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Moon phases

Full Moon in Sagittarius 5 June 2020: Turn the Page

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives on 5 June and is also an Eclipse. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, to be precise, which means that the themes of culmination and release that are usually associated with Full Moons will be felt even more intensely. Occurring at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, you will feel this eclipse if you have natal [read more...]

Full Moon in Virgo: a moment of clarity

The next Full Moon arriving on March 9 (5:47 PM UTC), at 19°37 of Virgo, brings a dose of practical magic to pierce the veil of the recent Mercury Retrograde cycle, which will be coming to an end hours after the Full Moon itself: considering the state of alert and (legitimate) health concerns that are taking hold in many parts of the [read more...]

Full Moon in Taurus 12 November 2019: the physical is spiritual

On November 12, 2019, at 1:34 PM UTC, the moon will grow full in the sign of Taurus (19°51). Brimming, bright and bountiful as the earthy, sensuous archetype of the bull, a timeless symbol of fertility which has been honoured as sacred in countless cultures throughout the world. This connection with the Earth’s natural wisdom is [read more...]

New Moon in Scorpio 27 October 2019: Who You Want to Be

Scorpio season can force revelations on us that we seldom feel prepared for. These are soul declarations that disrupt our consciousness so completely that we must reshape around new beliefs about our self. We humans tend to resist the changes that time and circumstance bring, but learning how to be comfortable with these inner, seismic [read more...]

Full Moon in Aries 13 October 2019: the Unconscious Warrior

The Aries Full Moon coming up on October 13, 2019,  at  9:08 PM UTC, at 20 degrees of the sign of the Ram, is a cosmic detonation. There is the fire of the Ram, the reckless flame of the boldest sign of the Zodiac, and there is the fuel – an explosive one at that. In fact, the most noteworthy aspect received by this lunation [read more...]

Blood moon lunar eclipse in Aries: birthing is painful

Here in Europe the much anticipated total lunar eclipse in Aries occurs in the early morning of 28 September. Because the Moon is at its ‘perigee’ (at its closest to the Earth) this lunar eclipse will appear much larger than usual, a phenomena that some modern astrologers call a Super Moon. As it will also be tinged red by [read more...]

Full Moon in Pisces: balance mundane and sacred

On 20 September the Full Moon rises at 28 degrees Pisces as Mercury trines Jupiter. This is a fantastic energy for speaking what is on your heart and also favours deep listening and connection. Opening up to someone and letting yourself be vulnerable can allow you to draw closer to one another. However we must choose wisely who we [read more...]

Full Moon in Aquarius: are you ready for change?

The 22 August is a busy day astrologically. Early in the day the Full Moon rises at 29 degrees 36 minutes of Aquarius. This is the second Aquarius full Moon in a row, this time in the ‘anaretic’ or 29th degree. The lessons of this archetype are coming to fruition, especially as Mars trines Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, on the [read more...]

Full Moon in Capricorn: take responsibility for your emotions

On 24 June the Full Moon rises at 3 degrees Capricorn. This is a call to grow up and take responsibility for our emotions. Even though it feels like they’re happening to you, actually you choose to feel the way you feel. Acknowledging this is the only way you can move on and begin to feel differently. Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces [read more...]

New Moon in Gemini and a solar eclipse: initiate communication

On 10 June the New Moon rises at 19 degrees of Gemini, inviting us to open our minds to new ideas gained through exchange with others. This New Moon occurs in conjunction with Gemini’s ruler Mercury, enhancing the connection between our mind and our emotions. This may clarify any confusion you’ve been experiencing over the [read more...]

Full Moon in Sagittarius: open to growth and change

On 26 May, the Full Moon rises at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. Emotionally we will be ready for change, expansion and exploration. We will be open to new ideas and our minds very active and curious. Sagittarius is open hearted, open minded and generous. This is a time when we can deliberately list the things we have to celebrate and feel [read more...]

Moon phases meditations: your emotional rhythms

I’ve been drawn to meditation since my early twenties but over the years my understanding of it has changed. When I was young meditation was a mysterious phenomenon only accessible to the initiated, those much wiser and more enlightened than I. Then, after my first ten-day Vipassana course, I began to see meditation as something we [read more...]

New Moon in Taurus: grounding and earth connection

On 11 May the New Moon rises at 21 degrees Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus  steadies our emotions and is a good time for grounding ourselves and reconnecting with the Earth and our physical bodies. During the New Moon Mercury will conjoin the North Node and sextile Chiron, while Mars squares Chiron. There is a strong opportunity to [read more...]

Full moon in Scorpio: intense emotional reactions

On 27 April Pluto turns retrograde as the Full Moon rises at 7 degrees of Scorpio. This will be an intense day as the Moon will pass through a t-square with Uranus/Mercury/Venus conjunct in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. Internal conflict is highly likely for those with planets or points between 4 and 17 degrees of the Fixed signs [read more...]

New Moon in Aries: forward motion

On 12 April the New Moon rises at 22 degrees Aries as Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is likely to be a pretty intense day as Venus and Pluto are at 26 degrees so the New Moon will trigger the square, intensifying its impact. During this Venus square Pluto there may be a strong desire to be in control and to gain success [read more...]
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