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Full Moon in Capricorn: take responsibility for your emotions

Full Moon in Capricorn Image Lighthouse Cove by Jessie Barnes

On 24 June the Full Moon rises at 3 degrees Capricorn. This is a call to grow up and take responsibility for our emotions. Even though it feels like they’re happening to you, actually you choose to feel the way you feel. Acknowledging this is the only way you can move on and begin to feel differently.

Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces the very next day, offering us the chance to explore the depths of our dreaming. If we remain aware, retrograde Neptune can help us understand what is real and what is illusory. Or it can take us deep into delusion and addiction. You can best take advantage of this energy by quietening your mind through meditation, yoga or other mindfulness practice. Neptune turns direct again on 2 December.

Any Full Moon in Capricorn is a call to grow up and take responsibility for our emotions. Its nobody’s fault that you feel this way: you can’t blame your boyfriend or your parents or your boss. They’re your emotions. Be aware that the Full Moon in Capricorn isn’t the most sociable of moons and has a tendency to withdraw when it feels emotionally threatened.

The Full Moon in Capricorn may also dredge up the fears we hold about success. In this we are all different: some fear failure, others success, while still others project our fears onto others, expecting our children or partner to succeed for us.

The Full Moon in Capricorn brings emotional maturity and the gift of self-discipline. Like a strong boat in stormy sea we can ride above our emotions and reach our destination safely. We cannot stop the storm but we can stay firmly seated in our little boat while the seas seethe around us.

How will this Full Moon in Capricorn affect you

This Full Moon in Capricorn will affect you more or less depending on where in your birth chart it falls. Any planet between 1 and 6 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), Water or Earth signs will be especially affected.

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If you’re personally affected by the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus, this Full Moon in Capricorn may also stir up inner conflict between the part of yourself that feels responsible and committed vs the part of yourself that wants to break free and rebel against constraints. Observe any inner turmoil and remember that it will soon pass.

Will your chart be triggered by this Pull Moon in Capricorn? Please share your thoughts below.

9 Comments on Full Moon in Capricorn: take responsibility for your emotions

  1. Thanks for the warning faith! This is the first time I’ve really tried to get to grips with my chart, and I can see that I have the true node in cancer – life lessons huh? Mars in libra in the fifth house- relationships/love? Thursday I will be packing my bags ready for a trip to face some emotional discussions that have been brewing for some time, I knew the week would be emotional from a simply practical point of view and now the stars reassure me that “it’s all part of the plan” and I can prepare sensibly and learn from my experiences. Thank you again dear lady

  2. Ooh. Venus on my Sun!

  3. This gonna be so dramatic… and I don’t understand so much right now. I’m Capricorn with Asc Cancer, the sun and mars are in my 12th house, moon and pluto will be in the 6th. My Pluto natal is in the 9° of Scorpio. Conjunction Venus and Jupiter fall in 2nd house, so that’s mean… I don’t have idea!!! Why you say this full moon it’s about relationships? Not for me, everything says it’s only about the way I am valuing me, how I think, inner work, and some stuff with daily job, gym… I broke with a guy a month ago (with Merc RX and there’s no way we can back), I started a diet last week, I back to swimming class and started therapy… No see much love relationship stuff in this areas. Could sound pessimist but I can’t see astro love connections since a month ago in my chart, neither in future.

    • Thanks for sharing Mirsha. By relationships I don’t mean only love relationships. All the relationships in your life are favoured by these transits including family, friends, work etc…

  4. Im a scorpio sun, cancer moon, and capricorn venus/mars. I cant wait to see how it affects me.

  5. Natal moon 6 degrees cap 12th house balsamic. I’m creating boundaries and growing up in big ways. I’m ditching my people pleasing gig (Saturn/Uranus square) and breaking free from my fears of success. Thanks Faith for the post!

  6. As always thank you, Faith, for keeping us in contact what is.It is sometimes to much , the only place I like to be is, within myself and follow my own truth and intuition to surf the ways I think it is the best. and try to stay calm. Anna

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