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Full Moon in Sagittarius: emotionally open to change

Full Moon in Sagittarius Image by the Davis Art Centre.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 and it will be a beauty. Passing in opposition to Mercury, the Sun and finally Mars, it will stir up our minds, our creative life and physical energy before moving into a powerful grand-trine in fire with Jupiter and Uranus. Mars sextiles this formation, via Jupiter and loosely with Uranus, forming a kite which further energises the trine and provides a focus for our action.

Emotionally we will be ready for change, expansion and exploration during this Full Moon in Sagittarius. We will be open to new ideas and our minds very active and curious. The only problem is we may want to implement every one of our exciting new plans and make a half-arsed job of all of them! But Mercury is in its rulership in Gemini and trine to the North Node in Libra, which will stabilise our intellect and help us stay on track with the things that are most important to us at the soul level.

The grand-trine in fire combined with the Full Moon in Sagittarius will open up opportunities and a free flow of synchronicity in all the areas of your chart it touches. For example, in my chart the points of the trine fall in my 3rd, 7th and 11th Houses, all representative of relationships. At this time I am moving into a new community (11th House), taking my marriage to a new level and meeting potential new collaborators (7th House), as well as spending a lot of time writing (3rd House).

Also during the Full Moon in Sagittarius, a t-square will form between the Moon, Mercury/Sun and Neptune. This may bring a bit of mental and emotional confusion, especially if Neptune is strong in your chart. With many options to consider it may be difficult to make decisions, as if your head, heart and soul were pulling you in different directions. Overcome this by finding a quiet place, getting into your heart-space and listening to your intuition. Rise above your thoughts and emotions to hear what your higher self has to say.

How the Full Moon in Sagittarius will affect you

Everyone’s birth chart is different so we will all experience the Full Moon in Sagittarius, and the other aspect formations that accompany it, a little differently. To see which areas of your life will be most affected by the Moon and the grand-trine in Fire, look to see in which Houses the points of the trine fall in your birth chart:

  • Moon – 11 degrees Sagittarius
  • Jupiter – 16 degrees Leo
  • Uranus – 19 degrees Aries

You can do the same to better understand the impacts of the t-square:

  • Moon – 11 degrees Sagittarius
  • Mercury/Sun – 7 to 11 degrees in Gemini
  • Neptune – 9 degrees in Pisces

Depending on which planets are most strong in your birth chart the grand-trine or the t-square will likely affect you more during this Full Moon in Sagittarius, especially if one of the planets concerned is being activated by a major transit. You can read more about transits and how to tell which planets are powerful in your chart in my free mini lessons. If you don’t already have one you can generate a birth chart for free.

Your turn: flowing with the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Because they involve the rapidly moving Moon, the impact of the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the other aspect formations discussed above will be fleeting and transitory. Make the most of this energy by remaining open-hearted and conscious. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts below or contact me for a personal consultation.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying mercury retrograde as a time to go inside, listen, sit and just be with all that is beyond my control. So much uncertainty in the air and I’ve been feeling that strongly the last few weeks. Little by little the energies and desire for change to move forward seep in. I appreciate your guidance and insight and know that all that I’m experiencing is being in the flow of life, the moon planets and stars. The full moon report is reassuring and helpful. Thank you. I love what you do!

  2. Thank you sweets :)

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