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Astrology of August 2021: it’s ok to change your mind

Astrology of August 2021 Image Credit: Kristin Vogel

The Astrology of August 2021 continues to trigger the ongoing Saturn Uranus square, with the Sun and Mercury both forming t-squares with the pair in the early part of the month. Although Saturn and Uranus are currently out of orb, the Sun and Mercury will trigger first one and then the other, creating a strong sense of cognitive dissonance and inner conflict in those affected by it. Those with planets or points between 7 and 17 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) will feel this energy most strongly.

Many people will have a sense of ‘I want to change my mind about this but I just can’t. I’ve held fast for so long to what I believe that changing now would seem hypocritical’. This is a valid feeling, but the world is changing so fast and we, as a global culture, are changing with it.

Sometimes our way of looking at the world lags behind. Holding on to ideologies that do not fit our new reality will only make us vulnerable to disappointment and disillusionment later on. It’s better to see clearly and take our intellectual positions with discernment, unclouded by long-held or traditional views that may no longer serve us.

This is the crux of the Saturn Uranus square: the interplay and juxtaposition of tradition versus change.

So on to the Astrology of August 2021…

The month begins with an opposition between Mercury and Saturn on the 1 August. This brings into focus the limitations of our beliefs and their potential conflict with reality. Observe your thoughts and the conversations you have during this time. You may find yourself in intellectual conflict with others. Try to take an objective view of your own opinions and ask yourself whether they are still as true for you as they were two years ago.

On the same day, Mars squares Black Moon Lilith so beware that differences of opinion don’t become aggressive. You may very well be triggered, especially if someone questions your integrity. The Sun is also applying conjunct to Mercury and opposes Saturn on 2 August. This could bring some clarity to your thinking and help you express your ideas more articulately.

On 3 August Mercury trines Chiron which is a soothing balm to hurt egos and may help you see where your view of the world is founded on painful past experiences. Changing your mind can be a powerful part of the healing process. With Venus trining Uranus on the same day this healing and change can imbue our relationships also.

On 4 August Mercury squares Uranus and we are directly challenged to evolve our thinking beyond the status quo. Any outdated beliefs or socially constructed ideologies will be brought up for assessment and new ideas may begin to emerge if we are open to them. Uranus is known as the higher octave of Mercury and the visionary perspective that it offers can elevate our minds, but only if we let it.

On 6 August the Sun squares Uranus and we may feel rebellious and rash. We crave change but don’t know how to achieve it in a healthy way. We lack direction and are likely to act on impulse. The consequence is that we may shock or distress those around us, potentially putting them in opposition to the changes we want to make in our lives and the world around us.

On 8 August the New Moon rises at 16 degrees of Leo. This will be an interesting day astrologically. While still in its dark phase the Moon will oppose Saturn and then square Uranus. It will then conjoin the Sun, followed closely by Mercury at 23 degrees Leo. This will of course stir up the big feels, especially for those with planets or points between 9 and 22 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius).

On 10 August Mars squares the North Node. We may feel at odds with ourselves as if our actions are not in alignment either with who we are, or who we wish to be. With Venus opposite Neptune we may not be able to see people clearly. We may be gullible or prone to deception. It may be necessary to take off the rosy coloured glasses and accept the other for who they really are. Healthy boundaries are a key theme here.

On 11 August Venus trines Pluto which is a lovely sexy energy that is very hard to resist. On the same day Mercury briefly opposes retrograde Jupiter, which can make us a bit mouthy and opinionated, before moving into its rulership in Virgo. For the rest of the month our thinking will be more practical and less ego-driven, making it easier to integrate changes and challenges to our ideologies.

On 16 August Venus moves into her rulership in Libra, where she is very happy. Venus in Libra is all about cooperation and teamwork. Compromise and collaboration come very naturally and there is a tendency to seek harmony and to put the needs of the relationship first, even at the expense of one’s personal needs. Make sure you stand up for yourself when necessary or you may find resentment crops up big time when Venus enters Scorpio in September.

On 19 August Mercury conjoins Mars bringing our thoughts, words and deeds into alignment. On the same day Venus trines Black Moon Lilith. This is a sexy, feminine energy that favours putting ideas into action, both in the bedroom and outside it!

Uranus turns retrograde on 20 August, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron in seemingly backward motion across the sky. Retrograde Uranus turns the focus of change and evolution inward and makes it more personal. It’s a time to reflect on the areas of our lives that need to change and the things we need to break free from.

For more on the opportunities presented by retrograde periods check out my articles on Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde.

As Uranus turns retrograde, it is trined by transiting Mercury. Changing our mind no longer seems so difficult or unachievable. It happens effortless, and you may find it difficult to understand why you held onto your old beliefs for so long. An opposition from the Sun to Jupiter creates a sense of expansiveness and possibility, but you may feel spoiled for choice, over-whelmed or indecisive.

The 22 August is a busy day astrologically. Early in the day the Full Moon rises at 29 degrees 36 minutes of Aquarius. This is the second Aquarius full moon in a row, this time in the ‘anaretic’ or 29th degree. The lessons of this archetype are coming to fruition, especially as Mars trines Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, on the same day. We are now ready to take action for change, whether in our personal lives or in the social sphere. At the end of the day the Sun moves into Virgo, joining Mercury and Mars in this practical, hands-on sign. The actions we take for change are likely to be strategic and well thought out.

On 23 August Venus trines Saturn, emphasizing commitment and responsibility in relationships. Obligations that may have seemed burdensome will feel lighter. And if you’ve had one foot in and one foot out of a relationship this is a time when you will make a firm decision one way or the other. This is also a good energy for reaffirming vows or intentions you have with another person.

On 25 August Mercury opposes Neptune which can make us prone to self-deception and escapism. This may not be a good day to make big decisions or to have challenging conversations. Try to remain objective and notice where you may be avoiding looking at certain hard truths. If you find yourself indulging in drugs or alcohol or escaping into movies or books, consider a healthier form of transcendence such as meditation or mindfulness.

On 26 August Mercury trines Pluto as Venus opposes Chiron. Mercury trine Pluto is an extremely direct combination. It gets straight to the point and tends to bring things up that may have been festering beneath the surface for a while. Venus opposed Chiron suggests this may be painful for others around you so try to be gentle.

Finally, on 30 August Mercury enters Libra and we will be able to see the other person’s point of view much more clearly. This is a good time for communicating, especially around any changes that have been happening for you and how they may impact your way of relating. Sharing your experience will help others understand why change is necessary and ultimately beneficial for everyone involved.

The Astrology of August 2021 asks a lot of us. We are being challenged to change not only our way of thinking, our beliefs and ideas about the world, but our way of being as well. This may bring up resistance both from ourselves and from others. Stay true to the inner kernel of truth that can only be found deep within. It will guide you as you move forward.

That’s all for the Astrology of August 2021. See you next month :)

X Faith

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