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Full Moon in Capricorn: take responsibility for your emotions

Full Moon in Capricorn Image Lighthouse Cove by Jessie Barnes

This Thursday 2 July the Full Moon in Capricorn will rise in the sky, bringing us both challenge and bounty. An exact conjunction between Venus Jupiter that both trines Uranus and sextile Mercury will place a strong emphasis on relationships. Communication will likely be enhanced and openness and honesty may be easier. This is a lovely generous and open-minded energy which can help us find solutions to even the most stuck relationship patterns.

However a wide conjunction to Pluto ensures the Moon’s emotional pull is strong and with the Sun in opposition it’s likely we’ll be tempted to project our emotional shit onto those around us. To make things even more volatile, the Sun will make a wide conjunction to Mars in Cancer. This isn’t a fiery energy, but it is stormy. Cancer wants to be loved and any planet placed in this sign will be very sensitive to criticism or perceived invalidation of our emotional truth.

This tension is nicely offset by reflective Neptune, currently retrograde in its rulership of Pisces. Neptune trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon giving us direct access to the wise intuitive guidance that can lead us out of any emotional illusions we find ourselves bogged down in during this Full Moon in Capricorn. You can best take advantage of this energy by quietening your mind through meditation, yoga or other mindfulness practice.

During this Full Moon in Capricorn the connection to Pluto brings the potential for some pretty explosive emotions so be careful not to get caught up in the intensity of your story. Just because you believe something doesn’t necessarily make it true, especially when Pluto and the Moon are involved! Let go of your preconceptions and allow things to unfold without reacting.

Any Full Moon in Capricorn, but especially one with so much potential for volatility, is a call to grow up and take responsibility for our emotions. Its nobody’s fault that you feel this way: you can’t blame your boyfriend or your parents or your boss. They’re your emotions. Even though it feels like they’re happening to you, actually you chose to feel the way you feel. Acknowledging this is the only way you can move on and begin to feel differently.

Be aware that the Full Moon in Capricorn isn’t the most sociable of moons and has a tendency to withdraw when it feels emotionally threatened and the involvement of Pluto could have you spiraling into a deep dark place. However sextiles from Mercury to Jupiter and Uranus will hopefully keep communication flowing in the right direction.

With its connection to Pluto this Full Moon is Capricorn may also bring up issues of control. Letting go of our attempts to manipulate the world around us, and particularly people who don’t fit into our ideal of how things ‘should’ be, is the key to allowing the flow of abundance and good fortune that is the promise of Jupiter conjunct Venus.

The Full Moon in Capricorn may also dredge up the fears we hold about success. In this we are all different: some fear failure, others success, while still others project our fears onto others, expecting our children or partner to succeed for us. The Full Moon in Capricorn brings emotional maturity and the gift of self-discipline. Like a strong boat in stormy sea we can ride above our emotions and reach our destination safely. We cannot stop the storm but we can stay firmly seated in our little boat while the seas seethe around us.

How will this Full Moon in Capricorn affect you

This Full Moon in Capricorn will affect you more or less depending on where in your birth chart it falls. Any planet between 7 and 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs, Water or Earth signs will be especially affected. For example in my chart the Moon will be passing through the 8th House, conjuncting my natal Venus and squaring my natal Pluto. Fun!

You can also check to see where the lovely conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will bestow its blessings. It falls at 22 degrees Leo so for me this will be in the 3rd House. To understand how to apply these transits to your own birth chart you can check out my Free Mini Lessons. You can also download your birth chart for free.

Your turn…

The Full Moon in Capricorn may well touch some deep and painful places inside us. Its challenge will be to avoid projecting our pain and discomfort onto those around us, to stay present and to communicate our truth without blame. Tools such as Non-Violent Communication can help. What other tools have you found useful in the past?

7 Comments on Full Moon in Capricorn: take responsibility for your emotions

  1. Thanks for the warning faith! This is the first time I’ve really tried to get to grips with my chart, and I can see that I have the true node in cancer – life lessons huh? Mars in libra in the fifth house- relationships/love? Thursday I will be packing my bags ready for a trip to face some emotional discussions that have been brewing for some time, I knew the week would be emotional from a simply practical point of view and now the stars reassure me that “it’s all part of the plan” and I can prepare sensibly and learn from my experiences. Thank you again dear lady

  2. Ooh. Venus on my Sun!

  3. This gonna be so dramatic… and I don’t understand so much right now. I’m Capricorn with Asc Cancer, the sun and mars are in my 12th house, moon and pluto will be in the 6th. My Pluto natal is in the 9° of Scorpio. Conjunction Venus and Jupiter fall in 2nd house, so that’s mean… I don’t have idea!!! Why you say this full moon it’s about relationships? Not for me, everything says it’s only about the way I am valuing me, how I think, inner work, and some stuff with daily job, gym… I broke with a guy a month ago (with Merc RX and there’s no way we can back), I started a diet last week, I back to swimming class and started therapy… No see much love relationship stuff in this areas. Could sound pessimist but I can’t see astro love connections since a month ago in my chart, neither in future.

    • Thanks for sharing Mirsha. By relationships I don’t mean only love relationships. All the relationships in your life are favoured by these transits including family, friends, work etc…

  4. Im a scorpio sun, cancer moon, and capricorn venus/mars. I cant wait to see how it affects me.

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