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Full Moon in Cancer: healthy nurturing

Giving and receiving love in equal measure

Full moon in Cancer Image Mother and child by Frederic Leighton

This month’s full moon in Cancer falls on the 4th or 5th January, depending on whereabouts in the world you happen to be. Partaking in a powerful grand-cross with Uranus, Pluto and the North Node, this full moon in Cancer is a focal point for the emergence and subsequent release of emotional baggage to do with nurturing and the mother.

The moon is very much at home in Cancer as this is the sign that she rules. As with all the astrological signs Cancer has both a light and a dark side. In its positive manifestation Cancer is the energy that nurtures and surrenders to nurturing, a two way flow that is balanced and healthy. However when the Moon or planets placed in Cancer have difficult aspects, either in your natal chart or when transiting, distortions of this energy can occur. This can also apply to planets placed in the 4th house.

Issues that may emerge during this full moon in Cancer:

  • You feel like it’s your responsibility to nurture everyone around you. Trying to save others from themselves, you exhaust yourself and prevent them from taking responsibility for their own lives. Archetypes: the Rescuer.
  • People constantly come to you for advice, guidance and nurturing. You feel overburdened and often tell others you are being taken advantage of, but deep down your take great pleasure in being needed. Archetype: the Martyr.
  • You feel lonely and unloved, resenting that others seem to get the nurturing you crave. Feeling depleted and needy you withhold nurturing from others, telling yourself you don’t have enough love to share around. Archetype: the Victim.
  • In friendship and love you are needy and demanding so that others feel drained and distance themselves from you. There just never seems to be enough love to make you feel okay about yourself. Archetype: the Wounded Child.
  • You’re very affectionate and warm but your love comes with a price. You expect those you love to live up to your expectations, to follow your advice and to be there for you no matter what. Archetype: the Devouring Mother

This full moon in Cancer is about shining light on how you’ve been relating to the principle of nurturing. In doing so it can be helpful to consider your relationship with your mother, your first teacher in this important subject. Perhaps your mother had trouble expressing affection or was unable to give you the kind of nurturing you need. Maybe she was too caught up in her own problems. If your relationship with your mother is currently difficult this is often a sign that you have inner work to do around nurturing.

In working with the full moon in Cancer ask yourself:

  1. Is there a healthy balance in my life between nurturing and being nurtured?
  2. Do I allow myself to receive nurturing from those around me?
  3. Am I able to nurture myself, for example taking time out to rest or indulge my sensual nature?
  4. Do I nurture others unconditionally and without resentment?
  5. Am I able to set boundaries with others and say no when necessary?
  6. Do I respect the boundaries of others including my own mother?

During this full moon in Cancer, with its aspects to Uranus, Pluto and the North Node, you’ll have the opportunity to let go of any distorted ideas and feelings you have around nurturing. In their place embrace an understanding of love as a flowing dynamic energy that cannot be depleted, a view of nurturing that understands that by truly nurturing others we nurture ourselves. In doing so we remember that our own needs are as important as those of others.

To be fully present and open to the energies of this full moon in Cancer it is recommended to do some kind of ritual or meditation. There’s a lovely one here at the Healer’s Journey which has a strong focus on the mother archetype. Allow yourself to become aligned with the reality of this moment and let all else fall away. Surrender to the process of change and renewal that is catalysed by this full moon in Cancer. Breathe deeply and affirm your intention to bring healthy nurturing into you life today.

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  1. Another great post, really enjoyed the reading and the suggestions for a meditation.

  2. Yep. Need to think about the nurturing issues :)

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