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Astrology of October 2021: obstacle illusions

Astrology of October 2021 Image by Rob Gonsalves.

The Astrology of October 2021 features a series of trines to Jupiter, which on the most basic level represent opportunity, along with several oppositions to Chiron, and squares to Pluto and Saturn. Many times in our lives opportunities arise and we fail to take advantage of them, not because there are real, physical obstacles that prevent us, but because our mind and heart are caught up in stories of fear and limitation.

So my question to you this month is: how much of what holds you back from living your best life is real, and how much of it is in your head, a story you are telling yourself about why you can’t…?

Many of us live with real limitation, even in the privileged west. There are financial limitations and physical limitations such as illness or lack of resources. These are not the obstacles I’m talking about here. And I don’t want to minimise these challenges for those who are experiencing them. There are also other people’s boundaries and we need to respect these when making our own decisions.

However many of the reasons we give for not taking advantage of the opportunities that come our way are less tangible and often don’t stand up to scrutiny. For example:

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I’m not ready
  • I can’t handle it
  • I’m not qualified enough
  • No one would take me seriously

This month I’d like to suggest that when we encounter an obstacle, as we most certainly will when the Sun, Mercury and Mars square Saturn and Pluto, that we take a moment of mindfulness and consider whether they are real, or just a story we are telling ourselves.

With four planets turning direct in October, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, this is a great time to out any self-destructive sub-conscious scripts that may have been playing in the background without your explicit permission and consent.

So on to the astrology of October 2021…

October begins with a cluster of aspects from a trio that will conjoin later in the month: the Sun, Mercury and Mars. These three are key players in the astrology of October 2021. On 1 October the Sun trines Lilith as Mars opposes Chiron and Mercury squares Pluto. The warrior women archetype is strong within us, ready to be expressed in a creative and constructive way, but we are held back by past experiences of being shunned or shamed for our self-assertion. Our minds are stuck in old stories of power over, rather than power within. Observe and adjust.

On 2 October Venus sextiles Pluto which will help us integrate internal adjustments into our relationships. This transit will help us get what we want in a way that leaves everyone feeling good. It’s also charismatic and sexy. Flirtation and seduction are favoured.

On 3 October the Sun opposes Chiron in Aries and yet again we are struck by feelings of shame at our self assertive approach to getting what we want. This may even be the case if we felt appreciated for these very same things the day before! Our childhood scripts are deeply written on our sub-conscious and can override our lived experience in the moment. Again, observe the story and if necessary use positive affirmation to create new narratives to replace the old.

For example if you hear yourself thinking, ‘I was too opinionated at that party last night’. Try instead, ‘I have the right to express my opinion so long as I respect the opinions of others.’

On 4 October Mercury trines Jupiter. This is the first of three trines to Jupiter, who turns direct this month after almost four months in retrograde motion. However at the time of this transit both Mercury and Jupiter are still retrograde and so the action will mainly occur internally. Mercury trine Jupiter brings openness to possibility and potential and a greater awareness of other perspectives. This will be very helpful in our quest to identify our ‘obstacle illusions’ as it will allow us to see beyond our narrow ways of perceiving the world.

On 6 October the New Moon rises at 13 degrees Libra, as Pluto turns direct in Capricorn. This is a good time to set an intention to bring any unacknowledged power dynamics, resentments or jealousies in your relationships out in to the open. If trouble has been brewing between you and another, take advantage of the waning trine between Mercury and Jupiter to initiate a conversation. You are more likely to be open and receptive to each other’s perspectives at this time.

The ingress of Venus into Sagittarius on 7 October will also facilitate openness and generosity in relationships, and further highlights the energy of Jupiter in the astrology of October 2021.

On 8 and 9 October the Sun, Mercury and Mars conjoin to create a brief but powerful energy for self-expression, self-assertion, the initiation of creative projects and communication of ideas. Magic and manifestation are empowered at this time.

On 11 October Saturn turns direct in Aquarius. I’ve been thinking a lot about Saturn in Aquarius lately and its overt expression as ‘restriction of the people,’ which we see so clearly in our current lockdown culture. Saturn is currently at 6 degrees of Aquarius and does not enter Pisces until 7 March 2023. While this very real obstacle to our movement and our freedom will be with us for some time, it’s important to remember that ‘this too shall pass’. The idea that it is the beginning of global totalitarianism, as some astrologers and social commentators have suggested, does not fit with my understanding of the astrological energies, which tend to balance and hold one another in check. With Saturn in direct motion it may be easier to see this influence clearly and to address its impact more openly in public discussion.

If you have another perspective on the matter please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

On 13 October Venus sextiles Saturn which always highlights commitment and steadfastness in relationships. Being there for those we love, honouring our responsibilities and turning up even when things are tough will be easier over the few days of this transit.

On 15 October the Sun trines Jupiter. This is an energy of optimism, buoyancy and creative good fortune. It’s a great day to launch a project or to just get amongst it. Watch out for moments of synchronicity, seeming coincidences that may indicate an opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by!

One way that we can better understand how the transits affect us personally is to check to see which house the planet is passing through in our natal chart. To help you understand this better I’ve written a brief guide to the Houses of the Zodiac which you can access here.

On 16 October Venus opposes Lilith and trines Chiron. If your chart is touched by this transit, which it will be if you have planets or points between 6 and 12 degrees of the Mutable signs, it’s likely to generate a situation where you are triggered by something someone says or does. You may lash out defensively. While potentially painful this interaction is likely to be healing, if you can acknowledge your own woundedness and realise that you are reacting not to the current experience but to a similar situation that occurred in the past.

On 17 October the Sun squares Pluto as Mercury sextiles Venus. Sun square Pluto can amplify obsessive tendencies and have us fixating on things, so take care. The sextile between Mercury and Venus keeps communication flowing sweetly, which can be a big help if you’re acting a bit intense!

On 18 October Mercury turns direct in exact trine to Lilith, making this the perfect time to assert yourself verbally with others, especially in areas of your life where you feel you are being treated unfairly, oppressed, abused or dis-empowered because of your femininity. This applies to both women and men. Jupiter also turns direct today which makes it a great time to step out in a new direction and expand your horizons. If you are in a disempowering situation examine the stories you are telling yourself about why you stay and open yourself up to other possibilities, especially as Mars trines Jupiter on 19 October, making this a very fortuitous time to initiate new endeavours.

On 20 October the Full Moon rises at 27 degrees of Aries. This one could well be a doozy. Mercury is exactly trine Lilith for the second time and we may feel a need to assert our feminine power, however with Mars, ruler of Aries, creeping up to square Pluto this time the smooth articulation of your needs may lead to a show down of sorts.

Mars will be at 22 degrees of Libra and Pluto will be at 24 degrees of Capricorn, forming a loose t-square with the Sun and Moon. In fact the Full Moon will trigger both Mars and Pluto by opposition and square aspect respectively, over the course of the day as it comes into its fullness. Those with planets of points between 23 and 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aires, Cancer, Libra or Cap) are most likely to be impacted by these transits.

Mars square Pluto is exact on the 22 October. This transit can can be very intense and volatile, characterised by power struggles and conflict, so remain awake!

On 23 October the Sun moves into Scorpio. This is a month long period when our creative magic is focused on depth and that which is hidden. It’s a good time for internal work, setting intentions that shift stuck patterns of behaviour and blockages to our full self-expression.

On 27 October Venus squares Neptune. This is a brief transit that can lead to misunderstandings and confusion in relationships, as well as outright deception in some circumstances. Those with planets of points between 17 and 23 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are most likely to be affected by this transit.

On 28 October Venus sextiles Jupiter. These two most benefic of planets in harmonious aspect to one another represent abundance and luck, but as with all sextile aspects you may have to work for it. Remember that ‘good fortune favours the brave’; get out there and make the connections that will lead to opportunities.

On 30 October Mars moves into Scorpio where it is very happy. During the coming month we are likely to have a powerful drive and will power, as well as not a little libido! Everyone wants something and during Mars in Scorpio we may be willing to sacrifice a lot more than usual to get it. During this time we’ll have an intensity of focus that has the potential to carry us a long way towards our goals.

However on the same day the Sun squares Saturn. Although this is a brief transit it may present some obstacles, real and imagined, to getting what we want. Relax and remember that when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams, sometimes timing is everything.

The Astrology of October 2021 presents us with both opportunities and obstacles. One of our challenges this month is to discern where these obstacles are real, and where they are self-created. Self-created obstacles can be un-created, and new stories told in their place.

One of the most powerful astrological tools for understanding our own evolutionary process more fully is the progressed chart. While transits give us insight into the external circumstances that drive change in our life, the progressed chart can show us what is going on inside. If you’re new to the progressed chart you can check out this introductory article.

That’s all for the Astrology of October 2021. See you next month :)

X Faith

PS: I love hearing how you’re experiencing the transits. Share your thoughts on the Astrology of October 2021 in the comments below.

To get started applying the astrology of October 2021 to your own life, grab a free birth chart at and download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

4 Comments on Astrology of October 2021: obstacle illusions

  1. bertie marshall // September 30, 2021 at 1:58 pm // Reply

    Saturn in Aquarius is also perhaps about responsibility to one’s fellow man/woman= following the rules esp covid mask wearing getting vaxxed etc protecting yourself and your community- all very Aquarian.

  2. The Libra new moon exactly squares my Sun/Mercury conjunction in Cap in 12th. With Chiron in Aries, and Pluto exactly squaring my Pluto, it’s been quite a pressure cooker over here – and it seems like that’s not going away any time soon :D “Obstacle illusions” is something I needed to hear!

  3. Just want to say thank you for your work, time and contribution to us all in writing this article. Its a breath of fresh air, i’m glad I found your website. Bookmarked it.
    So, thank you. I also apprecaite a small ritual for the Full moon, its really nice to have such an encouragement. Blessed be. :-)

  4. Saturn in Aquarius points to the social restrictions of mask wearing, social distancing, and even the exposure of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as not being all that socially responsible businesses. Saturn Stationary/Direct points to these issues being exposed by the Pluto Station/Direct and the Mercury-Jupiter Station/Direct motions. All these planetary directional changes within 12 days of each other are sure to dredge up even more dirt than we’re experiencing, so hold on to your cosmic seatbelts, we’re in for a wild ride!

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