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Astrology of May 2021: Speak from the heart

Astrology of May 2021

The Astrology of May 2021 has an inward going quality that also favours relationships. It’s as though we have an opportunity this month to go inward together.

Pluto is currently retrograde, remaining so until 7 October, and both Saturn and Mercury turn retrograde during the course of the month. At the same time we see a series of trines from the Sun, Mercury and Venus to retrograde Pluto, fostering expression of this powerful inner focused energy, allowing it to be turned outward and in our relationships.

When we speak from this deep inner place, from our hearts, it may not always be pretty. We may have to talk about our resentments, our jealousy and vulnerability. It’s not pretty but it’s essential. Unless we show others this deeper, darker part of who we are, our shadow self, then they cannot truly know us and our relationships will be lacking in depth and intimacy.

So on to the Astrology of May 2021…

The month begins with a lovely earthy trine from Mercury to Pluto on 2 May. Mercury is a fast moving planet that nevertheless has a powerful impact if you happen to be affected by it personally. If your chart is triggered you may find yourself communicating more powerfully than usual and it’s likely your mind will feel sharper, more focused.

This is the kind of transit that allows for charismatic speeches, empowered manifestos and hard nosed strategies to be developed and with Pluto retrograde it will really get down to the grit and bone of an issue. Mercury trine Pluto is an extremely direct combination. It goes straight to the point. This may sometimes be painful for the receiver so try to be gentle.

On 3 May Mercury squares Jupiter as the Sun squares Saturn. This could cause your mind to run away from you and become very busy, or the focus of Mercury trine Pluto could turn a little obsessive. Take some time out to quite the mind (meditation can be useful here) and go easy on the caffeine! Chamomile tea may be a better option for a few days!

Sun square Saturn is a stuck kind of energy and some people will struggle with feelings of dis-empowerment, depression and limitation. Fortunately these transits pass quite quickly so hold tight until….

Venus trines Pluto on 6 May! This is one of my favourite energies for sexy play and deep intimacy. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just meeting someone it can feel very intense. Be careful not to read too much into any new connections though. Relationships formed during this transit are unlikely to last very long.

On 8 May Venus squares Jupiter. These two planets are what we call ‘benefic’ which literally means ‘good-doer’ so this transit doesn’t tend to be too difficult. The most likely outcome is that those who are triggered may be a little too generous, or allow others to overstep their boundaries.

On 9 May both Venus and Mercury enter Gemini. Mercury loves being in Gemini as it is the sign it rules. The mind will be quick and alert. Communication is easy. We actively seek out information and feel comfortable sharing it. Venus in Gemini brings us more than usually good communication in relationships. We are likely to take great pleasure in socialising and chat, though emotions may be a little cool.

On 11 May the New Moon rises at 21 degrees Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus  steadies our emotions and is a good time for grounding ourselves and reconnecting with the Earth and our physical bodies.

During the New Moon Mercury will conjoin the North Node and sextile Chiron, while Mars squares Chiron. There is a strong opportunity to correct thought patterns that may be holding us back from true healing, however we will have to overcome our headstrong desire to be first and most important. Humility is key.

On 12 May Mars sextiles Uranus as Mercury trines Saturn. This energy favours taking action for change, aided by a steady mind and organised, well-structured communication.

Jupiter enters Pisces on 13 May bringing the planet of expansion into the sign of spiritual enlightenment and delusion. Yes, Pisces rules both transcendence and false transcendence (addiction) and so Pisces passage through this sign could bring either an expansion of our spiritual consciousness or a massive escapist binge! Jupiter remains in Pisces until December 2022, retrograding back into Aquarius for most of the second half of this year.

On 17 May the Sun trines Pluto. Sun trine Pluto is a short-lived transit but if used wisely it can be a powerful agent for creative manifestation. Creating a strong vision of what you wish to manifest in your life brings it more clearly into focus. This is an excellent transit for launching a new project, or pushing forward with something that’s been stuck. Sun trine Pluto helps us draw on resources we may have forgotten we have. It gives us perseverance and courage to push through the obstacles that have been holding us back.

On 20 May Venus trines Saturn. This is a great energy for commitment in relationships and a good time to take care of any area in our relationships where we may have been neglecting our responsibilities. Taking care of course that we don’t take on responsibilities that are not ours to carry!

On the same day the Sun enters Gemini. During the coming month our powers of manifestation will be channeled more strongly than usual through our thoughts and words. This means there is never a better time to be conscious of how we are thinking and speaking about ourselves, others and the world.

The power of thought and word in the process of creative manifestation is wonderfully expressed in Neale Donald Walsch’s seminal book Conversations with God. He writes, ‘Thought is pure energy. Every thought you have, have ever had, and ever will have is creative.” Because the Sun represents in us the creative force that is the source of our ability to manifest in this way, with the Sun in Gemini we should be particularly aware of our thoughts and how they influence our experience of life.

This is especially true as the Sun squares Jupiter on 21 May, which tends to makes us prone to excess. Be cautious of the tendency to get carried away and bite off more than you can chew. Also, Sun square Jupiter loves to indulge and if you’re not careful you may find yourself with a severe case of indigestion, if not a hang-over!

On 23 May Saturn turns retrograde and will remain in apparent backward motion until 11 October. During this time it will form a second exact square with transiting Uranus (more on that important transit here). Retrograde Saturn is a time for pruning away anything that no longer serves you. The art of pruning is very Saturnian, exemplified in Japanese bonsai where the plant is severely pruned and curtailed to create something beautiful. Thus is Retrograde Saturn; it may not be pleasant but it is for our own good!

On the same day Mercury squares Neptune. This transit is what we could call a mind f*$#! It brings confusion, delusion and self-deception. Thank goodness it’s short lived! The best way to manage it is to take active steps to remain mindful. Clarity of mind may not be something you can attain, but if you can step back, become the observer and realise you are not the mind or your thoughts, then you will be able to remain detached from the muddle.

Three days later, on 26 May, the Full Moon rises at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. Emotionally we will be ready for change, expansion and exploration. We will be open to new ideas and our minds very active and curious. However as Venus squares Neptune on 27 May we may be more prone to seeing people in an idyllic light and letting others overstep our boundaries. Generosity of heart is a wonderful thing but remember that giving and receiving should be balanced in any relationship.

On 29 May Mercury turns retrograde as it conjoins Venus at the end of Gemini. Mercury and Gemini conjoin regularly and this is always a good time for communication in close relationships. With Mercury retrograde communication will be especially intimate and inward-going. Again, time for a deep and meaningful! Mercury remains retrograde until 23 June.

Finally the Astrology of May 2021 closes with a trine from Mars to Neptune on 31 May. Mars trine Neptune is a relaxing energy, not lethargic like the square, but more indolent and languid. Take things easy for a few days and don’t try to power on when it doesn’t feel right. This is a time to rest and reconnect with the spiritual nature of your body. Become present to your senses, practice yoga, tai chi or some other moving meditation. The body and the spirit are not separate; they are one.

That’s all for the Astrology of May 2021, although if you’re hungry for more the linked articles contain lots more detail on specific transits.

See you next month :)

X Faith

PS: I love hearing how you’re experiencing the transits. Share your thoughts on the Astrology of May 2021 in the comments below.

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  1. Josie Tweed // May 10, 2021 at 4:25 pm // Reply

    I’d just like to thank Faith for her beautifully aptly named ‘insightful’ astrology. I am thoroughly enjoying her clear yet very gentle delivery of content as I’m working my way through the D.I.Y course. Faith has a real gift I feel in her ability to put into words concepts that otherwise are hard to grasp. Not to mention her absolutely well versed knowledge & stance upon the connectivity of all things. Faith, thank you! 🙏

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