my favorite part was the insight Faith provided on the Archetypes of the signs of the zodiac. This was entirely new to me and provided a lot of clarification on several components of my chart. Process-wise, my favorite part was having access to the forum and being able to ask specific questions.”

"Faith is a perfect teacher. She generously shares her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is down-to-earth, patient, straight forward, kind and approachable. She touches on personal experiences within her feedback and answers (her own as well as her students) which makes a huge difference in applying the complex concepts of astrology to everyday life experience."


There is a logical sequence and easy to follow structure to the course. Things fall easy into place... Great course outline, great space to work out in a group / forum... Comfortable and relaxed environment, knowledgeable and open teachers and mentors, well organised, great references and additional reading. AWESOME course and amazing teachers and mentors :) Thank you to all :)

Mario Saga Australia

If you've read this far you're probably excited to join us! Well why not?

Registration will close early if we reach our student limit.

How, two great ways to learn...

Independent Learner

All the content but without the interaction


  • Over ten hours of audio divided into easily digestible modules
  • Transcripts of all lessons
  • Access to the Know Yourself archive
  • Access to suggested further reading in each topic area
  • Activities and reflection to help you integrate the learning
  • Access to a Q&A forum to ask questions
One-on-one Mentoring

Daily access to your teachers for the full eight weeks of the course


  • Access to a private forum (limited numbers apply)
  • One-on-one engagement with your teacher
  •  Over ten hours of audio divided into easily digestible modules
  • Full transcripts of all lessons
  • Access to the Know Yourself Archive
  • Access to suggested further reading for in each topic area
  • A workbook to undertake suggested activities and reflections

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