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Full Moon in Aries: assert yourself

Courage and emotional independence

Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries of 20 October 2021 is likely to be a doozy. At 27 degrees of Aries it will form a loose t-square with an applying square between Mars and Pluto which could create very volatile situation, especially in relationships.

Mercury is exactly trine Lilith for the second time and we may feel a need to assert our feminine power, however with Mars, ruler of Aries, creeping up to square Pluto this time your smooth articulation of your needs may lead to a show down of sorts.

Mars is at 22 degrees of Libra and Pluto is at 24 degrees of Capricorn, forming a loose t-square with the Sun and Moon. In fact the Full Moon will trigger both Mars and Pluto by opposition and square aspect respectively over the course of the day, as it comes into its fullness. Those with planets of points between 23 and 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aires, Cancer, Libra or Cap) are most likely to be impacted by these transits.

Themes for this powerful aspect pattern include power struggle (Pluto), new beginnings (Mars), self-assertion (Mars and Lilith) and emotional independence (Moon). There is a lot of energy here so if you’ve been dragging your feet on something this is a good time to move forward. But be aware, full moons can bring emotional storms and lack of clarity so don’t let the impulsive energy of Aries push you into any rash decisions!

A short ritual for harnessing the power of the full moon in Aries

Face east in the late evening. Create a circle around you – I often use a silk rope or ribbon but if you are outside you can draw on the Earth. Take five minutes to meditate and become calm. Then light four candles and invite in the four elements / directions. Ask them to support you in your ritual.

  • Fire – inspiration, creativity, passion, motivation
  • Water – intuition, compassion, love
  • Air – intelligence, communication, planning, strategy
  • Earth – practical skills, resources, money and time

Focus on the archetype of Aries which is energising this full moon. Aries is the archetype of the Hero and represents independence, courage and action. Acknowledge that this is a time for working independently but for a common goal. Be thankful for the courage and strength that Aries brings you.

Now focus on the Actions you will take in the coming weeks, the goals that you need to achieve. It could be useful to write these down beforehand. Spend a few moments concentrating on each one. Visualise each one manifesting exactly as you desire. Do this slowly and with gratitude.

Open your eyes and feel yourself fully present in your body – alive, strong and capable. Connect with the warrior energy of Aries and accept the gifts of strength, courage and independence that this brings you during this eclipse period. Thank the four directions and release them.

How are you experiencing this full moon in Aries?

Let us know how you’re going, especially if this is a tough one for you. Knowing others are also working through the same stuff can help a lot.

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