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Monthly Forecasts

Astrology of January 2021: a powerful force for change

Welcome to 2021! I think it’s safe to say that many of us are relieved to see the back of 2020, which has been a tough year on so many levels. And from where I’m sitting 2021 is looking way less intense. Of course every year has its challenges and in 2021 this comes in the form of a square between Saturn and Uranus. Due to retrograde [read more...]

Astrology of December 2020: the Great Conjunction in Aquarius

The big highlight of the Astrology of December 2020 is the long awaited and much discussed Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, just days after the pair enter the visionary sign of Aquarius. This transit happens around once every twenty years. Known as the ‘king-maker’ it brings a significant shift in the governance. [read more...]

Astrology of June 2020: a wild wave then the sea calms

The astrology of June 2020 is going to be like a rough wave rolling in. The first half of the month will be heavy, with Sun / Venus conjunct and square Mars / Neptune, all under the influence of Jupiter conjunct Pluto. But, apart from the longer dance of Jupiter and Pluto, all this rolls through before the middle of the month, replaced [read more...]