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Full moon in Scorpio: intense emotional reactions

Full Moon in Scorpio Image Death and the Maiden by Takato Yamamoto.

On 27 April Pluto turns retrograde as the Full Moon rises at 7 degrees of Scorpio. This will be an intense day as the Moon will pass through a t-square with Uranus/Mercury/Venus conjunct in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. Internal conflict is highly likely for those with planets or points between 4 and 17 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius).

With the Sun in earthy Taurus this Full Moon brings into play the polarity between material security and safety on the one hand (Taurus) and the deep, uncharted depths and darkness that lie beneath what we see on the surface of our reality (Scorpio).

The Moon rules our emotions and although we may not always see it on the surface Scorpio is a very emotional creature indeed! This is perhaps why the Moon is said to be in its fall in Scorpio, because here we find our emotions become very intense and yet are often unable to find any healthy outlet for expression.

The polarity between Taurus and Scorpio also has to do with what is mine and what is yours. A Full Moon in Scorpio can therefore bring up a range of issues in relationships including jealousy and possessiveness. In particular a lack of clarity around emotional boundaries is likely, so be careful of projecting your issues onto others or, conversely, taking responsibility for emotions that are not yours.

During this Full Moon in Scorpio the tension between these two poles will become very taut. Things that have lain dormant in Scorpio’s closet for months – old resentments, secrets or unspoken truths – may just burst out unannounced.

Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus square Saturn and conjunct Uranus may have us feeling simultaneously burdened by responsibility and commitments, and inspired by a kind of rebellious urge to overcome these inhibitions and to be more fully ourselves.

When the Full Moon triggers this energy by t-square from Scorpio the tension between these two impulses may become overt, and create and outburst or conflict. T-squares can be challenging but are ultimately very positive as they catalyse change.

How will this Full Moon in Scorpio affect you?

This Full Moon in Scorpio will only hit you hard if you have natal planets or points involved. With the Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio, those with planets between 4 and 10 degrees of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Leo, Taurus or Aquarius) will be most affected.

If you are personally affected, look also to see which house the Moon is passing through in your chart, as this will tell you which areas of your life will be most affected.

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Your turn…

Where does the Full Moon in Scorpio fall in your chart? Does it trigger any of your natal planets or points? Can you foresee any issues that may be brought to light during this Full Moon in Scorpio? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

19 Comments on Full moon in Scorpio: intense emotional reactions

  1. ooooh yeah, my natal moon is 12 Scorpio in 3rd house! Returning Saturn is in 3 Sag also in 3rd house. This is also the 1st full lunation that I’ve become really aware of lunar energy and my Scorpio moon. It has been a lunar crash course with waves of new understanding about my personality.

    • Thanks for sharing Phillip. With the Full Moon and Saturn both in the 3rd House you may find yourself having some pretty intense conversations over the next wee while! Depending on how they’re aspected…

  2. Again thank you my my great reading. It’s fantastic! This Scorpio full moon is conjunct my Neptune in my 7th house. I think I’ll stay home for a couple of days hiding.

    • Glad you enjoyed the reading Rose :) Yes Moon conjunct Neptune and Sun opposed Neptune in the 7th House would probably turn the most emotionally stable person into a fool for love!

  3. I have natal moon in scorpio at 20…my 2nd house. I have a strong scorpio stellium with neptune at 9, and merc-mars at 25 and 26…I’ve been wondering how this full moon would play out for me. I’m already ‘intense” even though i’m a sun sag libra rising…

    • Thanks for sharing Marlene. There certainly will be a strong Plutonian influence for you during this full moon with the Sun also passing through the 8th House! A good time to explore your own depths…

  4. I’m a newbie, if my south node is 15 Leo and North Node Aquarius how will this full moon effect me (I am a Leo with Leo rising)? Thx, Sarah

    • Hi Sarah :) The axis of your North and South Node will be square to the Sun and Moon during this full moon period, stimulating you towards fulfillment of your Aquarian life lesson. This is all about expanding your concept of self from an egoic, individualistic perspective to one that understands your interdependence and connection to all of humanity. You may encounter fears and resistance to these ideas during this time and it will be tempting to fall back into the comfortable sense of self represented by Leo.

  5. I have natal moon at 13 degrees scorpio in 2nd house! What does it mean when the full moon is exactly conjunct my natal moon? Thank you!

    • Hi Marisa… When the full moon is conjunct your natal moon it signifies a time when your emotions are a little at odds with who you are. This is because the Sun is exactly opposite your Moon and thus there can be a tension between your needs and your wants, making you indecisive. It is a very fleeting energy and over within a day or two depending on your sensitivity.

  6. Hi, I’m recently living a life with high meditation and yoga influence. I felt a lot of things during this full moon in scorpio. its like all my liars where sorted out. It’s like I was facing straight ahead all my character traits with a focus on disability to set up a powerful communication with my relatives, disability to speak up, trouble about being who I am, trouble in my beliefs, questions about expanding my creativity and sexuality, trouble in settings my limits and saying no.I cried, screamed and I felt something was going out. something that I was not even aware of for the past years but that I discovered recently, a huge weight that I actually felt in the back of my throat. i’m a sagittarius, born december 2nd at 12pm. It’s the second time I feel such an influence by the full moon. the first time was last full moon, when I felt it was time for some people to finish their life cycle. I’m wondering how to take the lead of this influence and not just be under its power. does any of that make sense? thanks a lot.

    • Thanks for sharing Sushumna… It sounds like you’re on the right track with the yoga and meditation, as these practices help us remain mindful and able to channel these energies in a positive way. The intense nature of your experiences makes me think there are also outer planet transits affecting you at this time. If you would like a reading feel free to contact me directly and we can work something out that suits you… x Faith

  7. Hi I have a scorpio moon at 0° in my 5th house. I also have mercury in my 8th house that will be conjunct with pluto. I’m feeling all the feels with my relationships

  8. full scorpio moon conj neptune 1st house – any insight please,

  9. I have moon in 4 Scorpio in the 5th, and Sun on 4 Aquarius on the 8th. I wonder how it will affect me.

  10. My Natal Sun and Mars are conjunct at 6 degrees Taurus and I have Scorpio rising at 10 degrees. I just hope everything will be all right…

  11. I am exhausted! But keeping smiling.
    A sense of humour is invaluable these days.
    I really enjoy your comments Faith.
    My dilemma today and every day is when to push and when to pull and how to do absolutely
    NOTHING! Impossible, sadly.

  12. Definitely feeling this one. Full moon coursing through my 12th house, conjunct my natal Uranus. Yikes! Trying to ride this storm

  13. My Asc 9°Scorpio is opposite tr Uranus/Tau 10° (7th Hse)
    Sun/Tau 11° (7th hse) squares tr Sat/Aqu 12° (3rd Hse)
    SUN/Tau 11°(7th) conjuncts tr Uranus/Tau 10° AND tr Sun/Tau 6° (7th Hse)
    Pluto/Leo 9° (9th Hse) squares tr Uranus/Tau 10° (7th Hse).

    Seems everything is lit up & blowing up, but for how much longer? I’m trying to gather funds to close on new house.I’m exhausted from ducking!

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