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Full moon in Gemini: gather together

Bringing thoughts and feelings into alignment

Full moon in Gemini Image © Jai Medina ~

Unless something is going on for you personally, you can look forward to a social and outgoing full moon in Gemini this month. Yang energy abounds with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus all in Air or Fire signs, and you’ll probably be chatty and keen to make new friends and share ideas. Seek out a nice crew of people and enjoy some good conversation. This sociable energy will be enhanced by a trine between Jupiter and Venus, bringing good feelings from being together with others and the potential to connect with people who will bring you good fortune through collaboration.

Restlessness is a characteristic of the full moon in Gemini so make sure you’re not cooped up at home with nothing to do! Your energy could easily mutate into frustration or anxiety. Don’t waste this time moping or agonising about things that aren’t working out the way you want them to – just get on your bike and get amongst it. Solutions will emerge…

Unfortunately the full moon in Gemini with its opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius can make us a bit prone to exaggeration and overdoing it in the talk department. This is emphasised by Mercury’s current placing conjunct the Sun and in opposition to its native sign. Be aware of the potential for garbled communications, letting out secrets or getting wires crossed. Be careful not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions before hearing all sides of the story.

Bear in mind that the square between Uranus and Pluto is tight right now and anyone whose natal chart is being triggered by aspect is likely to be experiencing some fairly intense emotions and upheavals. However a tight trine-sextile formation from Uranus to the Moon-Sun opposition relieves some of the tension. Use this time to take a breather and recuperate!

The deeper purpose of the full moon in Gemini

As the very insightful Dipali Desai points out in her blog Celestial Space, the full moon in Gemini is also an opportunity to shine light on any area of our life where we may be saying (or thinking) one thing and doing another. Another term for this is cognitive dissonance: the discomfort we experienced when we hold two contradictory beliefs or values at the same time, or when we are confronted by new information that conflicts with our beliefs. When we are out of tune with ourselves in this way we confuse the divine process of creative manifestation by sending out mixed signals to ourselves, others and the universe.

Like all the moon transits the full moon in Gemini has but a transitory impact on our lives, washing in and out like the tides and leaving both treasure and debris upon our shores. Just let it flow over you. Everything changes, nothing stays the same.

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Image by Jai Medina.

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